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Meditation, Creation And Concentration
ALL religions invent modes whereby the mind of man is directed to Deity. In the Eastern philosophy these modes are called Yoga, and are supposed to be methods of yoking the individual mind to the Universal Consciousness. There are two principal kinds of yoga, which may be described as mental and as physical.
Lesser Occult Or Psychic Forces And Their Dangers
AT this period of our history most people make the word Occultism synonymous with psychism. In reality there is a vast difference between the two. The meaning of the former word you have heretofore seen, and now it remains for us to examine one of its sub-divisions, which is psychism.
Hypnotism, And How To Guard Against It
At the present time animal magnetism is known as Mesmerism, and Hypnotism is known as sleep, artificially produced. So we shall try to follow out the modern conception of it rather than the presentation of Mesmer, although reference may be had from time to time to Mesmer's teachings.
Higher Occult Or Spiritual Forces And Their Uses
Through both these maxims the same thought runs - that like mentalities are found in groups. There are certain groupings of forces and of truths; there is also a grouping of minds.
Cause And Cure Of Disease
DISEASE is, as the name indicates, disease, and means an absence of ease. Pathologically speaking, according to one of the definitions of the Century Dictionary, disease is a deviation from the healthy or normal condition of any of the functions or tissues of the body, and therefore it is necessary to ascertain what the normal condition of the body is before we may know when it is in a diseased state.
Law Of Opulence
IN the preceding lectures you were taught how to acquire spiritual perception and mental qualities through the use of Cosmic forces. You have also been taught how, by the power of Divine Mind, to use your mental forces, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others.
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