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Preparation For Life Versus Choosing A Vocation
It is well to have a mission in life. A well-defined object in life makes a man twice what he would be without it. A mission is something to live for, and if it be a high and earnest one, something to die for.
The Duty That Lies Next
The regular work of one's life career has a vast deal of drudgery connected with it, and it more often than otherwise happens that, when a man chooses a vocation, he does not do what he wishes to do. When a man chooses a vocation, he very often does not see that it is to be a life of drudgery, and that its rewards and emoluments lie far in the future after years of hard work and hard application.
Integrity In Business
And, doubtless, generosity, honor, respect for each other's rights and kindred traits are not entirely crushed out of the hearts of thieves, assassins and murderers. It would be strange, indeed, if all the finer sensibilities and higher qualities of character should be utterly lost to these children of evil.
The Ethics Of Handicraft
There was a time when the handworker felt an honest pride in doing his work well. There were exceptions, perhaps, to the rule ; but within the memory of men now living, the American artisan delighted to make a good job of it. He was not satisfied to merely get through with his work, but he wanted to do it thoroughly and satisfy his own con-science, if nothing else.
Double Dealing
One of the worst customs that has crept into mercantile trade may be designated by the phrase double dealing. Goods are placed upon the shelves and exposed for sale.
Theft In Business
There is one point in business life where lack of integrity has most important results, and that is the thieving that is practiced by employees in a store or some other business. This has grown to alarming proportions in recent years and has been set down by more than one writer as one of the powerful causes which operate in mercantile failures.
Some Examples Of Integrity In Business
Notwithstanding all this, there are shining examples of truth, and honor, and integrity in the business world. There are hundreds and thousands of them scattered here and there amid the general corruption and crookedness of business life.
The Virtue Of Timeliness
Artemus Ward once said: I have a gigantic intellect, but I do not happen to have it with me now. This was the 'humorist's way of saying that he was not ready for the occasion. And the remark is very significant, for unreadiness is one of the greatest mis-fortunes that can ever befall a man.
Punctuality As A Business Habit
Punctuality is the hinge of business. It is a virtue which we all reverence, in theory at least, even if we do not carry it into practice. The punctual man always works at an immense advantage. He has regard for the convenience of others as well as him-self. No enterprise is ever hindered on his account.
Value Of Time
In the gold working rooms of the United States mint at Philadelphia an ingenious expedient is employed to save the little particles of gold that fall to the floor in the different processes of making coin. The floor is laid with a network of wooden bars. This network is made in sections, so that it can be easily removed.
Time As An Element Of Success
In our day when every man is in reckless haste and impatient for results, we are gradually losing sight of the element of time. Every enterprise requires time—time for preparation ; time for a fair and good beginning ; time for success and triumph. There is no enterprise which can be safely hurried. There is a period in every life work, when it is necessary to simply sit down and wait.
Money And Its Legitimate Uses
The acquisition of money is not the chief end of man ; nor, on the other hand, is it to be despised. Money represents the means of physical comfort and social well-being. In our complex civilization, it rep-resents all that can minister to our physical good and the comforts with which we surround ourselves in our homes and in the other relations of life.
The Virtue Of Economy
The virtue of economy was well set, forth by Charles Dickens in the words of Micawber...
Money As An Element Of Power
* * Quid non mortalia pectora cogis, Auri sacra fames? * * * said the bard of Mantua as Aeneas stood in wonder at the tomb of Polydorus, and surely there is nothing within the bounds of possibility that the love of money will riot force mortal hearts to do.
Money As An Element Of Weakness
The demoralizing influence of poverty is now generally conceded. Not so the equally demoralizing influence of wealth. In all the vicissitudes of human life there is no surer touchstone of character than the possession of wealth. There is no other advantage which man can win more certain to test his weakest side and reveal it to the world.
The Virtue Of Generosity
Two years ago a well-to-do farmer died, leaving a large family of children and a considerable tract of land. Some years previous he had deeded forty acres to the eldest son, and had given him a lease of the balance for thirty-two years.
Labor And Capital
Labor is the law of life. Without it the world would still be in dark and hopeless barbarism. All that we enjoy, as civilized and enlightened beings, we owe to the labors of those who have lived before us. One generation has lived and labored and brought the arts along to a certain stage of development.
March Of Progress
The world was never so rich as it is to-day. The fabled treasures of the ancients were but as pennies to dollars in comparison with the immense wealth of these later days. Comforts of civilization have been increased, until the day laborer has more to enjoy in America than a prince in the days of the Roman empire.
Industrial Problem
But while we recount with pleasure and pride the material progress of recent years, the muttering thunders of an approaching storm are in the distance. An undertone of discontent rises all along the avenues of labor, swelling upward in most discordant strains to drown the glories of our national symphony.
Capital And Labor
There is no natural antagonism between capital and labor. Such an antagonism could not have arisen if it had not been forced. These two forces must work together, or not at all. The true point of antagonism lies between the employer and the employed, and there is error on both sides.
The Reward Of Labor
Every advance on the part of the people, every advance in their interest has been resisted. There is always some point where justice and self-interest clash and for a time self-interest seems in the ascendant. Reform and revolution never begin with the rulers ; they are satisfied and do not want a change.
Alexander The Great
Alexander the Great, was a son of Philip of Macedon and Olympias, a daughter of Neoptolemus. He was born at Pella, in 365 B. C. His father was a man of most extraordinary courage and hardihood. He had raised his kingdom from a pretty province to the strongest military power in Europe.
Ulysses S. Grant
In an obscure town in Clermont, Ohio, on the 27th of April, 1822, a hero was born. Into the family of a leather merchant of moderate circumstances came this child, who was destined to become world-famous. In his christening he received the name of the great Greek warrior, who fought at Troy and wandered over' the world in that famous voyage among the islands of the sea.
General Robert E. Lee
The year 1825 marks an era in American history. To this time the opinions and political principles growing out of the War of Independence had prevailed in the government of the nation. Now, the Revolutionary leaders had all at length fallen and the political opinions of these early times had grown dim in the heat of recent controversy.
William H. Vanderbilt
The Vanderbilt family have been a sturdy race for five generations. The stock is Dutch, and for more than a century the family has flourished with extraordinary vigor on Staten Island. A laborious, out-door life, familiar acquaintance with hardship in various forms developed not only thrift and industry, but also laid the foundation for rugged bodies, simple habits, and strong wills.
Julius Caesar
On the twelfth of July, too or 102 B. C., the great Caesar was born. The only son of Caius Julius and Aurelia. His father had been praetor ; Aurelia was a strict dignified lady of the old school, unaffected by the lately imported fashions.
Frederick The Great
Among the many petty states of the German Empire at the close of the feudal ages was the Electorate of Brandenburg. Along side of this was another known as the Duchess of Prussia. While Elizabeth sat upon the throne of England, the electors of Brandenburg added this duchy to their dominions.
Napoleon Bonaparte
In October, 1795, a makeshift government known as the French Directory had been planted upon the ruins of the Reign of Terror. The military command was given into the hands of Barras. He appointed as second in command a young Corsican officer of artillery.
Duke Of Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, was born at Daugan Castle, May 1st, 1769. He was educated at Eaton and a military school of Angers, France. He was commissioned as ensign in 1787. In 1795 he became Lieutenant-Colonel, and commanded the brigade which covered the retreat of the British force from Flanders.
Martin Luther
One day, in Berlin, a traveled-stained tourist stood, enraptured, gazing at a picture. He had come across the Atlantic to see, among other things, the great paintings in the Royal Museum of Berlin. On the grand stairway, in the centre, hangs Kaulbach's Era of the Reformation, and there the tourist stood for a moment, lost in admiration, before this wonderful creation of genius.
Alexander Hamilton
The subject of this sketch was born on the island of Nevis on the eleventh day of January, 1757. He was a British subject born within the tropics. Scotch on his father's side, and French Huguenot on his mother's side.
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