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Lady Hester Stanhope
THE Pitt nose has a curious history. One can watch its transmigrations through three lives. The tremendous hook of old Lord Chatham, under whose curve Empires came to birth, was succeeded by the bleak upward-pointing nose of William Pitt the younger the rigid symbol of an indomitable hauteur. With Lady Hester Stanhope came the final stage.
Mr. Creevey
Clio is one of the most glorious of the Muses; but, as every one knows, she (like her sister Melpomene) suffers from a sad defect; she is apt to be pompous. With her buskins, her robes, and her airs of importance she is at times, indeed, almost intolerable. But fortunately the Fates have provided a corrective.
Sir Edwin Landseer - A Member Of The Royal Humane Society
Questions to arouse interest. Where is this dog? Why do you think so? Does he seem to be looking across the water, or toward the land? What kind of dog is he? How do you know he is lying in the sunshine? What does the length of the shadows tell us about the time of day? What could this dog do if there should be a severe storm on the water.
Jean Geoffroy - Primary School In Brittany
Questions to arouse interest. Where are these children? Why do you think so? What are they doing? How do their clothes and shoes differ from ours? How many classes are there? What is the teacher doing? How is she dressed? Why do you think the little girl leaning against the teacher is just learning to read? What makes you think she has come to a word she does not know.
Jean Francois Millet - Woman Churning
Questions to arouse interest. What is this woman doing? How many know how butter is made? How many have ever tried to churn it? What else can you see in the picture? What does the c t want? What is she doing? What can you see in the back of the room? What do you sep on the bench? Of what is the floor made? Why do you think this room is cool.
Jean Baptiste Greuze - The Broken Pitcher
Questions to arouse interest. Where is this young girl? Why do you think so? What do you see in the background that tells you so? What has happened? Why does she look so serious? Does she look frightened, or just sorry? What is she carrying on her arm? What is she carrying in her apron? How is she dressed? How is her hair combed? What do you see in her hair.
Madame Vigée-lebrun - Madame Lebrun And Her Daughter
Questions to arouse interest. What do you see in this picture? What relation are these two to each other? Why do you think so? How are they dressed? Why do you suppose they look so happy? How could Madame Lebrun paint this picture of herself.
Rosa Bonheur - An Old Monarch
Questions to arouse interest. Of what is this a picture? Where do you suppose he is? In what countries do lions live wild? How many have seen a lion at the park or circus? Why do they have such strong cages? On what are they fed? On what do lions live in their own country.
Sir Joshua Reynolds - Penelope Boothby Or The Mob Cap
Questions to arouse interest. Where do you think this little girl is sitting? Does she look as if she were sitting still or moving? Do you think she is happy, sad, full of fun, or mischievous? What has she on her head? How is her hair combed? How is she dressed.
Hebrew Religion - General Survey
The great central beliefs of the Hebrew religion he at the basis of the teachings of Jesus, Paul, and the others who had a part in the founding of Christianity. If we try to imagine how the work of Tesus would have differed if he had appeared-in Greece or Rome instead of in Palestine, we can appreciate to some extent the significance of the Hebrew foundation on which he built.
Hebrew Religion - The Deliverance And The Covenant
The deliverance from Egypt and the events following in the wilderness marked for the Hebrews the beginning of their national religion. The national historians differed as to whether their ancestors had known God as Yahweh before their sojourn in Egypt, but they agreed that he became their national God and they his people by the deliverance and the covenant at his sacred mountain.
Hebrew Religion - The Wars Of Yahweh
Intermingling of the tent-dwelling Bedawin and the village-dwelling agriculturalists is a constant phenomenon in Canaan. The traveler meets occasional Bedawins in and about Jerusalem itself, and six or eight miles away on the borders of the wilderness of Judea he may chance upon a considerable encampment of their black goats' hair tents.
Hebrew Religion - Religion And National Life
Saul's heroic struggle against the Philistines, despite early victories, ended in defeat and death. It remained for the next king, David, to become the successful founder of the Hebrew monarchy. Later tradition made of David a man of lofty spiritual insight such as was actually attained in Israel only after long generations of development. David was a musician and poet, a general and states-man of no mean ability.
Hebrew Religion - The God Of Justice And Love
Our previous study has led to rather broad and general conceptions, based often upon fragmentary evidence, sometimes of uncertain date. With the middle of the eighth century B.C. we come to a very different kind of standing-ground. The great religious teachers of Israel now begin to preserve their sermons and songs in separate books which have come down to us in something like their original form.
Hebrew Religion - The Exalted God Of Nations
Isaiah's ministry began in Jerusalem shortly before the close of Hosea's work in Northern Israel. The record of the inaugural vision from which we date the opening of the great prophet's labors was doubtless written years after the event, when later experiences had become fused in memory with the convictions of this early time.
Hebrew Religion - Religion And Law
Isaiah's faith that Yahweh would not suffer his city and temple to be captured was remarkably vindicated when, in the year 701, the hosts of Sennacherib suddenly withdrew from Palestine.
Hebrew Religion - The Discovery Of The Individual
The recorded sermons of Jeremiah connect themselves with the five years preceding Josiah's reform and the years following the king's death. The narrative concerning Jeremiah's preaching, in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem, the words of the covenant commanded the fathers in the day that they were brought out of the land of Egypt.
Hebrew Religion - Two Ideals From The Exile
Ezekiel, like Jeremiah, looked forward to a covenant made with the restored nation, but he failed to see that this covenant needed to be of an essentially different nature from the old one. His idea was that God by his power would multiply his people, setting his sanctuary in their midst, and that the nations would be forced to recognize his presence there.
Hebrew Religion - Legalism Triumphant
In the year 520 B.C. a prophet, Haggai, roused the people of Jerusalem to undertake the rebuilding of their temple, which had lain in ruins since the destruction of Jerusalem in 586. Eighteen years had passed since Cyrus captured Babylon and applied to the deported peoples whom he found there the liberal and clement policy of allowing them to re-establish their national worships in their own lands.
Hebrew Religion - The Two Hopes
At the opening of the Christian era two great hopes characterized the religion of Israel the hope of the messianic kingdom for the nation and the hope of the resurrection for the individual. The Pharisees' exacting effort to do the will of God as it was prescribed in the law was stimulated by the belief that if the law could once be kept perfectly by the nation, then the messianic age would come.
Hebrew Religion - Israel's Contribution To Universal Religion
It would be a serious mistake to conclude from our study of the predominant tendencies of post-exilic Judaism that all religious life had come to flow in two or three narrow channels. The charming story of Ruth, probably written during the reforms of Nehemiah and Ezra, shows that not all could sympathize with the rigid separation of Israel from her neighbors demanded by strict legalism.
Girls Education - Raising An Issue
MY thirty winters in Minnesota had hardly prepared me for the trip to Chevy Chase last night. The underground trolley has its disadvantages after all. A light snow, that would not have affected travel in the Twin Cities, made progress through the Capital City a slow and difficult task. Even slight grades were rendered formidable by a lack of sand. The journey seemed interminable.
Girls Education - Some Psychical Sex Characteristics
It is not fair to expect me to defend the cause of coeducation in this company. The Doctor aroused my curiosity the other evening; I wanted to see him extricate himself from his tangle of fallacies. It is one thing, however, to see through Dr. Studevan's fallacies and quite another to espouse the cause of coeducation, particularly in the present company.
Girls Education - The Grading Of School Children
You surely are not going to back him up in this! If we grade children not merely according to differences in age and acquirement, but according to differences in disposition and inclination, it will necessitate as many grades in the school as there are children. Won't you admit that the theory is visionary and impractical .
Girls Education - Coeducation And Marriage
I came away from the university convinced by my five years of teaching co-eds that coeducation is a failure. Whatever may be the motives that actuate the young ladies in coming to the university, they soon divide into two well-defined groups.
Girls Education - Symmetry In The Cultural Development Of The Sexes
As Mr. Eaton entered the library on Friday evening, a few minutes after the usual time, he found the other members of the little circle in an expectant attitude.
Girls Education - Man And Woman Allies Not Competitors
The Professor telephoned a little while ago that he would be late in arriving. Dr. Studevan did seem to pick up the question under discussion at the close of our last meeting and fly off with it. He got it so mixed up with prophets and apostles, with Jeanne d'Arc and the martyrs, that I don't know where we shall find it.
Girls Education - The Social Claim
I find it hard to believe that you were serious last Friday evening in quoting Plato and in citing the experience of two thousand five hundred years ago as a guide to our present educational efforts. Granted that the Athens of Pericles and Plato had attained a high degree of civilization, yet their experiments in coeducation can have little value today.
Girls Education - The Social Claim Versus The Family Claim
Why, no, Miss Geddes, I would not willingly diminish the number of marriageable men, of whom there seem to be too few as the case stands. I was thinking only of woman and of her difficulty in adjusting the social claim to her home duties. Miss Addams offers valuable testimony on this subject.
Girls Education - The Vocations Of Woman
At our last meeting the Doctors seemed to make a very strange division of womankind, said Miss Ruth. They have apparently forgotten the existence of the bachelor girl, but I am afraid she will refuse to be ignored.
Girls Education - Domestic Science
From what you said last Friday evening I infer that you are quite satisfied with the education that Mrs. Hamlyn received in the high school and the university. I agree with you in tracing her present troubles to the training which her mother failed to give her in the home, so the blame rests on her mother.
Girls Education - Woman's College Of The Future
The college woman is one who has not only received much and kept much, but who is able to give and who gives much.
Girls Education - Homemakers Of The Future
Mrs. O'Brien insists that an introduction of the speaker of the evening is de rigeur, and, being a product of modern education, I never question my wife's judgment on matters of this kind; nevertheless, I find myself at an utter loss for an appropriate speech on this occasion.
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