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Belshazzar's Feast
Stories of kings are usually not very interesting, filled as they are with wars and troubles of many kinds. Soldiers, martial music, the roar of cannon, glittering spears, and shining shields in large part make up the history of kings. Velvet and ermine and golden crowns, heartaches and disappointments, instead of joy and gladness, are the portion of those who rule with a royal scepter in their hands.
Art In Holland And Especially In Leyden During The Seventeenth Century
LEYDEN held a foremost place among those towns in the Netherlands which developed rapidly in the early years of the seventeenth century. The influx of industrious craftsmen, driven northward from Flanders, and the foundation of a High School, whose professors presently raised it to be the head-centre of learning in Holland, together with the establishment of the Collegium Theologicum.
Gerard Dou's Life Before 1631
SOME uncertainty has hitherto existed as to the year of Gerard Dou's' birth, since his own evidence on the famous picture in the Louvre, The Woman with Dropsy, has been thought more trustworthy than the statement of Orlers, Dou's first biographer.
Gerard Dou - Life From 1631 Till His Death
WHEN the painters of Leyden met together on October 18th, 1641, to celebrate St. Luke's Day, which they were wont to keep " with great feasting," they were, perhaps, disagreeably surprised by a discourse addressed to them by Philips Angel, afterwards painter to the Shah of Persia.
A Painter's Studio In The Seventeenth Century: Dou's Pupils And Followers
AMONG the works of the great Dutch painters there are not a few which give us a glimpse into their studios and their ways of working. Rembrandt frequently painted, etched and drew his workroom ; Jan Vermeer and Adriaen van Ostade depicted their studios ; and in some instances a mirror hanging on the wall shows us the artist at his easel.
Gerard Dou's Pictures In The Market : Prices And Purchasers
WHEN we inquire how many of Gerard Dou's pictures and drawings are now to be seen in his native country we find no more than 17, while Germany possesses 71, Great Britain 49, Russia 19, and France 20. Among the number are two of his most important works, the Evening Schooland the Young Mother, the most beautiful picture Dou ever painted, and so regarded even during his lifetime.
To few men does life bring a brighter day than that which places the crown upon their scholastic labors, and bids them go forth from the halls of the Alma Mater to the great world's battle-field. There is a freshness in these early triumphs which, like the bloom and fragrance of the flower, is quickly lost, never to be found again even by those for whom Fortune reserves her most choice gifts.
Exercise Of Mind
LEARNING is acquaintance with what others have felt, thought, and done; knowledge is the result of what we ourselves have felt, thought, and done. Hence a man knows best what he has taught himself; what personal con-tact with God, with man, and with Nature has made his own.
Love Of Excellence
HE teaches to good purpose who inspires the love of excellence, and who sends his pupils forth from the school's narrow walls with such desire for self-improvement that the whole world becomes to them a God-appointed university.
Culture And The Spirit Of The Age
THE mass of mankind, if we pass the whole race in review, are sunk in gross ignorance ; and even in civilized nations, where education is free, the multitude have but a rude acquaintance with the elements of knowledge. Their ability to read and write hardly serves intellectual and moral ends.
Self Culture
THE passion for truth and for the culture which makes its possession possible is not rightly felt by the heart of boy or of youth; it is the man's passion, and its power over him is most irresistibly asserted when outward restraint has been removed, when escaping from the control of parents and teachers he is left to himself to shape his course and seek his own ends.
Growth And Duty
WHAT life is in itself we do not know, any more than we know what matter is in itself ; but we know something of the properties of matter, and we also have some knowledge of the laws of life. Here it is sufficient to call attention to the law of growth, through which the living receive the power of self-development,of bringing their endowments into act, of building up the being which they are.
Right Human Life
WHAT is so delightful as spring weather? WHAT it, whatever mystery life can make plain, it reveals. There is universal utterance.Water leaps from its winding sheet of snow; the streams spring out to wander till they find their source; the corn sprouts to receive the sun's warm kiss; the buds unfold, the blossoms send forth fragrance, the heavens weep for joy; the birds sing, the children shout, and the fuller pulse of life gives, even to the old, fresh thoughts and young desires.
University Education
AS they who look on the ocean think of its vastness ; of the many shores in many climes visited by its waves to ply their priest-like task of clean ablution ; of cities and empires that rose beside its waters, flourished, decayed, and became a memory.
The Three Types Of Obesity
IT is hard to make a cut-and-dried classification of obesity. For the purpose of our discussion, the following will enable us to present the subject clearly. From the practical standpoint there are three types of obesity:(a) The alimentary type.(b) The endocrine type.(c) The composite or mixed type.
Alimentary Obesity
THE vast majority of all fat people, of course, have the alimentary type of obesity, sometimes called the simple type, sometimes the exogenous type. Neither of the two latter terms is correct because, as DuBois says: The term exogenous indicates that there is no endocrine disturbance, but that the fault lies either in too much food or too much laziness.
Endocrine Obesity
PEOPLE with obesity of the endocrine type appear to have bodies which function with such abnormal efficiency in the creation of fat from carbohydrates that no matter how heroically they adhere to a limited diet they just go on manufacturing excess fat.
Basal Metabolism Test
EVERY patient who requires thyroid medication should have this test made before starting treatment and every few weeks while taking it. This test determines the rate of tissue oxidation and is an indication as to thyroid activity. It is a simple test, involving breathing into a chamber for a certain length of time and having the oxygen consumption mathematically determined.
Mixed Type Of Obesity
WE all know the fat fellow who begins to live the lifeof a Spartan, limiting himself to a drastic diet and yet rolls merrily along with his abnormal weight. He may be an endocrine type. The chances are that he is one of the mixed type. Most cases of long-standing alimentary-and-deficient-exercise obesity become tinged with an endocrine influence.
Other Causes Of Gain In Weight
ASCITES and edema are abnormal conditions that may produce an increase in weight which is not of the fatty type. A gain in weight may be caused by edema-an abnormal condition of the body which causes a retention of fluids in the tissues beyond the normal. Even in normal persons a little too much salt will cause a retention of water.
When Are You Fat?
Do you slink up to a pair of scales and peer about before nervously mounting them? Then you are obese. Once aboard, do you shake and jiggle the platform on which you stand and thus seek to deny and refute, by what you think is a little harmless fraud, the telltale figures on the dial? Then you are certainly obese.
Advantages Of A Slight Weight Surplus
IT is not smart, sensible or healthy to be too thin. A dietetic middle ground must be followed or else the fundamentals of health and beauty will be jeopardized.The peak of the over-reducing mania has been passed. Women are becoming aware of the dangers of over-reduction and the advantages in good looks and physical fitness of having the scales balance slightly on the side of over-weight rather than on the side of under-weight.
Just Naturally Fat
I HAVE said that every case of obesity is different. I have pointed out that increase in weight may be due to glandular derangement or to some other condition which you could properly say is not your own fault. But don't, I beg of you, make that your excuse for dismissing the matter by saying, Oh, I'm just naturally fat, and letting it go at that.
Causes Of Obesity
WHAT are the causes of obesity? As DuBois has said: We do not yet know why certain individuals grow fat. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we do not know why all the individuals in this overnourished community do not grow fat. There is no stranger phenomenon than the maintenance of a constant body weight under marked variation in bodily activity and food consumption.
Obesity Fallacies
WHEN Pandora opened her mythical box she is commonly supposed to have set loose in the world a thousand woes. Not least among them was the amazing swarm of obesity fallacies. Politics is beset by controversy and religion by prejudice, but I sometimes think that weight and its reduction is America's greatest subject of conversation.
Some Of The Weight Reduction Quackeries
WE are not going to bother here to discuss in detail all the silly reducing preparations which the quacks advertise for the gullible. The greater part of them are advertised in the cheapest sort of magazines and newspapers and are obviously intended to appeal to half-wits.
Health Hazards Of The Obese
FAT, like the devil, is entitled to its just due. A certain amount of fat operates as a safeguard against ill-health. It is a reserve on which one can draw during illness.But a person who is very much over-weight is actually beset by real enemies. For although obesity as a general rule does not kill, it nevertheless predisposes the obese person to many serious troubles.
Obesity And Longevity
THE fat, as well as the good, die young.The thought of death is a sobering one. And the prospect of a full and promising life suddenly arrested at the peak of its most useful period is altogether tragic. Fat people, accordingly, should be made to realize that their chances of attaining or bettering the Biblical allotment of three score years and ten are materially less than those of the non-obese.
Obesity And Good Looks
ALTHOUGH obesity is the result of deranged metabolism, it is usually associated with intestinal toxxmia. And this condition results in various deformations of the skin. Blotches, wrinkles, puffiness, acne, comedones, inelasticity and sagging of the skin and other stigmata of premature age and faulty nutrition develop.
Obesity And The Third Generation
CAN obesity be inherited? Are there families which are naturally fat? On this question the authorities are divided. A tendency to inherited obesity has been recognized in the breeding of animals. Certain types of horses, cattle and poultry by selection and care are developed to unusual weight. Whole races of human beings, such as the Hottentots and the South Sea Islanders are peculiarly susceptible to obesity.
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