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The Giant Ship
SOMEWHERE in the Western Ocean in those tossing leagues of sea that lie to the eastward of the fishing grounds upon the Grand Banks of Newfoundland the stout bark Etoile de Saint Maio rolled sullenly in a dark sea and shook from her idle sails enfolding masses of fog.
Notes On Giant Ships.
The eye of the imagination sees a world in which there are no fixed dimensions. The hero who has saved us from death becomes as we tell of him a giant of strength and prowess. The fish which we see just eluding our hook appears to be a vast and beautiful creature of untold weight and of strength sufficient to sink our boat.
AN autumn gale gathering its forces in the sombre depths of the Western Ocean winged its way toward the shores of Brittany. Before it in warning, myriad-footed, swept a torrential rain. Night was falling in Morlaix that sits with her ancient feet in the sea, and in the twilight the heavy drops that beat upon her roofs and poured in torrents down her cobbled streets shone.
Notes On The Flying Dutchman And Punishment Ships.
This Breton legend of deathless punishment was collected by Elvire de Cerny in 1859 from an aged sailor and reported in the Revue des traditions populaires (XV, p. 96). It belongs to the class of Flying Dutchman legends and contains many details of striking interest.
La Belle Rosalie
WIND-SHELTERED by white cliffs and rock-perched beyond the grasp of channel waves nestles defiantly the quaint fishing town of Dieppe. Her cobbled streets run precipitously to her harbor, and when the fishing fleet is out the sweet calm of surrounding fields vies with the quiet of her ancient churchyards.
Notes On Phantom Ships
The annals of the sea contain many apparently authentic accounts of sea apparitions. They are reported with much detail and with that certainty which indicates that they are not merely creatures of the storyteller's art, but are reports of actual experiences of the narrator.
The Serpent Junk
A HIGH-STERNED junk, not unlike the smaller caravels of Columbus, lay idly by the shores near Foochow enveloped in the mists of morning. Marshbirds discovered her by the light of dawn and flew away shrilly crying.
Notes On Devil Ships
The dragon, serpent or snake is the most interesting creature in the range of mythological fauna. Knights and heralds emblazon him on cloth of gold; troubadour and bard sing his story ; painter and sculptor depict his varying forms; folklorist and philologist record his ancient lineage. Our story of the Dragon junk is peculiarly typical of the class of devil ships.
Stone Boat
AT night about the lodge fires the old men tell that many years ago, before the white men came, there lived in a village of the Six Nations, Abeka, a young hunter, who was straight and tall and keen of eye. All of the signs of the forest were to him as spoken words, and he knew all the woodland paths and the trails of the wilderness from the great portages of the north to the great falls.
Notes On The Death Voyage
The legend of the stone canoe is the product of the eternal striving of man to push aside the veil which hides the hereafter, to fathom the dark abyss, and explore what a fine poetry has called the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
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