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Australian Mythology - Summary
FROM a consideration of the Australian cosmogonic myths alone, the inference was drawn that the central and north-ern portions of the continent exhibited a type of mythology which was unlike the southern and eastern; and this conclusion is, on the whole, strengthened by the evidence derived from the animal and miscellaneous tales.
Facts And Fictions About Christian Science
IF you had ever sounded the depths of human misery; if you had sat, as it were, by an open grave and watched yourself dying inch by inch and then, if you had been healed and restored by Christian Science, as I have been, you could understand the impulsion which induces me to appear before you in this behalf.
Influence Of Thought On The Affairs Of Man
BEFORE beginning his lecture Mr. Kimball said that in order that his audience might realize in part the feeling with which he stood before it as an expositor of Christian Science he would state that he himself was a physical example of the power of the Science to heal.
Why Should It Be Thought Incredible That God Should Raise The Dead?
I ASK you for the moment to let your thoughts traverse a long stretch of centuries and rest on one of the most dramatic scenes of all history. In the midst of this scene is a man in bonds and at bay. Having actually communed with God, having felt the very touch of a divine afflatus, this man, taught and impelled by infinite wisdom, stood forth an avowed disciple of the Christ which heals and redeems.
Christian Science The Science Of Healing
I WAS recently introduced by a noted lawyer who said: I know very little about Christian Science, but have been attracted toward it by reason of its many promises. If there is to be a fruition of these promises, if they are possible of fulfilment, then I am persuaded that the human race is at the dawn of its deliverance from evil.
The Cause And Scientific Cure Of Disease
BY way of justification for assembling this vast audience, I declare to you that Christian Science, in its nature and influence, includes nothing but supreme good for all mankind. Appearing to a race and generation that is hard pressed by the tumult and vicissitudes of its existence, Christian Science comes like a dove of peace, bearing upon its wings a ministry of healing and of deliverance for suffering humanity in this hour of its pitiful need.
Christian Science Consistencies
IN beginning his remarks Mr. Kimball stated that it would be impossible for him to tell all about Christian Science in three weeks; consequently his audience need not expect to hear a complete ex-planation of it in an hour or so, any more than it should expect to hear all about the Christian religion told by a preacher in a sermon.
Religion Of Common Sense
I AM not here to seek for converts. I shall not en-treat you to become Christian Scientists, nor ply you with importunity. It is for-me to stand witness, to tell you something of what Christian Science is and does, and then to leave the whole matter with you, for you to do with it just as you please.
Theology Of Christian Science.
Speaking at the opening of the eleventh annual Bible conference at Winona Lake this morning, the Reverend Mr. Chapman arraigned Christian Science, saying: - False doctrines have arisen, and chiefest of those is Christian Science. The Christian Scientists dishonor our Lord.
What Is The Living God?
DO not know what may be before me in the future, but I do know that I would have died eighteen or nineteen years ago but for Christian Science,—had it not been that Christian Science is available to a man who is dying.
Christian Science - Unlimited Promise
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE attracts the attention of many people because of its unlimited promise. To the people who cry and complain of the burdens of life, to them that are acquainted with pain and the blight of disease, to them that mourn and are poor or under the thraldom of incorrigible sin, it promises more than does anything else that is known to humanity.
Indisputable Facts About Christian Science
THE Christian Scientists of Kalamazoo have invited you here in order that they may bear witness, not to a blind or fantastic faith, but rather to achieved results which have bettered their lives and turned the currents thereof into channels of health and peace.
Christian Science In Everyday Life
I AM inclined to ask you to indulge me in this one respect—I am to speak about a subject that is necessarily large, boundless. You are mostly students; you know how impossible it is for one to traverse, adequately, any great theme in an hour.
Law And Power Invisible
ONE man is troubled because he cannot have faith in God. He regards Christian Science as a mere vague, intangible, impalpable theory. There is nothing in sight. Nothing he can comprehend, touch, taste, hear, or use. When it comes to something you cannot rub on him or stick on him he thinks nothing is being done.
Fear The Chief Procurator Of Disease
PERMIT me to remind you, by way of isolated preface, that the one supreme pest and torment of humanity is fear. Permit me to say that if you were to analyze the subject from premise to conclusion, you would find that fear causes nearly all the sin, nearly all the sickness, nearly all the poverty; it causes nearly all of man's inhumanity to man, and the strife among nations.
Power Of Thought
BEFORE coming to England Mr. Kimball said he was told he would find in Aldershot an audience composed of men and women who were accustomed to look well into things, who were accustomed to analytical study, who were more or less profound concerning their examination of the problems and the vast things which went to make up man's being.
Divinity Of Christ
I AM somewhat amused to know that anyone in I England thinks it surprising that a lawyer should believe in God; that it should be deemed a matter of comment that a lawyer should believe that God is good; that a lawyer should have fixed his convictions upon the fact that our dear God has done all things well for man, and that He created man that he might have his being.
Significance Of Christ Jesus' Mission
I SUPPOSE that everyone knows that there is such a thing as the truth about everybody and every-thing. We may not think that we know what the truth is, but we at least know that it exists, must exist. That is, I suppose, one of the most conspicuous things about the race, that although there is the truth about everything, we disagree about everything.
Primary Cause Of Disease
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE attracts the attention of many people because of its unlimited promise. To the people who cry and complain of the burdens of life, to them that are acquainted with pain and the blight of disease, to them that mourn and are poor or under the thraldom of incorrigible sin, it promises more than does anything else that is known to humanity.
Mark Twain, Mrs. Eddy, And Christian Science
EVERY reader of the Cosmopolitan will be interested in Edward A. Kimball's criticism of Mark Twain's recent volume, Christian Science. Nearly eight years ago this magazine published Mark Twain's first writing on Christian Science.
Christian Science Mind Healing
CHRIST JESUS was possessed without measure of accurate, definite knowledge concerning fundamental or divine Principle and law. He demonstrated the eternal verity that the divine law and power are equal to the cure of all diseases.
Christian Science
You are welcome to the use of the school house to debate all proper questions in, but such things as railroads and telegraphs are impossible and rank infidelity. There is nothing in the word of God about them. If God had designed that His intelligent creatures should travel at the frightful speed of fifteen miles an hour by steam, He would have clearly foretold through His holy prophets.
Tribute To William Mckinley
WE are met here, dear friends, within the shadow of a nation's grief. The dark hand of evil has made a hideous assault upon one of the noblest of men, and humanity stands aghast in contemplation of a senseless, monstrous crime and its dire consequences.
Modern Man Understands What The Ancients Failed To Grasp
IN speaking to Christian Scientists, it is no part of my work to sugar-coat with soft speeches. I am here to join with you in mutual congratulations because the most wonderful thing that ever happened to any being on this planet has happened to us, in that we have become Christian Scientists.
Cause Of Christian Science
WHAT is it that comes by way of revelation? We call it Christian Science; but how shall we designate it to make it understood? Do the Christian Scientists make a new Saviour? Not at all; Christ is still the same Saviour. Is there any other way by which mankind can be saved.
Concerning The Practice Of Christian Science
MRS. EDDY clearly indicates that Christian Science practice should be improved, not only in the way of results, but also in the way of processes, or modus operandi. The progressive practitioner will naturally learn to give treatments on a higher plane.
Love An Absolute Essential
I ACCEPTED the invitation to address Christian Scientists tonight under the supposition that I was expected to speak only to those who are denominated Working Christian Scientists, that is to those who have become deeply enough and sufficiently interested in the subject to be in the work of demonstration.
From A Group Of Chicago Men Who Lunched Together
May 17, 1900. WHEN I was in Concord I made an attempt to write a letter to you, but could get only half way through, and was obliged to wait for a more convenient hour in consequence of the great demands upon my time.
Letter To The Church Of Christian Science, Chicago
I HAD no intimation that Mr.___ was contemplating the withdrawal of his letters to the official boards of Church; any conclusion that occurs to me is, therefore, by way of speculation. I saw him about three weeks ago.
To A Student Upon The Occasion Of Bereavement
THE only living and true God has entreated us to rejoice always. At this time, when a false sense of that which is altogether lovely seems to itself to be real, I rejoice with you because the Son of God hath appeared to sit enthroned as consciousness, and to declare the allness of good, the immortality of Life, and to reveal the utter unreality of the mindless, senseless, unknown lie.
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