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How The Indian's System Is Different
This method of body building and corrective physical training has been developed through intimate contact with American Indians of many tribes. It is founded upon the secret knowledge of old Indian adepts and true Medicine men, having been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.
Seven Rules Of Life
Both posture and carriage are so essential to good health that their importance can hardly be overestimated. Success in business as well as in social life depends much upon personal appearance. A good posture is an aid to self-confidence; a good carriage demands somewhat of deference and respect from others.
About Indians
Of all races in the world today the American Indian is the acknowledged superior in physical development. He possesses vigorous strength and yet is lithe, graceful and as straight as an arrow. He has the secret of keeping himself young, agile, strong and healthy, well into old age, and that without becoming senile.
The Indian's Philosophy Of Life
The Indian's daily life is his religion. He lives what he thinks and believes. He is a practical psychologist. His philosophy of living is honest appreciation; he takes nothing for granted, and he is sincerely thankful for the common things of life. His code is to be content with what he has and not want too much.
The Powers Of The Breath
The fact that the breath is of greater importance than food is fully recognized by the Indians. Not only is breathing the most important function of the body, but all other functions are dependent upon it. Man can subsist many days without food, but he can live only a few minutes without air.
Fresh Air
Breathing stale or devitalized air is suicidal; it contains quantities of poisonous gases and is absolutely lacking in electrical energy. Fresh air contains an abundance of sun or life force without which nothing can exist. The living cells of the body obtain their electric life essence through the air from the sun. It is small wonder that the Indians worship the Power of the Sun.
Yogi Breathing
There is a mysterious inner breath known to a few highly developed American Indians and practiced by them when going through fire, under water, through dense smoke or during profound spiritual meditation. With this method they do not employ the lungs but directionalize the life force through the spinal nerve centers to the brain, using the pneumogastric nerve.
How Indians Breathe
Proper breathing during the performance of all exercises is of the greatest importance. Do not attempt strenuous movement while inhaling. Inhale first and then make the move. It is advisable to take a full breath once or twice between exercises.
Mental Control
We live in the world we think in. We make environment by thought. We make character by thought. We destroy with wrong thoughts. We build with constructive thoughts. Is it not a glorious satisfaction that, no matter where we are, or under what conditions we labor, we can think as we please.
Indian Methods
The Indian breathes deeply and rhythmically, maintaining a faith and confidence in a limitless supply of power; his to use constructively. He uses the muscles of his body and applies his certain knowledge of an inner spiritual strength, which strength or power is immediately imparted to the muscles. He knows this power is within him.
The Art Of Relaxation
Perfect relaxation is an art and one which everyone should know and be able to practice at will, both physically and mentally. Mind and body both require periods of rest or recreation as much as they need sleep. Frequently a change of occupation will rest the body; a change of thought will rest the mind. Relaxation, like rest and repose, builds up the pliability leading to stamina and alertness.
Nervous Tension
While one of the commonest of human ailments, nervous tension is not only one of the most baffling to cope with, but one of the most difficult to overcome. Its effects upon the body and mind are almost endless in variety and scope, being the primary cause of many disorders, whether directly or indirectly. Strain on the muscles and nerves is one of the great destroyers.
The Business Of Life
We try to run life like a business, these days, and in so doing we are merely succeeding in taking all of the joy out of it. We lose all spontaneity as we grow up and scarcely dare to be natural. Our muscles along with our nerves become atrophied, until we cannot relax. We take ourselves too seriously.
Learn To Relax
Perfect physical relaxation cannot be attained without mental control and to the extent of permitting no thoughts or ideas of fear, worry, anxiety or alertness to possess the mind. As fast as such thoughts gain entrance they should be overcome or expelled and replaced immediately by happy, constructive thoughts.
Relaxation and sleep are the perfectly natural reaction after exertion and the fatigue following the constant daily resistance of the life-force. From seven to ten hours sleep are required by the human being, varying with the age, occupation and health of the individual.
Preliminary Instructions
In the Indian athletic system every movement has been carefully studied and worked out scientifically. Each motion has a definite aim and purpose; not an atom of energy is wasted. To obtain the best results it is therefore important to read the instructions over very carefully, as the method employed is entirely different from most systems of physical training.
Posture And Carriage
It is human nature to judge our fellow men principally upon their personal appearance. The first impression is usually the most vital, for, through it alone, we frequently stand or fall in the eyes of the world. Personal appearance is all that man has to recommend himself until an opportunity is offered for some display of character.
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