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Sport and Recreation Out In The Open
MY other ab-recreation, side-recreation, is lawn tennis. For this, also, as well as the bicycle, perfection has been claimed, in that it exercises equally and moderately all portions of the body. But, as I have said, there is no perfect game. Conversation, which is a possible joy of walking, is banished from lawn tennis, as from the bicycle.
Establishing Our Mackinacs
For most of us vacations are possible, if not every year, then in the delightful once in a while; and surely in this book some word should be said about the right use of them. I spent a week one summer on the island of Mackinac. Maybe you don't know where that fairy island is. Look on your maps at the junction of the three greatest of the Great Lakes,-Michigan, Huron, and Superior.
How To Spoil A Vacation
SPOILING vacations is a wonderfully popular amusement. It has always seemed to me a pity that folks should go about this matter in such an unmethodical, haphazard way. Everything, in this century, ought to be done in a scientific manner. I fear I shall appear to be boasting, but I can assure you that a long, varied, and entirely successful course of experiment in vacation-spoiling entitles me to give directions on this subject worthy your implicit confidence.
Conversation, The Pleasure Of The Tongue
THAT must suffice for a glance at some of the outdoor recreations. But one must have indoor sports for the head as well as outdoor sports for the body, and to these we must now turn. I will name first, as the chief in my theory, what is far from the chief in my practice,-conversation.The supreme mental delight of a thoughtful man or woman should be conversation ; but conversation, you know, is one of the lost arts.
Reading That Recreates
Let every young Christian exercise great care in the selection of his newspaper. No papers are free from fault in this direction, but some are much worse than others. Let him, quite regardless of politics or secular interests, read only those papers that reduce their mention of crime to a minimum ; and many young men and women of quick imagination and ready emotion would do a wise thing if they got their news entirely from the admirable summaries of the great, clean weeklies.
Writing For Fun
MY third mental recreation should be writing. Do you know that you do not know yourself until you push yourself outside of yourself and look at yourself ? That is one thing for which conversation is useful ; it enables you to get a fair impression of your mind, with all its brilliancy and dulness, its hastiness and pains-taking, its flaws and its beauties.
The Family Round Table
I PITY the family that does not possess some big, round table, about which to gather in the evening. This is a family altar of cheer that will do much to take the place of the old-fashioned roaring fireplace. No so-called centre-table will answer, however beautiful and costly it may be. A marble-top table is an abomination for this purpose, good only for corners and bric-a-brac, absolutely- worthless for school books and mother's work and the boys' games.
The Home Orchestra
IF I ever have to board out, I mean to hunt up a musical family ! They will be sweet-tempered there. And unselfish. And jolly. I don't mean a family where one member-usually the grown-up daughter-does up the music for the entire household, strumming on the piano of an evening, to the destruction of all conversation and the confusion of the whole family life, while mamma looks up proudly from her sewing, and papa's nerves, racked by his day in the office, jump and twitch almost beyond endurance.
Some Hints For Entertainers
IT is a blessed art, this art of entertaining guests, and certainly one hashardly learned how to play till he has learned how to set others to playing. Some are natural entertainers, but the most of us, being naturally selfish, find that at first we are awkward and unsuccessful hosts. Let no one despair. Some of the most delightful of entertainers have risen to that beautiful supremacy after many a determined struggle with bashfulness and coldness and general boorishness.
Your Own Games
SINCE the world began, how many forms of work have been invented, and how few modes of play ! How many poems have been made, and how few games ! The game is as truly a work of art as a poem, and what poem, even of the masters, has done as much good-in the world as a good game .
A Game Repertoire
FEW greater blessings can come to this overworked age than a sane, pure, jolly game. In this century we need to echo Sancho Panza's God bless the man who first invented sleep ! and add a further blessing on the man that invents a good game. But those that recognize the high moral and physical-yes, and spiritual-blessing of a proper game, are often astonished to observe how few have learned the best games.
Games Of Wit
Two groups of players face each other, and one group names a city. Before the umpire has measured off a quarter of a minute the other group must name a city beginning With the last letter of the first-named city, and so it goes till one side fails and loses a member to the other side, when a new chain is started.
Letter Games
Every household that would be equipped for the long evenings should invest in a twenty-five cent box of cardboard squares, each bearing in bold type a letter of the alphabet. Games in an infinite variety may be played therewith. Word-making and Word-taking is well known. Each player draws from the central pile in turn, and builds up ten words which count according to their length.
The Story Of Hagar And Ishmael
It was a great day for all the family. Such stirring about as there was, getting everything ready for the guests who had been bidden to the feast. Sarah, the mother, was busy in the tent making loaves of bread. She kneaded the dough, then cut it in pieces and rolled them thin and round until they looked like the covers to the sugar jars in your pantry. Each guest was to have three of these loaves.
Jacob's Dream And A Ladder That Reached The Sky
I wish I had a ladder that reached the sky. Then I would go up to the top and see what was there. So said a boy whose eyes sparkled with delight after an evening's talk and study of the stars. That was many years ago. The boy is a man now, and it may be that he has found a ladder such as he desired.
His Little Sister - Miriam And Moses
Two small figures crept cautiously along the banks of the river. The banks were wet and marshy and their bare feet sank into the muddy slime. Splash ! What was that? The girl drew the boy down beside her as she crouched low to hide herself and him among the tall, thick reeds. But it was nothing-only a bird flapping its wings in some shallow pool near by. The boy was wet and tired. He was but three.
The Turning Back Of Israel From The Promised Land
Have you ever visited a military camp? If you have, and the soldiers had marched for months through dust and heat, often going for days with little or no water, and had just reached a place where water was plentiful and they could pitch their tents and rest, you have seen a camp something like that of Israel. The Israelites were on their way to a land where they could be free and have their own laws.
Opened Eyes - Balaam Cursing Israel
Today go up with me into a high mountain. From its peak there is a view, a most wonderful view, that I want you all to see. No, you will not need a field glass. The air is clear and your eyes keen, so that you will miss none of its beauty. Glasses are not worth much, anyway.
The Scarlet Cord
A number of frightened people were running back and forth upon the city walls. From the strong towers upon those walls warriors were anxiously watching a cloud of dust darkening the horizon. It had been there yesterday, but today it was rolling nearer and nearer to Jericho. Not a dweller in the city dared venture outside the gates, which were closed and heavily barred.
Ruth And Naomi
A little bird once told me that all young people, big and little, love a love story; so I'm going to tell you one. If you will turn to the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament-Now what is the matter? Why do some of you girls look so disappointed and say, The Old Testament! That is a part of the Bible, and there are no love stories in that? But there are, and such interesting ones that you will not want to lay the book down until you have read the very last word.
The Little Maid Of Gilead
The little maid of whom I am going to tell you had passed only fourteen of those single yearly birthdays when she performed such a brave act that her country said she must thereafter have four days a year celebrated in her honor.
Samuel And Eli
He was such a pretty little fellow with dancing black eyes and curly head, and he was going on a journey with his parents, Elkanah and Hannah. It was his first journey, and he could hardly wait for them to start. A few hours is a long time to a boy only three years old. His mother, Hannah, stopped suddenly in her packing and, running out to him, hugged and kissed him until he struggled to be free.
The Story Of David And Goliath
There was once a wonderful boy whose name was David. He lived with his father and seven brothers in a country where a man's wealth was counted by the number of sheep and cattle he possessed. David had charge of his father's sheep and often was away from home in the fields with them for days at a time. When he slept, his pillow was some smooth stones piled together.
Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba
You will remember Jacob and his lonely journey across the wilderness, and the promise God made him there that he should become the father of a great people. This promise had been fulfilled when our story opens, and Israel had become a powerful nation. Solomon, her king, was very wise-so wise and wealthy that the queen of Sheba had left her country far in the south to visit him.
The Flight Of Elijah
If you have ever seen a military parade-soldiers marching with flags flying and drums beating-and have listened to the stirring strains of music played by the bands as they passed-the people waving and shouting at them from the house windows, roofs, and street curbs-you will feel the spirit of this story. It is a stirring one, for our hero Elijah was a stirring character. Who was Elijah? He was a prophet.
The Pot Of Oil
She was very poor, and worse still, she was in debt. All she had was her two sons, and her creditor had told her that unless she paid her debts he would take her boys away from her and make bondmen of them. But she had nothing. What should she do in order to pay the money to her creditor and save her sons? Like all mothers, she did not want to lose her children.
Why The Waters Of Jordan?
She was a lonely little girl as she stood in the garden in Damascus. Fruits and flowers were all about her in abundance, the house was beautiful, the people kind, but her young face was sad. The juicy apricot in her hand was untasted as she threw it from her toward some little birds hungrily eying the heavily loaded fruit trees. Two great tears ran down her cheeks, and then a burst of sobs.
When Hezekiah Went To Church
Not that it was unusual for Hezekiah to go to church am I telling this story, but because one time when he went into the temple such a wonderful thing came to pass on account of his visit that I feel you should hear about it and enjoy it with me. Hezekiah was king of Judah and was one of the three good and great kings that were a blessing to the Hebrew people.
The Fall Of Jerusalem And The Fiery Furnace
You remember little Benjamin and his sister Sarah turning away from the promised land and wondering as they walked why they should go back again into the wilderness. You remember, too, the promise made to Jacob that he and his children's children should inherit all of that beautiful country in which he lay asleep and dreamed the dream that made him a better man. All these things had come to pass.
At The King's Table
It was night in Babylon. The soldiers patrolling the walls had called the hour of midnight, and the watchmen in the towers had answered, All is well. Even a cock in the distance had saluted this hour of darkness with a lusty crow. It was the time to be at rest, but Babylon, the queen city of Chaldea, knew not quietness.
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