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DEAR MOTHER, — Last Sunday, when I wrote to father, we were crossing the Gulf of Finland, making for St. Petersburg. We passed the great fortifications at Cronstadt, and landed at the city Sunday evening ; the next three days I spent in seeing the great capital.
Hτtel Du Nord, Berlin
.DEAR WILLIAM, — I remember very well writing a letter to you from this very hotel seven years ago. It was about the beginning of my first trip to Europe. There have been several changes since then, and I hope for the better. I reached here only this morning, and find Berlin the same bright, cheerful-looking, great city I remember it.
DEAR FATHER, — I feel as if I owed you and mother about a dozen letters to-day, for since last Sunday I have been wonderfully blessed in the way of hearing from you. At Copenhagen I received eighteen letters, the accumulation of the summer, and now I understand all about you and your doings up to August 16.
Albemarle Hotel, London
DEAR WILLIAM, — This Sunday morning, your atmosphere must be a great deal clearer than the smoky London air in which I am looking out, through which I can just tell that it is a very pleasant day. I hope you will have a good Sunday. Your letter, which came day before yesterday, was the first that reached me, and was a most welcome beginning to the new spell of correspondence.
Morlaix, France
DEAR MOTHER, — Arthur says this is a dutiful scene. He is sitting on one side of a wretched little table, in this quaint old hotel, writing to John, and I am just beginning this note to you upon the other side. I dare say our letters will be very much alike, for there is nothing to tell, except where we have been and what we have seen ; that is rich enough.
Phillips Tours
DEAR WILLIAM, — Here I have just received your second letter, full of pleasant talk, and telling every kind of interesting thing about Andover, Mary, and all the other people. I was glad to get it. For a week we have wandered on through Brittany, looked at old castles and cathedrals, and talked together about you all, but have heard nothing since last Tuesday evening.
DEAR WILLIAM, —I fully expected, when we arrived here this afternoon, to find a letter from you, and perhaps from some of the other good folks at home, but they had not come, so this goes not as answer to anything in particular, but only to tell you generally how we fare. We have reached the Adriatic.
DEAR WILLIAM, — Let me see. The last time I wrote to you I was in the top story of a hotel at Venice, looking down upon the Grand Canal. Tonight, I am in the top story of a hotel at Mayence, looking down upon the Rhine. From Italy to Germany .
DEAR FATHER, — Hurrah for the Fourth of July ! William has gone for a day or two by himself on a trip to see cathedrals, and I have no doubt is enjoying everything between here and Durham. I think he will be back tonight, and then we shall keep together for the rest of the time. Since we arrived and came to London, we have been very busy.
Old Bible Hotel, Amsterdam
DEAR MOTHER, — I want you to understand that you must answer this letter yourself, with your own hand. I think it must be ten years since you have written me a regular letter, hardly since I was in Amsterdam before, so remember !They call this hotel the Old Bible Hotel because the first Dutch Bible was printed in this house some two hundred years ago, and now we are lodged here, yesterday and to-day.
DEAR MARY,- Now I will tell you all about it. I dare say William has written you since we arrived at Liverpool, but perhaps he has not told you anything about where we have been, or what we have been doing. I must go back to the steamer, where there were a great many pleasant people.
DEAR ARTHUR, — You were a blessed good boy to write me from Bar Harbor. I only received your note last night when I came here, and here 's a word of answer, though we are so near coming home that it hardly seems worth while to write. We have had a lovely summer, much of it on our old ground.
Hτtel Du Louvre, Paris
DEAR WILLIAM, — You know this place. The Louvre is just opposite, the Palais Royal is just behind, and you and I were here in 1877. You see we have not been quite able to keep to our plan of not going out of the United Kingdom. I have to be in London, or rather at Windsor, next Sunday, to make a few remarks to the Queen, so we ran over here for the week between.
Steamship Columba
DEAR WILLIAM, — I am on a steamboat between Oban and Glasgow on the coast of Scotland. John is up on deck somewhere, and the scenery outside has grown a little tame, so I take this chance to tell you that we are well, and the Scotch trip, which is drawing near its end, has been a great success, just as the Dutch, the Tyrolese, and the Swiss trip were three years ago.
MY DEAR MARY, — Thank you for your letter, which was very good to get. We are too near home (for we sail a week from to-morrow) for me to write you a great long answer, but it just occurs to me that I may reach Boston at some untimely hour, and want to get into my house, while you and William are comfortably sleeping at Nahant.
Steamship Servia
DEAR JOHNNY,- We have had a wonderful passage, and here we are just getting ready to see Fastnet light this afternoon. Doesn't that bring back two years ago, and all the long dreary day between Queenstown and Liverpool? I hope that we shall have a more cheerful experience to-morrow.
Steamship Servia
DEAR WILLIAM, — We reached Queenstown last night, and I wish you were here this morning. I would tell you what a pleasant voyage we had, since you left us a week ago this morning ; what a splendid great ship this is, and how McVickar and I have rattled round in our little stateroom.
Hotel Bellevue, Brussels
MY DEAR WILLIAM, — Do you remember pretty Brussels ? And this comfortable hotel and St. Gudule and the nice time we had here five years ago ? Well, here we are again, James and McVickar and I, and I will tell you how we got here. We landed after a most wonderful passage from the Servia on Thursday evening, the 29th of June.
Hτtel De L'empire, Paris
MY DEAR GERTIE, — I was very much pleased to get your letter, and think it was very nice indeed in you to write. It was the first letter I received, and I read it as I was sitting in the vestibule of the House of Commons in London, waiting for the doors to open, to let us go in and hear the great men make their speeches.
Nimes, France
DEAR WILLIAM, — I am afraid that a little letter which I wrote from Paris must do duty, and fill the gap between my last to you and this. After we left Paris, we traveled somewhat rapidly through France until we reached this place.
DEAR WILLIAM, — . . . You do not know what a lovely Sunday this is here. The sea breeze is blowing, the palaces are shining, the people are chattering, the sky is a delicious blue, and you, if you were only here, would add another picture to your gallery which would be worth keeping all your life.
.DEAR WILLIAM, — How do you all do this week? Dear me, how the weeks go by, and the hot summer slips away ! Since last Sunday we have had a pretty sail from Genoa to Leghorn, a bright day in Pisa, a nice three days in Florence, and a visit to Sienna and Orvieto.
DEAR GERTIE, — When the little children in Venice want to take a bath, they just go down to the front steps of the house and jump off, and swim about in the street. Yesterday I saw a nurse standing on the front steps, holding one end of a string, and the other end was tied to a little fellow who was swimming up the street.
DEAR MARY, — Did you ever come to Chioggia ? If you ever did, you are not likely to have forgotten it, for it is the queerest, dearest little place in the world. Perhaps some time when you have been at Venice, you have taken the steamboat early in the morning, and run down here and spent the day, which is what Mr. McVickar and I have done today.
Hotel Continental, Milan
DEAR WILLIAM, — They have a new hotel at Milan, so we are not staying where you and I put up five years ago. I have thought very much about our visit here. Indeed, the whole of the last three weeks has reminded me of much that we did together in that pleasant and memorable summer.
Hotel De L'empire, Paris
DEAR WILLIAM, — I have just been to the station to see James and McVickar off for England, whence James sails on Wednesday for America. You probably will see him before you get this letter. He will tell you about our last week, how we made a run through Switzerland, had a splendid day on the Simpion.
DEAR WILLIAM, — The great event of the last week was the meeting of the waters. Two Brooks boys, Arthur and I, came together in the ancient city of Cologne.
Hτtel Du Nord, Berlin,
MY DEAR GERTIE, — This is Sunday morning. It is just after breakfast, about a quarter before nine o'clock. In a shop window on this street, I see a great big clock every time I go out. It has seven faces, and each face tells what time it is in some one of the great cities of the world.
Hτtel Du Nord, Berlin
DEAR WILLIAM, — To-day I am going to write and tell you what I have been doing in Berlin. I have been here for ten days, and have fallen into the most regular way of living, just as if I had been a Berliner instead of a Bostonian, and had lived all my youth in the Tinter den Linden instead of in Rowe Street.
MY DEAR AGNES, — I was glad to get your letter, which reached me a few days ago in Berlin. I think you were very good indeed to write me, and it was a nice letter. Did you ever hear of Wittenberg.
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