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Theory Of The Arts
As man is the highest of God's creatures, so the noblest of God's works is the mind of man. Those of our capacities which are the most exalted adapt us for the study of the beautiful and the grand. Nevertheless, the different pursuits in which any person may be engaged, are in their nature as various as are the faculties with which he is endowed.
Application Of Art For Commerical Purpose
Nevertheless, however pleasing or attractive any branch of knowledge, or any intellectual pursuit may appear to be, yet, in order to induce either those who are the most intelligent and influential, or who constitute the great mass of mankind to devote themselves to the study of it, we ought first to convince them of the real advantages which they will derive from its cultivation.
Art For The Illustration Of Literature
One of the most simple and direct purposes to which the art of painting was early applied, and for which it is still extensively resorted to, is the communication from one person to another, however distantly apart from each other these different individuals may be, of the ideas of various objects or scenes...
Arts Influence In Promoting The Study Of Nature
The actual practical value of each of the arts has a very extensive scope in the case of every individual, as regards the capability which they confer upon us for admiring nature, for viewing her in all her real splendour and beauty, and thus having in every object around us something to dwell upon and delight in.
Arts Adaption To Refine And Ennoble The Mind
The most important and the most exalted of all the advantages derived from the study of art, considered as an intellectual pursuit, must, however, be acknowleged to consist in its practical adaptation and extensive power to refine and en-noble the mind, and to furnish it with ideas of the most sub-lime and lofty nature.
National Utility Of Art
But, if the arts are capable of producing these great and important effects upon individuals, will not their effects be proportionably great on a body of persons, on a nation, among whom they are cultivated and studied ? This doubtless must be, as it ever has been, the result.
Art For Recording Great Events
There is one particular mode, indeed, by which the arts are especially enabled to be the means of producing very important and direct moral effects upon a nation ; and that is by the powerful and exciting descriptions which they afford of great events that have occurred, and by animating the minds of the people, and inspiring them with noble sentiments with regard to these transactions.
Art For Raising Monumental Tributes
One of the most important purposes for which the arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture are capable of being employed, as regards their national effect, is the erection of public monumental tributes to the memory of those illustrious individuals who have by their labours or their talents conferred benefit on their country, or on mankind at large.
Religions Influence And Application Of Art
Considering the great power and influence over the mind which the arts possess, especially the art of painting, and how extensively the sister art of poetry, even in the inspired writings, has been availed of in the service of religion, I can-not but think that we of this country greatly err in not employing pictorial composition for this the highest purpose for which it could be used...
Universal Experience Of Its Value And Effect
As art appeals to the minds of people of all ages and all times alike, so in a corresponding manner the experience of its potency and of its value is felt by all. And this is the case as regards each of the arts.
High Testimony In All Ages To Its Civilizing Power
That those individuals of the most enlarged and cultivated minds, both in the ancient and modern ages of the world, have ever thus regarded and esteemed the study of the arts, none will attempt to deny. Whether painting or poetry, sculptare or architecture, eloquence or music, each of these arts has the same origin and the same object, and is alike influential and important.
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