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The Opening Of China, A Drama In Five Acts-God In History
PROLOGUEIF ONE were asked to name the most important three events that took place in Asia in the last century, he could have no hesitation in pointing to the extension of the Indian Empire and the renovation of Japan as two of them. But where would he look for the third? Possibly to some upheaval in Turkey, Persia, or Asiatic Russia.
The Russo-Japanese War
TO THE Chinese the retrospect of these five wars left little room for those pompous pretensions which appeared to be their vital breath. Beaten by Western powers and by the new power of the East, their capital taken a second time after forty years' opportunity to fortify it, and their fugitive court recalled a second time to reign on sufferance or during good behaviour, what had they left to boast of except the antiquity of their country and the number of their people.
Reform In China
These words were addressed in my hearing, as I have elsewhere recorded, to three Chinese statesmen, of whom Li Hung Chang was one. The object of the speaker was to emphasise the importance of reform in China. He was unfortunate in the time of his visit-it was just after the coup d'état, in 1898.
Viceroy Chang-A Leader Of Reform
IF I were writing of Chang, the Chinese giant, who overtopped the tallest of his fellow-men by head and shoulders, I should be sure of readers. Physical phenomena attract attention more than mental or moral grandeur. Is it not because greatness in these higher realms requires patient thought for due appreciation.
Anti-foreign Agitation
SO FAR from being new, an anti-foreign spirit is the normal state of the Chinese mind. Yet during the year past it has taken on new forms, directed itself against new objects, and employed new methods. It deserves therefore a conspicuous place among the new developments in the China of the twentieth century.
The Manchus, The Normans Of China
IN A wide survey of the history of the world, we dis-cover a law which appears to govern the movements of nations. Those of the north show a tendency to encroach on those of the south. The former are nomads, hunters, or fishers, made bold by a constant struggle with the infelicities of their environment. The latter are occupied with the settled industries of civilised life.
The Present Evolutionary Confusion
In the book of the Cosmic Order, the chapter entitled The Evolution of Man is drawing to a close. Written in terms of individual achievement, its pages are fraught with vital interest for us; but while we linger to decipher a line, to interpret a passage, another chapter is in the writing.
The Evolutionary Rhythm
The Chromidia were a most inferior order of beings, if viewed at the close range wherewith science would blind us to the truth, but given the historical perspective necessary to clear visioning, a Chromid was a very superior person. Indeed, if considered in the light of what he did, none greater ever lived. To what elements of character he owed this superiority, I know not.
The Life-spiral
Man includes, in his genesis, the cell-life below him ; are there higher entities likewise inclusive of him? Zeitgeist, mob-mind, class spirit may well be more than metaphors. We seek to breathe a spiritual meaning into the material forms of the old mythologies ; rather we should seek to know the spiritual entities of our own thought-cosmos.
The War Justified By The Evolutionary Rhythm
Before the individual knows it, he is involved in a complex which usurps his place in the scheme of things. His social wants grow apace with his individualisation. The more highly specialised he be-comes, the greater his dependence on others. His interests are closely interwoven with the interests of the aggregate ; likewise his activities.
The Involutionary Ascent
Granted that man is in his turn a structural unit, it by no means follows that he is the heir of the ages. Is man the unit of the fifth cosmic period? This is the question we have now to settle, and a most vital one it is. But before considering man's claim to the line of ascent, let us look to the pretensions of his rivals.
Some Special Problems Of Involution
There is an old Icelandic myth which tells of the discomfiture that the god Thor underwent at the hands of the giants, who set him the task of lifting the Midgard Serpent, a snake so great that it reached round the entire earth, but by illusion was made to appear the size and shape of an ordinary cat.
The Personal Significance Of Involution
At a recent alumni banquet in one of our large universities, an eminent biologist was called upon to respond to the toast, After Science, What? His auditors instinctively braced for the oncoming of mechanistic forces. What was their glad surprise at the simple response, Love.
Space As A Thought-category
The human mind has so long followed its early cow-paths through the wilderness of sense that great hardihood is required even to suggest that there may be other and better ways of traversing the empirical common. It is in full consciousness of the danger of jungles that I proceed.
Sorrow And Adversity Essential To Growth In Consciousness
Those who know but little of mathematics may take comfort to themselves that mathematicians as a class are seemingly as far from hyper-space perception as the rest of mankind.
The Fourth Dimension In The Process Of Evolving For The Collective Mind
God unable to make the world eternal gave it Time, a moving image of eternity: Hence consciousness is ever the process of becoming that it was for Heraclitus. And for that reason we are not able to give to matter the properties of pure space. Some portion of it must always transcend the spatial frame, however great the dimensionality of being to which we may attain.
Why Education And Guidance With Respect To Sex Matters Are Necessary
We develop plans for avoiding troubles of all kinds only after we have experienced, or at least witnessed, suffering and disaster that might have been avoided. It is through generations of physical, spiritual, and social agony and calamity that we have at last come to ask ourselves what we may do today to prevent the repetition of similar.
The Needs Of Adolescents
The failure to attain satisfactory use and control of sex on the part of adults is paralleled and, in part, caused by the difficulties and unsolved problems of adolescence and youth. Much of the delinquency with which courts and police have to deal results from. untrained and unguided impulses connected with sex, even in cases that have no apparent relation to sex matters.
The Situation Of The Young Child
The Situation of the Young Child: Generally speaking, the very young child has no need for information regarding sex or reproduction, and only in exceptional cases does he need special help in the formation of wholesome habits related to sex. His daily life, that is to say, has no direct concern with sexual matters of a kind in which special knowledge would be of help.
The Attitude Which The Parent Should Maintain
Most adults of the present generation in this country are suffering from the effects of certain customs and traditions of the past, which have brought about various hostile or perverse attitudes toward sex. In what we sometimes call the vulgar attitude, sex is booked upon as an object of obscene jest, or as something shameful which is flaunted in defiance of convention.
Physical Care And Personal Habits
We have in modern times acquired new appreciations of the value of health as a habit of life ; and we have learned that early conditions and experiences in very many cases bring about serious derangements of health. It is necessary to give the child a right start at the very beginning and this is just as true of the health of mind, of the emotions, and of the reproductive system.
What The Child Should Learn And Why
The very first need for the cornmunication of ideas is a suitable vocabulary; and this is particularly lacking when we come to speak of sex and reproduction. Because the subject has been so long excluded from the everyday conversation, even within the family, most people have been obliged to resort to the vulgar and ribald terms.
Knowledge Of The Human Body
The acquisition of a suitable vocabulary is, of course, not to be made an independent object of instruction. Like all of the vital language which the child learns, it should come incidentally in connection with the concrete realities for which, the words are the symbols.
Knowledge Of Reproduction
When the child asks Where did the baby come from? he is not asking a sexual question. Since he is thoroughly ignorant, such a question is necessarily as guileless and as free from ulterior thought as the question Where does the snow come from? And the answer should be just as direct and as free from any untoward emotional coloring.
Knowledge Of Home And Social Relations Between The Sexes
For various reasons it is becoming increasingly difficult for large portions of our population to maintain homes that are continuously and progressively educational from the point of view of growing children. The child must learn the meaning of home not by being told, but by actually experiencing the meaning in satisfying and vital ways.
Ideals, Standards, and Attitudes
What the child learns comes to him from many sources; and the division into physical habits, knowledge, ideas, attitudes, and so on, while convenient, is altogether arbitrary. Doing and thinking and feeling are so closely related and so thoroughly intertwined that every modification in the child's behavior is a modification of the whole child.
On The Nature Of The Child - Psychological Considerations
The baby begins to learn as soon as he is born. In a very few days we may see hat he behaves very differently from a new-born child. He soon comes to recognize his mother or nurse. He acquires habits of regular feeding and sleeping, and so on. How do these changes and fixations in the child's conduct come about.
The Impulses And Desire Of The Child
We commonly think of education as consisting entirely or chiefly of the establishment of ideas; and we think of ideas in turn as embodied in phrases and sentences. We want the child to memorize not only the correct answers to the many questions that may arise, but also the rules and formulas with which we attempt to describe correct conduct.
Sex In Infancy
In the ordinary use of the word sex the infant would seem to be entirely free of desires or interests that are strictly sexual. Nevertheless it is found that the feelings and impulses which become clearly related to sex later in life have their beginnings in the infant. And the development and conditioning of these impulses determine very largely the character of the individual throughout life.
Pedagogical Principles In Sex Education
There is no question that habits result from repetition, that training produces results, that skill emerges from practice. Moreover, when it comes to knowledge it is very evident that what we know comes at least in large part from the outside. But how is it with the feelings, the tastes, the thinking, the ideals and purposes.
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