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Cancer And Immunity
Trained guardians against invasion. Disease represents a reaction of the organism against some harmful agent or circumstance, from external or internal sources. The balance in the reaction may favor the host, in which case the disease is overcome with or without sequelae. It may favor the causative stimulus to a degree that results in death of the organism.
Chemotherapy - A Frontal Attack
Two decades ago, one scholar of cancer expressed the opinion that to find a chemical that would make cancer disappear and leave normal tissues unharmed was almost equivalent to finding a drug given by mouth that would dissolve one ear and leave the other in place.
The Future And Cancer Research Goals
So it is in cancer research, which started at the turn of this century. Its broad aims were well defined from the beginning : to find knowledge that will allow us to prevent and to cure cancer.
Autosuggestion - Clinic Of Emile Coue
THE clinic of Emile Coué, where Induced Autosuggestion is applied to the treatment of disease, is situated in a pleasant garden attached to his house at the quiet end of the rue Jeanne d'Arc in Nancy. It was here that I visited him in the early summer of 1921, and had the pleasure for the first time of witnessing one of his consultations.
Autosuggestion - A Few Of Coues Cures
To give the reader a better idea of the results which Induced Autosuggestion is yielding, I shall here de-scribe a few further cases of which I was myself in some part a witness, and thereafter let some of Coué's patients speak for themselves through the medium of their letters.
Autosuggestion - The Children's Clinic
IN different parts of France a little band of workers recruited almost exclusively from the ranks of former patients, is propagating the ideas of Emile Coué with a success which almost rivals that of their master. Among these helpers none is more devoted or more eminently successful than Mlle. Kauffmant.
Autosuggestion - Thought Is A Force
AUTOSUGGESTION is not a pseudo-religion like Christian Science or New Thought. It is a scientific method based on the discoveries of psychology. The traditional psychology was regarded by the layman, not without some cause, as a dull and seemingly use-less classification of our conscious faculties.
Autosuggestion - Thought And Will
IF we can get the Unconscious to accept an idea, realisation follows automatically. The only difficulty which confronts us in the practice of Induced Autosuggestion is to ensure acceptation, and that is a difficulty which no method prior to that of Emile Coué has satisfactorily surmounted.
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