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American Men Of Mind - Men Of Mind
IN the companion volume of this series, Men of Action, the attempt was made to give the essential facts of American history by sketching in broad outline the men who made that history discoverers, pioneers, presidents, statesmen, soldiers, and sailors—and describing the part which each of them played.
American Men Of Mind - Writers Of Prose
IT is true of American literature that it can boast no name of commanding genius—no dramatist to rank with Shakespeare, no poet to rank with Keats, no novelist to rank with Thackeray, to take names only from our cousins oversea—and yet it displays a high level of talent and a notable richness of achievement.
American Men Of Mind - Writers Of Verse
POETRY, says the Century dictionary, is that one of the fine arts which addresses itself to the feelings and the imagination by the instrumentality of musical and moving words; and that is probably as concise a definition of poetry as can be evolved. For poetry is difficult to define.
American Men Of Mind - Painters
IF background and tradition are needed for literature, they are even more needed for art, and it is curiously worth noting that the background and traditions of England did not serve for her child across the sea. In both literature and art, so far as vital and significant achievement is concerned, the young nation had to find itself.
American Men Of Mind - Sculptors
IF background and tradition are needed for painting, how much more are they needed for sculpture! America was settled by a people entirely without sculptural tradition, for, in the early seventeenth century, British sculpture did not exist.
American Men Of Mind - The Stage
THE golden age of American acting was not so very long ago. Most white-haired men remember it, and love to talk of the days of Booth and Forrest and Charlotte Cushman. Joseph Jefferson, the last survivor of the old régime, died just the other day, and to the very end showed the present generation the charm and humor of Bob Acres and Rip Van Winkle.
American Men Of Mind - Scientists And Educators
TO give even the briefest account, within the limits of a single chapter, of the lives of note-worthy American scientists and educators is, of course, quite beyond the bounds of possibility. All that can be done, even at best, is to mention a few of the greatest names and to indicate in outline the particular achievements with which they are associated.
American Men Of Mind - Philanthropists And Reformers
THIS has been a country celebrated for its great fortunes, and the makers of some of those for-tunes will be considered in the chapter dealing with men of affair;; but many who have been grouped under that heading might well have been included under this, since, for the most part, the richest men have been the freest in their benefactions.
American Men Of Mind - Men Of Affairs
ALMOST from the first years of her existence America has been known chiefly as a commercial nation, as a nation noted for her men of affairs, rather than for her artists and men of letters.
American Men Of Mind - Inventors
IT is a curious fact that the men to whom the world owes most generally get the least reward. The genius in art or letters is seldom recognized as such until long after he himself has passed away—his life is usually embittered by derision or neglect.
Public Speaking - How To Get Material For The Speech
Josh Billings somewhere makes a remark to the effect that there ain't no use in knowin' so many things that ain't so. It may well be that there is no use of talking so much when one has nothing to say. But, on the other hand, there are many things in this world that are so, and that are worth knowing and telling. The bottom thing in a speech is subject matter.
Public Speaking - How To Build The Speech
The next move after the search for materials is the putting together of the speech. Indeed, while the quest for ideas is still on foot, and the couriers of thought are posting over land and sea — prying into the deeps and gazing into the starry heights — one sturdy, stay-at-home workman of the mind is busy laying out plans for the building that is soon to rise.
Public Speaking - How To Win And Hold An Audience
Darius Green was the first American birdman. His flying machine was a marvel. He selected and brought together his materials with great care. In the drawing up of his plans and the building of his machine he revealed rare genius.
Public Speaking - How To Win And Hold An Audience (continued)
Form of DeliveryAt the crucial moment when you rise to begin your speech a good deal will depend upon the form of delivery you have decided on. Of course many high school speeches are written, committed, and recited from memory.
Public Speaking - How To Utter The Speech
It is not enough to have something to say and to be able to put it into English; one must know how to say it in the most telling way. The secret of success in expression lies in hard work. In good speaking the voice and body unite in conveying thought and feeling to the audience.
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