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The Outlander And The Mexican
IT HAS frequently been complained that the foreign capitalist in Mexico never gets credit for altruism and seldom for fairness. That grounds have occasionally been given for these allegations it would be idle to deny. In Mexico, as in most European countries, the foreigner is often regarded with distrust not so much by the common people as by the educated classes.
Mexico - Oil And Water
THE capitalists and explorers who responded to Diaz' invitation were mostly men of the races whose enterprise, thoroughness and staying powers have carried the world to its present cultural level.
Mexico - Taxation Or Confiscation?
Two interesting illustrations of Mexico's entanglements are worth recording. They show how defenceless she is before her great northern neighbour and how incumbent it is on this neighbour to use its strength sparingly and in accordance with the promptings of reason and humanity.
Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub And Saving Mexico In Spite Of Herself
ALL the vexatious acts of which foreigners could reasonably complain and the quibbles by which it was sought to justify them belong to the past. Even under Madero, Huerta and Carranza the oil companies continued to earn enormous profits.
Mexico - Moral Guardianship
THE members of the oil and policy groups who believe with the Germans that the strongest defence is to take the offensive, being thus primed with detailed information about every Mexican event and episode of importance, past and present, about every leader and politician of distinction and about every coming man and his vulnerable points.
Mexico - Flaws In The Constitution Of 1917
THE magnitude of the interests at stake and the serious nature of the outlook justify a brief review of the international perils with which Mexico is confronted and of the alleged nexus between them and the present Constitution. This Constitution is by no means all evil.
Mexico - Oil And Politics
THAT Mexico's destinies should be influenced if not dominated by the oil interests is natural and inevitable. These constitute such a paramount element in her economic life that even domestic politics in that country is now wedded to them for better or for worse.
Mexico - The Neo-monroe Doctrine
THERE can be little doubt that all the terms of recognition outlined by Mr. Fall in the report of the Senate Sub-Committee would have been imposed on Mexico, had the Revolution headed by General Obregón been quelled.
Mr. Fall's Mexican Programme
MEXICO'S international situation, apparently complex, is in reality superlatively simple. The primary causes of the seeming complications are the predominance of foreign capital in the country and its deliberately perturbing influence on Mexican politics.
Mexico - Recognition By Treaty
IN theory the matters in dispute between the foreign and the Mexican peoples seem simple enough and capable of being readily adjusted.
Mexico - The Public Debt And National Criminality
NO NATION can live longer in peace than its neighbour pleases. Neither can any undeveloped and untutored people like the Mexicans establish by peaceful methods a new and stable order after the dissolution of its ancient politico-social bonds, unless its wealthy and powerful neighbour allows it.
Mexico - Obregon's Tasks And Difficulties
THE ancient Chinese teacher Confucius laid it down in one of his books that the good ordering of a political community depends upon the proper maintenance of five kinds of relations : those between father and son; between the eldest and the younger brothers; between friend and friend; between husband and wife, and between master and servant.
The Fall From Grace In Haiti
THE experiment made by the United States in Haiti has burned itself into the souls of all Central Americans. Mexico in particular has special grounds for apprehension. President Zamor of Haiti was put through the mill which is now believed to be awaiting some Mexican President less resolute and powerful than Obregón.
Mexico - Conclusion
THE degree to which the sonorous phrases of American politicians about altruism, humanitarianism and righteousness are at variance with what appears to be the settled policy of imperialism originated and furthered by propagandist intrigue and subsequently acquiesced in by the responsible leaders of the great Western Democracy, is not realised by the American or European public.
Steamer Scotia
My first letter from abroad shall be to you. It will not be much of a letter, for nobody feels like doing anything on shipboard, and especially this afternoon, when the ship is rolling worse than it has yet. We have had a splendid passage so far ; I have not been seasick for a moment since I came on board, and we are now more than half-way across.
Gresham Hotel, Sackville Street, Dublin
Safe in Dublin. Isn't it funny? The Scotia arrived at Queenstown at four this morning, and we at once went ashore. I breakfasted at Queenstown, and then took the train for Cork, where I spent three hours wandering up and down the queerest city that was ever made.
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