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On God Revealed As Righteousness
LET US count up our gains and see what we now possess. We have appealed to the necessary laws of our own thought, that natural thinking constitution of ours from which we cannot escape ; and we have found that it compels us to believe that ` every event, occurrence, or happening has a cause.'
On God Revealed As Love
Now it is only fair to say that some thinkers deny that we have any intuitions at all. Even, say they, if it be true that you really do now see some truths at a glance, it is only that by constant practice you have learnt to work them out in your mind instantaneously. There is suppressed reasoning, or rapid, unconscious reference to experience.
On The Problem Of Evil
It seems to them that they would be deceiving themselves in supposing that there can be a God both All-powerful and Good, seeing that the fact cannot be hidden that in this world there exists great, varied, and terrible Evil.
On Mystics And Mysticism
Churches, Bibles, Prophets are media of Revelation, are vehicles of Inspiration, are of Authority to us all, just in the measure in which they quicken in us an answering inward sense of the verity of that which they allege.
What Then Of The Bible
Thus then the attitude of this distinguished man and a host of lesser writers is this — Whatever is stated in Scripture is to be accepted absolutely, because the Scriptures are a Divine Revelation ; whatever is not stated in Scripture is a mere human speculation and, if incompatible with any declaration of Scripture, is to be ruthlessly rejected, no matter what reasons may be adduced in its support.
History Of Ike-Bana
I feel most strongly that the styles of Ike-bana practical for use in the Western world are those which combine the pattern or rule with following the natural lines of plant growth. In doing this we are able to enjoy not only an exquisite composition, but also a bouquet in which one sees and feels the surroundings from which the flowers were gathered.
Theory Of Japanese Flower Arrangement
THE theory of this an, for so the Japanese consider it, is not only interesting but is as helpful in producing the beautiful results as the few flexible rules; and the theory is as inseparable from these rules as the early history of Japan is from its mythology.
Rules Of Japanese Flower Arrangement
THE first step in the arrangement of flowers in Japanese style is to make the support or kubari which holds the flower in an upright position in the vase. This support must be firmly placed in the vase so that it will not slip from side to side before the flowers are put through it.
Arrangement Of Three Flowers In High Vase
A flower must always have a leaf near it. This is not only to enhance the beauty of the flower, but the leaf acts as a water-sucker. Without the aid of a leaf a flower is incapable of getting enough water for its needs and soon withers. This applies where flower and leaf grow on the same stem.
Styles Used In Flower Arrangement
IN and Yo are the names of the two styles in one or the other of which every Japanese arrangement must be made. In is the female style. It has Earth to the right.
How To Arrange Five Chrysanthemums
ARRANGEMENTS of five flowers or branches are called Gogyo. They should be arranged like the cut.
Rules For Bending Flowers Or Branches
BENDING the flowers and branches into the shapes desired is a very important part of Japanese arrangement, and there are many methods by which this bending may be accomplished.
Water Growing Bulbs
LEAD rings and metal flower holders are used in place of the wooden supports for water-growing plants, and always in the flat, low receptacles.
Arrangement Of Branches
No more satisfactory effects or more charming results can be had than in working out Japanese rules with branches of trees. Here, as in all other arrangements, the Japanese prefer to follow nature.
Season Of The Year In Flower Arrangement
THE Japanese describe the growth of the plant from flower to fruit as the moving of the plant soul from flower to leaf and from Ieaf to fruit, according to the four seasons of the year. In spring the soul is in the flowers, in summer it is in the Ieaves, and in autumn it comes into the fruit, while in winter it spreads into the branches.
Flowers In Hanging Receptacles
VINES of all varieties should be placed in hanging vases, as the nature of their growth can be shown to better advantage in this way. A vine in an upright position is very unnatural, but in a hanging vase it can fall over the edge as though it were creeping over a rock or clinging to the side of a hill. Only the short and unimportant ends are allowed to go upright.
ONE of the loveliest features in flower arrangement is known as Ashirai; it is also one of the most diflîcult to master. It is the placing at the base of the arrangement a flower of a different variety from that used in the main arrangement.
Flowers Arranged According To Shapes Of Vases
WHEN the vase is round or oval, form an imaginary square in it as shown in the figure and draw out the branches from the upper two angles; that is, the branches are placed as always in the center of the vase, but their upper ends are bent back towards the corners.
Flowers Blooming In And Out Of Season
IN Japan flowers which bloom in their proper season are the most highly esteemed and are considered the most suitable for gifts. When flowers blooming in season are arranged with flowers which have been forced into bloom in advance of or kept after their usual time of blossom, the seasonable flowers will always take the highest positions.
How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase
TREES are all yo, or masculine, so when they are arranged with any-thing else they must be above, while grasses and flowers, being feminine, can be put down in the Iower parts of the arrangement. But when your vase is a hanging one, a many-sectioned vase or a double bucket, you may arrange grasses high and trees low.
When Flowers Alone May Be Used And When Leaves Only
THE best form in flower arrangement is to have both flowers and leaves; but there are flowers which may be arranged alone.
Sex In Flowers And Trees
THE Japanese are fond of applying a distinction of sex to inanimate things. They distinguish between male and female rocks and stones, maIe and female waterfalls, etc., and this same distinction is carried out in flower arrangement.
Japanese Flower Vases
After experience with Japanese vases we find ourselves much more critical in the selection of American or European ones and, beholding aII the delightful forms of Japanese vases depicted in their prints, we grow most regretful of the scarcity of their importation into Europe or this country.
Perservatives For Flowers And Trees
THE Japanese tell us that no matter how skilful one may be in flower arrangement, if one is ignorant of the secret of keeping the flowers fresh, his skill is of no avail.
The Lauwinen-Thor
In June 1860 I completed The Glaciers of the Alps, which constituted but a fraction of the work executed during the previous autumn and spring. These labours and other matters had wearied and weakened me beyond measure, and to gain a little strength I went to Killarney.
Disaster On The Col Du Geant
On the 18th of August, while Mr. Hawkins and I were staying at Breuil, rumours rcached us of a grievous disaster which had occurred on the Col du Géant. At first, however, the accounts were so contradictory as to inspire the hope that they might be grossly exaggerated or altogether false. But more definite intelligence soon arrived, and before we quitted Breuil it had been placed beyond a doubt that three Englishmen, with a guide named Tairraz, had perished on the col.
The Matterhorn - First Assault
The square massive lines of terraced crags which fence the Matterhorn, stand up on all sides nearly destitute of snow, and where the snow lies thinly on the rocks it soon melts and is hardened again into smooth glassy ice, which covers the granite slabs like a coat of varnish, and bids defiance to the axe.
Thermometric Station On Mont Blanc
The thermometers were placed on Mont Blanc in 1859. I had proposed to the Royal Society some time previously to establish a series of stations between the top and bottom of the mountain, and the council of the society was kind enough to give me its countenance and aid in the undertaking.
A Letter From Bale
From a little book called Mountaineering in 1861, published nine years ago, but long since out of print, I will now make a few selections. The mountain work of that year embraced the ascent of the Weisshorn, and the passage of the barrier between the Cima di Jazzi and Monte Rosa by an untried and dangerous route.
The Urbachthal And Gauli Glacier
For a time our route lay through a spacious valley, which at length turned to the left, and narrowed to a gorge. Along its bottom the nissing river rushed ; this we crossed, climbed the wall of a cul de sac, and from its rim enjoyed a glorious view. The Urbachthal has been the scene of vast glacier action.
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