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Strength Of Habit
Far up in the mountains of Montana are the head-waters of a great river. At different points along the mountain ridges three small streams are fed by springs and mountain brooks, and one of them has its source in a beautiful lake in the National Park.
Law Of Habit
The law of habit is to repeat a customary act until it becomes an involuntary, settled principle of action. In the beginning, it is a force easily capable of being measured and guided in the end, it becomes an irresistible force, that sweeps everything before it.
Cultivation Of Habit
This matter of supplanting bad habits by the assiduous cultivation of good ones has not received that attention which the importance of the subject deserves. We hear much about bad habits and their deleterious effects upon society at large ; but we do not hear so much about the benefits of good habits.
Some Bad Habits
The dangers of evil habit thus lie in the first acts of a series that are cumulative to the end of life. The danger to the boy is in his first hour of loafing. The danger to the smoker is in the first days, before the system comes to demand its daily rations of nicotine.
Some Good Habits
Thus our habits may be turned to account as helpers in the struggle of life. Good habits are our friends. We have seen that they may be cultivated, and there is no good reason why a man may not marshal the' mighty power of habit upon his side in the fight.
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