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Ignatius De Loyola
In the year 1521, a Spanish soldier lay on the field of Pompeluna, severely wounded. He was a noble-man of Guipuzcoa, brave and accomplished, but un-versed in letters. Tradition says that, as he lay, weakened and wounded, in his father's castle, to which his chivalrous captors sent him, a new purpose came into his life.
Back in the times of Rome's glory and distinction, not far from the place where the Liris and Febrinus rivers meet amid rocks and hills, Marcus Tullius Cicero was born.
A General View Of Evolution
The term Evolution has come to have certain, and uncertain, meanings and implications to various classes of individuals according to their intelligence. Therefore, it seems necessary to state in the very beginning that the process and method of nature might be called by any other name, or left unnamed, without thereby affecting the facts.
Evolution - Definitions
Evolution is a general name for the process through which the universe is passing. Evolution is the general name for the changes through which every particle of matter is passing. 2. Evolution is a name for nature's method and process of organizing matter into living beings.
Darwin's Readings Of The Process Of Evolution
This is the doctrine of Malthus applied to the whole animal and vegetable kingdom. As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive ; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence...
New Readings Of The Process Of Evolution
The existing species of plant and animal life have not been transformed in any essential or distinguishing characteristics during historic time nor as far back as we can discern the records in fossil remains and the imprints on the rocks.
Life And Organisms
As defined in the Century Dictionary, an organism is - A body exhibiting organization and organic life ; a member of the animal or vegetable kingdom ; an individual composed of a number of essential and mutually dependent parts, all of which partake of a common life.
Criticisms Of Darwinism
The Author now desires to criticize some of the conclusions of Charles Darwin as published in his valuable works, Origin of Species and Descent of Man. Fortunately, it is entirely possible to do this while heartily acknowledging gratitude to Mr. Darwin for his life of devotion to Science.
Struggle For Existence
Quoting from Darwin's Introduction to Origin of Species: This is the doctrine of Malthus applied to the whole animal and vegetable kingdom. As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive...
Evolution - The Survival Of The Fittest
This apt phrase of Herbert Spencer is very appropriate when we are certain each time the term is used what is meant by the fittest. As ordinarily used, it means that the species or individuals best adapted to the struggle for life are likely to survive for a time those which are less adapted to the conditions of any particular environment.
Darwin - The Descent Of Man
In the General Summary and Conclusion to his book Descent of Man, Mr. Darwin states : The main conclusion here arrived at, and now held by many naturalists who are well competent to form a sound judgment, is that man is descended from some less highly organized form.
Evolution - Spontaneous Generation
The Last Link, by Professor Haeckel: I assume that the first Monera owe their existence to spontaneous creation out of so-called anorganic combinations, consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
Evolution - Filling Gaps With Hypotheses
Haeckel was one of the first German scientists to give in his adherence to Darwin. He was an ardent supporter of the Darwinian hypothesis and attributed to it a certainty and a wideness of range in which its critical and careful originator could not always acquiesce.
Criticism Of Teleology And Mechanical Causes
Teleology is defined as The doctrine of final causes, or the theory of tendency to an end, also, as A term used in philosophy to denote any theory which explains the world as in some way controlled by intelligent purpose.
Law Of Continuity
We will now turn from criticism to constructive work. Using all the efforts of observers, scientists and philosophers as far as possible, we will make a new examination of old and new facts as far as we are able to discern them.Evolution is considered to be the method of creation and development, and we will adopt that theory as a working hypothesis.
Properties And Qualities Of Nature's Elements
There are ultimate elements in nature which seem to be unvarying in principle, indestructible in essence, yet infinitely varied as manifested through transitory forms.
Evolution - Some General Principles
1. It is considered that the ultimate fact, behind which we cannot go with our present knowledge, is that this planet and all the various forms of life upon it, are the results of continuous efforts of one Universal Intelligence, or Life Force, operating under laws or methods which are established, not arbitrarily, but because of the nature and inherent capacities of the various Life Elements...
New Conception Of Consciousness
Theological Teleology has for centuries defended the concept, or hypothesis, of an absolutely perfect, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Ruler of the universe who is personally executing an absolutely complete and perfect design with entire exemption from failure and mistake.
A General View Of Evolution
The True Evolutionary Forces are Life Elements.Like many other explanations and interpretations, the theory of Life as an entity or special agent has passed through alternate periods of acceptance and rejection.
Four Life Elements In Nature
The Constructive Intelligence of nature operates through agents, or Life Elements.There are at least four Life Elements which have power over matter.
Principal Factors Of Organic And Human Evolution
In other words, the Intelligent Soul of Man, or the Individual Intelligence, is conscious of demands which are not caused by the desires of the physical body and which cannot be satisfied through physical agencies. These Soul Demands have induced struggles which have resulted in personal attainments, happiness, art, music, science, philosophy, religion, and all the worthy accomplishments of humanity.
Apparent Objects Of The Universal Intelligence
Judging from the universality of phenomena, the nature of such phenomena, and the logical necessity of an adequate cause therefor, it is assumed that there is a Universal Intelligence which is the governing power of nature.
Ratios Of Correspondence
An organism is A body exhibiting organization and organic life; a member of the animal or vegetable kingdom; an individual composed of a number of essential and mutually dependent parts, all of which partake of a common, life.
Nature's Analogy For Conditional Immortality
Matter, energy, life, intelligence and love, in so far as we are able to know them, result from correlated elements, properties, principles and activities that appear to be universal in their manifestations. Matter (including ether) and energy make up the material universe.
Astronomy And Evolution
The purpose of this chapter is to present the various great concepts of cosmical forces and to show the limitations of actual knowledge. The story of the transformation of the bodies which traverse space, as now partially told in the nebular theory and in geology, is no more astounding than the transformation of man's ideas regarding the same.
Physics And Evolution
The changes in form, in density of materials, and in configuration of surface, which the earth has undergone, indicate physical powers which are incomprehensible as well as immeasurable. The powers under the dominion of natural law, which made this world and others immensely larger, are indeed mighty forces.
Chemistry And Evolution
The science of Chemistry is based upon those affinities which inhere in Electro-Magnetism and the Vito-Chemical Life Element.
Biology And Evolution
Biology is The science of life and living things in the widest sense ; the knowledge of vital phenomena. It seems to be absolutely certain that no human being has ever witnessed the production of life from non-living substances.
Psychology And Evolution
Psychology is the science which treats of the manifestations of the Spiritual Life Element and the Soul Life Element. Psychology includes the next range above the vital of the functions, capacities and powers of animals and human beings.
Sociology And Evolution
Sociology is the science which treats of the desires which are common to all men. The social forces are individual human desires correlated. Thus the social forces are the desires and ideas which govern society. Sociology is the science which considers the natural development of social forces.
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