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The Successful Man, Who Is He?
A large army lay encamped before the gates of Carthage. Its commander was Hamilcar, the hero of the six years' war in Sicily. Left without support by the loss of Hanno's fleet at Aegusa, and humiliated by the exacting peace of Lilybeum, he had gone home to Carthage, burning with hate towards Rome and biding his time for a future settlement with his hated foes.
The Successful Man
In every community there is always some one whom his neighbors call a successful man. He commands the esteem of the whole circle of his acquaintance. He is alert and active in business; he is absorbed in the duties of a busy life; but he has time to be friendly with all and to endear himself to all with whom he comes in contact.
Turning The Favorable Advantage
Every man has at least one opportunity to succeed. Whatever his vocation in life, there comes a time when fortune smiles and every circumstance is set toward prosperity. In the field of great endeavor, he may be high up among the few who toil on mountain tops, or in an humble station he may be low down among the many that throng the valleys below.
Realization Of One's Hopes And Aims
One of the most interesting powers of the mind is the imagination, which philosophers call the creative faculty of the intellect. By its aid the painter clothes lifeless canvas with entrancing form and bewitching beauty. By its aid the sculptor breathes into senseless marble the animate breath of life, and the musician ravishes the ear with strains of delightful music.
Counting The Chances Of Success
There are few, indeed, who really stop to count the chances of success. Men look about them in life and see a few, here and there, who have achieved great eminence.
Price Of Success
Another requirement for the highest excellence is to form a just appreciation of the difficulty with which success is won. It is a great thing to achieve a truly successful life ; but it is a difficult thing. There is no royal road. None but the greatest geniuses go with a bound to the top.
Not Measured By An Absolute Standard
True success is relative and cannot be measured by an absolute standard. There is no canon of judgment that can be applied to all men as the measure of their greatness. The vocations of men are many. Natural abilities are as diverse as the men who possess them or the vocations which they pursue.
Success And Happiness
A gray-haired man once visited the school where the writer was a pupil in one of the lowest grades. In the course of a talk which he gave to the children he told them that childhood was the only happy part of life. He said that adult life was so filled with care and labor that there was no room for happiness.
The Need Of Physical Health
When men build a splendid temple, they dig deep and lay a wide foundation. This is, indeed, subordinate to the superstructure, but still a most important part of the edifice. It does not show, nor is it seen, deep down in the dampness and darkness of the bed-rock.
Success And Ill-health
Robust health and riches are the two things for which most men long as the chiefest of earthly blessings. And this is right, for, to one who knows how to use them, the possession of large wealth and great physical endurance becomes the means of achieving a large degree of success.
The Apostle Of Gall And Bitterness
On the 5th of February, 1881, there died at Chelsea, London, one of the foremost of English men of letters. On the day following his death a New York editor published these words : The volcano has had its last eruption. After sixty industrious years it is motionless and silent.
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