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Tintoretto - Colour, Drawing, And Composition
TO no painter save to Jacopo Robusti has it been given to lay claim to be the world's greatest exponent in each of the three departments of Colour, Drawing, and Composition.
Tintoretto - S. Rocco
ABOUT the year 1559 Robusti began his connection with the brotherhood of S. Rocco, painting for them in the chapel of the order. Some of the pictures there are worthy to rank with his highest efforts but for the most part they are not easy to see, and the lighting of them is exceedingly bad.
Tintoretto - His Legacy
IN the year 1594, on the 31st day of May, Robusti's work was finished, and he was laid to rest in the tomb of his father-in-law, Marco de' Vescovi, in the church of Madonna dell' Orto ; and with him the last and the greatest of the line of the mighty painters of Venice came to an end.
French Perspectives - Curious Company
The Paris you Americans like to think you have learned in hotels near the Boulevards, in Neuilly schoolrooms, or even in the ateliers, is far from being the Paris of the Parisians...
French Perspectives - Standards Of A Bourgeois Family
The Ravignacs, looking facts in the face, had accepted in theory the necessity of pensionnaires, and my semi-invalidism went far to make the first practical application of the theory endurable to Mme. Ravignac. But neither I nor the two or three other American girls who soon made their appearance at the old house can have realized, at the time, the cost to a family of this type — a family of bourgeois and intellectual inheritance — of taking strangers into their midst.
French Perspectives - Mimi Up To Date
ONE evening in the late spring I was sitting on the bench of the raised stern platform of a river-boat that was steaming in the sunset light down the Seine. Before us the Trocadéro rose purple against the yellow sky, with a glorified pictorial effect that its ugliness can never claim in the day-light.
French Perspectives - The Other Side Of The Door
MME. CLAUDE knocked, and persistently knocked again, as we stood in a dark but clean-swept corridor on the fourth floor of an old house in Montmartre. At last the door opened a few inches — not more than two. Through the crack we saw one bright eye, a sharp little nose, and a patch of thin old cheek, brown, and marked with deep, rusty furrows.
French Perspectives - Utopia
A PNEUMATIQUE for Mademoiselle, announced Margot, as she set down my breakfast tray. The fine literary handwriting of the address was intriguing in itself, and I hastily tore open the blue envelope: —Mademoiselle, it began, only last night did I learn from our mutual friends the Gastons of your sociological studies, and I wish to offer you, before it shall be too late, the result of my own profound investigations of the problems in which you are interested.
French Perspectives - A Peasant Hero Of Provence
ANY one who has made a long stay in Arles knows Charloun, the old peasant poet of Le Paradou. When he fails to come in from his village to the Wednesday market, the cronies and farmer-folk on the promenade des Lices find bargaining dull.
French Perspectives - M. Le Curé's Lunch-Party
M. LE CURE'S lunch-party was the climax of my stay in the convent at Arles. The very memory of it, rejoicing as the Provençal sun, brings the glow of the spontaneous human kindness of the Midi into my heart. The day was one of those that have no obvious story to tell, and yet remain charged for all time with a sense of high festivity.
French Perspectives - Achille
WHEN I want to know what the literary Paris of the late nineteenth century was like, I pay a visit to my friend Achille. Before I go I make some necessary psychological readjustments.
New Voices In French Poetry
The Unanimistes stand far outside the French Academy. But if you happen by chance on a winter afternoon into one of those scrubby halls near the Odéon, where queer bohemians gather for the discussion of new literary movements, you may find yourself strangely moved by the recitation of a poem by Vildrac or Romains.
French Perspectives - A Modern Coenobium
Again, on the long, slow, conversational walks which our host led along the flat red roads and across the rolling stubble-fields, the impression of what the Cenobites who built our Abbey had sacrificed of pride and vain-glory was borne in upon us.
French Perspectives - Signs Of The Times
THE returning American is always deeply impressed by the inviolability of French family life. I remember being especially conscious of this quality the first evening I spent in Mme. Langeais's lamplit salon after my arrival from England.
French Perspectives - The Merciers In Topsbridge
This is a bad summer for lovers of France. Watching her trial from across the Atlantic has to me seemed like watching a sick bed from a distance: the less I could do to help, the more I magnified the suffering and the symptoms.
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