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Ethics And Evolution
Ethics, taken in its proper signification, includes two things. On the one hand, it consists of an investigation into the nature and constitution of human character ; and, on the other hand, it is concerned with the formulating and enunciating of rules for human conduct.
Relation Between Science, Philosophy And Religion
Science is exact knowledge of the facts of nature, classified and systematized. Philosophy is the conclusions which men, in their search for a knowledge of truth, have drawn from the facts of Science. Religion is the application of the facts of Science and the conclusions of Philosophy to individual life and conduct.
Evolution Of Science
The history of Science reveals a fair type of the complex methods and varied means of progress which we have learned to recognize as the evolutionary process.It was originally supposed that gods and goddesses were continually manipulating various forces.
Evolution Of Philosophy
There are many degrees of education,—physical, technical, intellectual, moral, esthetic, etc.—but real education consists of all the elements which give discernment and power to the intelligent entity or soul. The Century Dictionary gives this definition: Education in a broad sense comprehends all that disciplines and enlightens the under-standing, corrects the temper, cultivates the taste...
Evolution Of Religion
In the works devoted exclusively to either Science or Philosophy we find many passing criticisms similar to the following: The true domain of religion is the unknown. In any age or race the materials of religious belief are unexplained phenomena. The philosopher has long observed that in proportion as knowledge, science and intelligence spread among men, the strong religious spirit disappears.
Historical Evolution Of The Race
If one individual really knows himself, he knows the race, for the individual is but a type of humanity. Man in his present degree of development is a product of all the past. But how can an effect be comprehended until the causes are known.
Possible Evolution Of An Individual
What am I? What am I capable of becoming? From the strong and restless cravings of the animal spirit, all along the line of human development to the deep and rational meditation of the cultured, masterful soul, these questions spring with a constantly increasing intensity of earnestness, sincerity, appreciation, aspiration.
Evolution Of Love
The elective affinity of positive and receptive atoms is the first manifestation of the principle of love in nature. While it is not love in the ethical or moral sense, chemical affinity manifests the inception of that principle which finally develops into our highest human and divine Ideals.
Evolution Of Society
There is a Social Ideal which is possible to attain and which seems logically and historically inevitable in the natural, regular process of evolution.This Social Ideal may be stated thus - Society is the domain of regular, natural Forces.
Oceanic Mythology - Polynesia
THAT portion of Oceania whose mythology is both most widely known and to which reference is most frequently made is undoubtedly Polynesia. One of the chief reasons for this lies in the character of the legends themselves, for they are both pleasing and in many respects unusual. We may well begin then with Polynesia in presenting an outline of Oceanic mythology.
Myths Of Origins And The Deluge Of Polynesia
IN considering the mythology of these peoples it will be most convenient to begin with the cosmogonic myths, for these are not only in themselves very interesting, as presenting un-usual features, but also show, in an unmistakable manner, the composite character of the mythology as a whole.
The Maui Cycle
Of all the myths from the Polynesian area, probably none have been more frequently quoted than those which recount the deeds and adventures of the demigod Maui.
Oceanic Mythology - Miscellaneous Tales
WE have thus far considered the Polynesian cosmogonic myths and those which group themselves in a cycle about the hero Maui; but there is also a considerable mass of myth material which, although less systematic, is nevertheless of great importance in any survey of the mythology of the area.
Oceanic Mythology - Summary
IN the foregoing pages we have endeavoured to present some of the more important and characteristic myths from Polynesia. Forced to give undue emphasis to three or four of the many groups because of the paucity of material from all but these, we may, nevertheless, gain a pretty clear impression of the type of tales once current throughout the entire area.
Melanesia Mythology
GEOGRAPHICALLY Melanesia naturally falls into two divisions: New Guinea with the smaller adjacent islands forming one, and the long series of islands lying to the north and east of it, from the Admiralty Group to New Caledonia and Fiji, constituting the other.
Myths Of Origins And The Deluge Of Melanesia
APPARENTLY one of the clearest characteristics of the mythology of the Melanesian area is the almost total lack of myths relating to the origin of the world. With one or two exceptions, the earth seems to be regarded as having always existed in very much the same form as today.
Melanesia Mythology - Culture Hero Tales
ONE of the most noteworthy features of Melanesian mythology is the prominence of tales relating either to two culture heroes, one of whom is, as a rule, wise and benevolent, while the other is foolish and malicious; or to a group of brothers, usually ten or twelve in number, two of whom, one wise and one foolish, are especially outstanding.
Melanesia Mythology - Miscellaneous Tales
A VERY common class of tales in Melanesia deals with cannibals and monsters, and our discussion of the general or more miscellaneous group of myths may well begin with examples of this type. As told by the Sulka, a Papuan tribe of New Britain,' one of these stories runs as follows.
Melanesia Mythology - Summary
THE material on the mythology of Melanesia, though incomplete and fragmentary, appears rather clearly to prove the existence of two distinct strata, one of which may be called Papuan, the other Melanesian.
Indonesia Mythology
THE mythology of the Indonesian area presents problems which are in many respects similar to those in Polynesia and Melanesia, though more complex in that a larger number of factors are concerned. In Polynesia the ethnic composition of the population was relatively simple, for it seems to have consisted, as already stated, of a blend of several waves of immigrants from Indonesia.
Myths Of Origins And The Deluge Of Indonesia
AMONG all the peoples of Indonesia, the mountain tribes of northern Luzon in the Philippines seem to stand alone in respect to cosmogonic myths in that, so far as material now at our command is concerned, they lack entirely, or almost entirely, any myths of the origin of the universe.
Indonesia Mythology - Trickster Tales
IN Polynesia the tales of the exploits of the hero Maui formed a cycle which was current everywhere in one form or another, and which was in many ways, perhaps, the most characteristic of legends as it was the most popular.
Indonesia Mythology - Miscellaneous Tales
IN Melanesia, and perhaps also in New Zealand, one of the themes found to be characteristically developed was that of the swan-maiden, i. e. the descent of a heavenly maiden to earth and her capture and marriage by an earthly hero.
Indonesia Mythology - Summary
IN drawing general conclusions regarding Polynesian mythology it was possible to employ a roughly statistical system, though with the clear realization that the use of this method was barely justified in view of the fragmentary character of the material.
Micronesia Mythology
OF all the island-world of the Pacific the Micronesian area affords the poorest store of myth material; not that the people of these islands were relatively destitute of mythology, but because until very recently practically no attempt had been made to gather and record it.
Myths Of Origins And The Deluge Of Micronesia
DETAILED myths of creation or origin are largely lacking from the Micronesian area, and the fragmentary cosmogonic material varies widely. The belief that this world and the sky-world have always existed, together with an apparent lack of interest in their origin, seems characteristic of the Pelew Group' and the western Carolines.
Micronesia Mythology - Miscellaneous Tales
ONE of the most important myths or series of myths in the Carolines, outside of the more strictly cosmogonic tales, is that describing the exploits of Olofat or Olifat, the eldest son of Luke-lang, the highest deity.
Australian Mythology
THE continent of Australia is not only by all odds the largest land-mass of the Oceanic area, but also presents in its physical characters the sharpest contrast to the remainder of the region. Continental in size, only a small section of its great extent possesses a tropical environment, the whole of its interior and most of its western portion being a vast and almost waterless desert.
Myths Of Origins And The Deluge Of Australia
MYTHS of the origin of the world are largely lacking in Australia as in Melanesia. With few exceptions the existence of the earth and sky seems to have been assumed, and apart from certain special mountains, rocks, rivers, and other natural features, no account is given of their origin.
Australian Mythology - Animal And Miscellaneous Tales
THE tales which explain the origin of the individual habits, markings, or cries of animals and other living creatures are quite as typical, on the whole, for Australia as are the Maui myths for Polynesia, the wise and foolish brothers for Melanesia, or the trickster stories for Indonesia.
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