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Character And Credit
The Christian nations own the wealth of the world. Heathenism is bankrupt. The intelligent, virtuous characters dominate the race to-day, control its laws, literature and commerce. Goodness for a reward is not a high motive, but it is not to be wholly ignored. Godliness is profitable, having the promise of both worlds.
The Young Boer Who Escaped From A British Prison
GOING to New York on the steamer Chrystenah. one morning, I overheard a gentleman say that there was a relative of General DeWet, the Boer leader, visiting at Hastings-on-the-Hudson. A day or so after I went to the village mentioned and asked the postmaster if he knew anything about such a visitor.
Washington Irving And The Old Nurse At Sunnyside
I CALLED at the residence of Mrs. D. F. Johnson, in Tarrytown, N. Y., and said, - I am told that you knew Washington Irving. She replied, - Yes, I did. When I was a girl of fourteen I was a waitress at the table and did other tasks in Mr. Irving's home.
Why Spurgeon Did Not Go To College
THERE are two wonders connected with Mr. Spurgeon; first that he did not have a college education ; and second, that he did not desire one. Almost all of the religious leaders of modern times have been college-bred men.
The Dying Colonel And The Flag
THE old colonel lay upon his bed, and around gathered his sorrowing family. He was well stricken in years, and his days were numbered, and the mind was now engaged in following the backward tract of an eventful life, and apparently oblivious of the present sad surroundings.
Never Mind; What Am I To Do Next?
YEARS ago there was a young medical student in England, who failed to pass his examinations, upon the passing of which, it was expected his future success would depend.
An Atheist Converted By His Own Writing
But the thing that charmed me most was the story of his conversion from atheism to Christianity. It seems that he began his literary life as rank an unbeliever as could be found in the country, and by the study of the science of the human mind he worked his way toward Infinite Intelligence, and by the persistent investigation of the constitution of the soul, he found himself approaching the arms of Jesus Christ.
Victoria's Real Crown
THE crown that George and William wore was too large for the girl Queen Victoria, and it had to be cut down to fit her head. The jewels were set closer together. They were worth a hundred thousand pounds.
Ten Days In Paradise
In the winter of 1894, the privation among the poor of New York City was so great that the subscribers of The Christian Herald furnished a bread fund, which afforded much relief. It was determined to continue the charity in fresh air work for the poor children of the city. Children from four to twelve years of age from the crowded tenement districts, many of them pitiable little waifs, are allowed ten days each at this beautiful country resort.
Lord Roberts And General Miles Discourage Drinking
One of the principal evils undermining the character of the youth of the country, and destroying the intelligence and strength of men, not only in the army but in nearly every business and profession, is the use of tobacco and alcohol. If a young man would retain his clear brain, his manly voice and sound health, he had better eschew both.
General Joubert's Piety
With a few exceptions the great military leaders of modern times have been those whose hearts have been as tender as their wills have been strong. There is true greatness where the Bible is in the hand and the spirit of Christ in the heart.
Twenty Five Thousand Dollars Ransom For A Child
THERE was great excitement in the city of Omaha, one winter night when it was learned that the son of a rich man had been kidnapped. A young son of Cudahy was sent from his father's house after supper on an errand. He failed to return; and the most diligent search did not serve to reveal his whereabouts.
Oh! I Could Love Him
Christ is the complement of every human being, the other half required to make the human heart whole. By the zeal and heroism of the missionaries, by the generosity and faith of the Christians at home, the whole world will learn of this Saviour, and love him and be obedient to him.
What A Kind World Did For A Ploughboy
WITH his native valley, his Quaker home, his Bible, and Burns as material, Whittier began writing verse. After three or four years of experimenting at odd times spared from his farm work, he concluded he would like to have others hear his song.
Whittier's Religion
EVERY Sabbath afternoon, in the little farmhouse, the mother of John Greenleaf Whittier read and expounded the Bible to him, so that the book became not only the foundation of good character, but also the basis of literary merit and fame.
Did I Do All That I Could?
IN a terrible storm on Lake Michigan, the Elgin was wrecked near Evanston, Illinois. The life-savers of the crew of the Northwestern University worked heroically for the rescue of the people. One member of the crew after another became exhausted with his labor, until only two brothers were left.
The Sanitary Commission An Answer To Lincoln's Prayer
After Dr. Hill had spoken there was nothing more to be said on the subject, but to agree unanimously that Lincoln was a true believer in God and in his holy religion.
The Dead Still With Us
From the hour of our union to that of our separation, I never ceased to thank heaven for this its best gift. I have lost her, and with her the solace of my life. Yet she still remains the companion of my retired hours, still occupies my inmost bosom.
The Blue And The Gray
ALTHOUGH it had been more than thirty years since the close of the Civil War, the bitterness between the North and the South was far from being cured. The revolving years, with the green grass and wild flowers, and a new generation had done their best to cover up the scars that war had made, but a solid South and practically a solid North when old issues were revived, was an index of the hostile sectional feeling and a barrier to the largest fraternity.
First President Of The Cuban Republic
GENERAL TOMAS ESTRADA PALMA, the first President of the Republic of Cuba, has had his home for nearly twenty years at Central Valley, New York, a village about forty miles from New York City. Electors favorable to his candidacy were chosen without opposition on December 31, 1901, and two days later I had the pleasure of an interview with him at his New York residence.
Washington's Habits Of Devotion
MR. ROBERT LEWIS, a nephew of George Washington and his private secretary during the first part of his Presidency, is the authority for the statement, that it was Washington's custom to enter his library between four and five o'clock in the morning to read a chapter in the Bible, and, with the open book before him, to kneel down and pray earnestly to God, committing himself and the young nation to Divine care and guidance.
De Wet, The Black Angel Of The Boers
MR. RUDOLPH DE WET gave me the following tragical incident connected with the life of his uncle, Christian DeWet, the celebrated Boer leader.
An Unpublished Chapter In Washington Irving's Life
IT has been one hundred and nineteen years since Washington Irving was born, but only forty-three years since he died. It occurred to me that some of his old friends might still be lingering on the shores of Time, and that they might be able to give me some new facts about his character and life. Accordingly, I started on my search.
Power Of Music
ORPHEUS was so skillful with his lyre as to move the trees and rocks, and charm the wild beasts of the forest that gathered about him to hear his melody.
The Contrasts Of The Tragedy
WHAT strange contrasts were connected with the tragedy which removed President McKinley ! It was President's Day at the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo.
The Forest Region
These men Indians - Columbus had called them were, in respect to polity, organized into small tribal groups; but these groups, usually following relationship in speech and natural proximity, were, in turn, loosely bound together in confederacies or nations.
Priest And Pagan
It is to these missionary priests that we owe most of our knowledge of the Indian's native beliefs at least, for the earlier period. They entered the wilderness to convert the savage, and accordingly it became their immediate interest to discover what religious ideas this child of nature already possessed.
The Manitos
The definition of being is simply power, says a speaker in Plato's Sophist; and this is a statement to which every American Indian would accede. Each being in nature, the Indians believe, has an indwelling power by means of which this being maintains its particular character and in its own way affects other beings.
The Great Spirit
The Algonquians of the north recognize as the chief of their Manitos, Gitche (or Kitshi) Manito, the Great Spirit, whom they also call the Master of Life. It should not be inferred that a manlike personality is ascribed to the Great Spirit.
The Frame Of The World
The Chippewa believe that there are four layers, or storeys, of the world above, and four of the world below. This is probably only a reflection in the overworld and the nether world of the fourfold structure of the cosmos, since four is everywhere the Indian's sacred number.
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