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Dangers Of Weight Reduction
IN reducing weight these important facts must be borne in mind: 1. Prevention of ptosis (falling of the abdominal organs).These organs are supported by the abdominal fat and if this is lost suddenly there is a tendency for the stomach, intestines and kidneys to prolapse (fall) thus placing strain on the ligaments and producing a fatigued condition. Kinks and spasms may result.
Dangers Of Weight Reduction Cures
THE current craze to get thin among our people generally, but particularly among women, is full of danger. With the zeal characteristic of Americans, having determined to reduce they want to pass a law or take a pill that will effect an immediate result. In their fervor to reduce their weight they are willing to do anything, however grave the danger to their health.
Constipation And Obesity
FAT people as a rule are constipated bipeds. The fact that they are fat presupposes an abuse of starches and sugars and a disuse of fodder foods-the use of the former and the disuse of the latter producing colonic lethargy. The inactivity of the obese also induces constipation.The longer food remains in the colon the more nutriment and fluid are absorbed, both influencing the scales unfavorably.
Intestinal Toxemia
FIND a fat man and nine times out of ten you have found an auto-intoxicated person. Likewise nine times out of ten toxaemia is of intestinal origin. The toxins elaborated in the colon are absorbed into the system and depress glandular function which in turn prevents proper tissue oxidation with the resulting deposit of unhealthy fat.
Heart Troubles
THE heart is the essential pumping plant of the human system. If fat envelops it, the function of the heart is disturbed and cardiac dilatation or other complications may ensue. Arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris and myocarditis lurk above the obese like angels of ill-will and sooner or later will overtly attack the over-weight individual.
Kidney Troubles
IN diseases of the kidney complicating obesity, the greatest care must be taken in the dietetic reducing regimen.Though recent experiments suggest the harmlessness of a high protein diet on normal kidneys, we must practice caution in prescribing liberal amounts of meat to those with damaged kidneys.
IN uncomplicated obesity we may be justified in relying on proteins as the sheet anchor of diet. But when obesity is accompanied by gout the type and amount of protein taken is important. In mild cases it may only be necessary to limit an excess of purin bodies by omitting stock soups and giving meat such as fish and chicken, which have a low purin content.
DIABETES, though somewhat arrested through the agency of insulin is still a modern plague and bears an intimate relationship to obesity.The over-consumption of food, particularly starches and sugars, may lead not only to obesity but to diabetes as well. Old people who remain thin are not so predisposed to diabetes as others.
Obesity Complicated By Arthritis
THE layman can readily understand that increased weight in the presence of arthritis mechanically handicaps the individual, as the less weight on inflamed joints the less the discomfort to the individual and less irritation to the joints results.
Gall Stones And Obesity
FAIR, fat, and forty plus vague stomach symptoms spells gall stones, according to a traditional opinion.There is no question that obesity combined with a sedentary occupation predisposes to gall stones. Gall stones are common among cooks.
Bronchitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis
BRONCHITIS and asthma may be very troublesome in fat and especially in elderly people who are overweight. When drugs and climatic treatment fail to relieve the fat bronchitic, a reduction of the body weight will often do so by allowing the patient to breathe more deeply with ease.
Motherhood And The Menopause
MANY women have been denied the privilege and joy of motherhood because of over-eating. And there are numbers of men upon whom obesity has visited the plight of sterility. Women who are entering upon or passing through the menopause are inclined to become overweight. The ovaries, like the thyroid, exert an important physiologic influence over the bodily functions.
Obesity And Pregnancy
OBESITY often starts with pregnancy. The physiological stimulus of pregnancy may produce an inordinate appetite with a craving for sweets. The inactivity of the latter months of pregnancy add to the obesity hazard. The ovarian inactivity of pregnancy also predisposes to fat accumulation much as the surgical removal of the ovaries favors weight increase.
THE layman would hardly believe it, but many fat people are anemic. Their pink cheeks, natural though they be, proclaim a state of well-being which does. not exist in reality. Anemia tends to produce a fatty degeneration of certain tissues of the body. Many people grow fat after bleeding copiously. There was a practice among cattle breeders of bleeding their stock so as to increase the amount of fat in the tissues.
Overeating And Underweight
ALTHOUGH the subject of underweight associated with gluttony does not come strictly within the scope of this book, its importance as a health menace is worthy of comment because it is so frequently overlooked. I have seen many people of non-obese type who were gourmands of the first order.
The Will To Reduce
THE person who wants to reduce must throw to the winds some of the dietary traditions of the human race. For example, he must learn these two basic truths: You cannot trust your appetite.You must not fall into eating habits. Fat has a cunning and insidious habit of stealing upon you. The slightest excess over the current needs of your body will, in the course of a surprisingly few years, bring you to a condition of obesity.
Shall We Fast?
SHORT fasts are undeniably useful in preventing or reducing overweight. They should never be undertaken, however, for any extended period of time unless they are medically supervised. A man can live on water, for example, as long as forty days but prolonged starvation may produce problems more serious than that of overweight.
Baths And Sweating
FREQUENT bathing is an aid to the loss of weight. The metabolism of the body may be increased by the use of cold baths or showers. But a word of caution is in order about the cold bath. It will undeniably increase your metabolic activity. Before you employ this method, however, be sure that your heart, arteries and blood pressure can stand the shock.
Local Reductions In Obesity
LOCAL deposits of fat triple chins, pendulous breasts, protuberant hips, conspicuous napes, epaulettes of shoulder fat, oleaginous wings, cylindrical ankles and squabby thighs are among the fatty deformities which bring dismay to womanhood and repel the opposite sex. One or more of these deformities in a figure otherwise perfect is deplorable.
How To Get Fat
Copy this and put it on your mirror if you want to get fat. Eat too much and exercise too little. Avoid salads, fruits and greens. Eat bread before each meal. Take plenty of rice, macaroni, potatoes, white bread, pastries, sugar, candies, gravies, salad dressings and cream.Take double portions. Eat between meals.
The General Technique Of Weight Reduction
IT is always useful to catalogue in the most direct and simple form the concrete steps which should be taken in the treatment of any disorder. To combat obesity intelligently: 1. Place yourself under the care of a competent physician, and have him make a special diagnosis of your condition. 2. Agree with him upon the amount of weight you should lose, and the time schedule on which you are to lose it.
Exercise (active)
AN important part of the technique of weight reduction consists in proper exercise, mild in nature and frequently repeated over a long period of time. Unfortunately, laziness is one of the symptoms of obesity, which by its very nature prevents its victims from taking a normal amount of the exercise so essential to well-being.
Exercise (passive)
THOSE whose heart, weight, fallen arches or low vitality preclude the taking of active exercise such as walking, tennis and horseback riding are compelled to resort to passive exercise. Ring Roller Reducing is a passive exercise which consists of a mechanical massage induced by the up-and-down movement of a spring coil encircling the body.
Deep Breathing And Obesity
FAT people are usually shallow breathers. This may be due in part to the encumbrance which fat imposes on the respiratory organs. It may be merely respiratory laziness. Not enough attention has been given to the subject of correct breathing in the treatment of disease.
Drink Sufficient Water
VERY few people drink enough water. And fat people should drink an amount equal to their physiological requirements. Eight glasses a day are none too much in the non-pituitary obesity types. Of course the intake of water means a temporary increase in weight. But water, by activating the kidneys and flushing the colon, carries away large amounts of waste products.
Satiety Value
A MUCH neglected factor in diet is satiety value, that is, the degree to which foods give a sense of well-being or satisfaction. Lack of food produces a rhythmic contraction of the stomach which gives rise to the sensation we call hunger. A full stomach gives the contrary feeling--a sense of food gratification. Foods which remain longest in the stomach and produce the greatest functional activity of this organ have the highest satiety value.
Avoid Sweets
SUGAR, particularly in its concentrated forms, is your arch enemy. It adds tremendously to your caloric intake. Three harmless teaspoons of granulated sugar, or four humble-looking lumps, equal about one hundred calories. You would never believe that they contribute as much to your weight as a whole dish of coleslaw. The eating of sugar creates an appetite for other sweets and discourages the eating of more whole-some foods.
IN the most cursory consideration of obesity and its causes, reference must be made to alcohol. Carter says :As a food, alcohol is of the type of the energy-yielding food-stuffs, fats and carbohydrates. It can be substituted for them at least to a limited extent and is capable of exerting a similar sparing effect upon protein. Its use must, however, be considered in connection with the fact that alcohol has also a toxic effect foreign to fat and carbohydrate.
Tobacco And Obesity
ALTHOUGH excessive smoking may prevent a lean person from getting fat, no physician would advocate excessive smoking as a means of reducing weight. But smoking, like thyroid medication, has its reduction merits and can be either a foe or an ally in fighting the onslaught of obesity. I have no wish to become a partisan in the famous tobacco vs. sugar battle.
Four Methods Of Dietary Reduction
I Am presenting in the following pages five different methods of reducing by diet. Each method is different and each adapted to a different temperament and physical makeup. By temperament I mean mental and moral characteristics. As stated before, diets must be individualized according to individual physical conditions. Tremendous harm results to the obese from following stereotyped diets.
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