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Italy - Narni And Terni
Terni is far from being as picturesque as Narni, and we can see in its low and defenseless site the reason the Romans allowed it to remain an allied city instead of a military colony. It is at a height of only one hundred thirty meters on the right bank of the Nar, at the junction of several highways.
Italy - Spoleto And Ascoli
We can go to Spoleto with no such misgivings. In no small Italian town are one's creature comforts and one's esthetic pleasures more harmoniously blended. Many years ago, while ransacking Umbria for early Christian and medieval art I had found Spoleto decidedly the most fruitful field, but I was far from suspecting it of especial interest as a Roman city.
Italy - Assisi
Assisi is built on so steep a sloping hillside that the temple backed against the hill, which towered above it, behind a retaining wall, and yet stood high above the pavement of the forum, stretching at its foot at a distance of about four meters. The forum had a decidedly oblong form, with the long side parallel to the façade of the temple.
Italy - Todi And Spello
Tuder (Todi), encircled on all sides by hills, is not near any railway but can be easily reached by automobile-bus from Perugia. It is all the more charged with local color and medievalism. The circuit of the ancient acropolis can be traced, built of travertine blocks in regular courses. The outer city walls seem restored and enlarged after the Roman conquest.
Italy - Aquino
A visit to Aquino, the ancient Aquinum, in the northern part of Campania, rounds out one's conceptions of the architecture that ushers in the Augustan age, and joins the monuments of Umbria that we have been studying, to the Augustan works in Northern Italy and Dalmatia that are described later.
Northern Italy - Ariminum
Ariminum was the first Roman colony beyond the boundary of Italy, as it was then reckoned, and the peculiar rights granted to its inhabitants went by its name and were extended to the entire group of the twelve latest of the Latin colonies.
Northern Italy - Turin And Susa
Turin was called from the emperor Augusta Taurinorum and became the center of a territory extending about one hundred and fifty kilo-meters from north to south and over a hundred kilometers from west to east, in a great arc whose southern base rested on the river Po and was bounded by the great Alpine curve.
Northern Italy - Aosta
There are few more fascinating valleys in Europe than the Val d'Aosta, the scene of the second stage in the game of strategy which Augustus was playing to bring peace to Northern Italy and to bind it to Transalpine lands, still recorded here in architectural works equaled by few in Italy north of Rome.
Northern Italy - Verona
Verona was far larger than Turin or Aosta. Its amphitheater had 25,000 seats. It stood to reason, therefore, that its strip of clear sacred ground outside and encircling the walls, called the pomerium, would be wider than at Aosta, to make the defense the surer and the warning of an attack the quicker.
Istria And Dalmatia
In these days of Italia Irredenta, when Italy is seething with the repressed desire to annex Southern Tyrol and Istria, it is quite in point to note that Augustus pushed the Italian border forward so as to include Istria.
Italy - Salona
Salona's history is Greek in its beginnings and is characteristic of the general conditions that governed the pre-Roman period in Dalmatia. The Greek colonists had crept up the coast line from the southeast, settling on the islands and, in a few cases, on the mainland. Pharus, Issa, Epidamnus, Apollonia, Delminium, were among these colonies.
Italy - Pola
It is in Pola that we find the most spectacular group of Roman monuments. To any one who has stood on the hillside back of the great amphitheater and watched the golden glint on the bay at sunset through its arcades, or who has seen it at the same hour from the water, rising luminous and ethereal, there is no amphitheater in the Roman world, even the Coliseum, that gives as keen a thrill of artistic delight.
Italy - Fiume And Zara
This is not the only Augustan work at Zara. The Byzantine church of S. Donato, now the museum, was built on a mass of ruins, probably of the Forum and its Capitolium. Some of them are of Augustan character, including a famous inscription to Livia as Juno, but there is nothing left in situ above ground.
Italy - Asseria And Trajan's Route To Dacia
The architectural fragments unearthed were nearly all left on the ground, and have been destroyed by the neighboring villagers or used as building material. One discovery of extreme interest was certainly made. It is that of a memorial gate to the Emperor Trajan, erected to him in 113 by his praetorian prefect, or military commander of the province, P. Atilius Aebutianus, and dedicated, with a banquet, by Laelius Proculus, for the city.
Italy - Spalato And Diocletian
The lowest point on the Dalmatian coast to show important Roman ruins is Spalato, which is also the landing-place for a visit to Salona. The ancient conditions are reversed. Salona was then a great city; Spalato a late imperial palace built three miles away, beyond its suburbs. Now we stop at a hotel in Spalato and drive in a hack to the ruins of Salona.
My Own Adventure in Common Sense
It is pleasant to feel the response of an audience to the spoken word, and this is the spiritual reward of the public speaker. But I now tasted the delight of seeing my writing in print, and the joy of it was more than that of the orator.
The Smile Of La Joconde
WHEN Leonardo's Mona Lisa finally got back to her place upon the walls of the Louvre all the world came to see her—at least on the first day of her home-coming some twenty thousand trooped by to have a look at the most famous of paintings.
A Recipe For Happiness
It is worth while to try any recipe for happiness. Here is one that at least is to be commended for its simplicity and for the fact that it is within the reach of all.
The Secret Of Permanent Pleasure
HOW can I get the most out of life? How can I keep from having that sense of dissatisfaction from coming to bed with me of nights? How can I have, for my visitor at the close of day, that feeling of content, that the gone twenty-four hours were worth while?
Spanking Father
The question may arise, Who is going to decide which individuals are to be spanked? The answer is simple. If no one has any other nomination to offer, I will decide.
Miss MATHILDA TOMMET of Milwaukee left a will the other day eight and one-half feet long, written in her own hand on sheets of paper pasted together.
The Horror Of Jewels
Expensive jewels are of value to the rich as a quick means of squandering their money and creating misery.
In Paris
I think I read somewhere in Thackeray his account of a certain tailor in the Rue Something-or-other whom he owed a long-standing bill, and Who, when Thackeray came to see him and apologized for not paying, not only expressed deep sympathy with his customer's embarrassment but even offered to lend him money. Such things do happen--in Paris.
THE food on which fools are fed - says the Standard Dictionary.
That those who observe custome and conventions are called wise and safe, while those who believe in their reason, listen to the dictates of their heart, and trust their instinct are considered dangerous, if not wicked.
Whats The Matter With Art?
SHORTLY after the first production of the opera Nail, at Paris, I met its composer, Mr. Isadore Lara, who, I found, saw eye to eye with me on the question, What's the Matter With Art?
The American Penal System
For instance, we, who believe that prisons and punishments are wrong, are generally classed with the sentimental perverts who pet criminals, with the women who carry bouquets to murderers, weep over the sad lot of burglars that have been justly laid by the heels, and want to feed them pie.
In Praise Of Laziness
I MAKE no bones of it, but here confess and set down that I am lazy. I was born lazy and it has grown on me. I would never move at all if it did not hurt so to remain in one position. The only reason I take exercise is in order to relax afterward.
The Ladies Card Game
If the ladies want to play cards in a taxicab, let them alone. It is more healthful, to say the least, than playing poker in the Black Hole of Calcutta, otherwise known as the card room of the club.
Love And Wisdom
This earth was made for lovers, and he who loves not, though he be walking about, is dead, dead, dead.
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