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Introductory To Religion
Tell me, now, about God's family. Tell me about God's children. How does God wish us to live together ? How do we show that we love one another? How does God show His love for sinners? How does prayer show that you love God? (Read More...)
God Is Our Creator
God made me. God made all the people in the world. God is our Heavenly Father. We are all God's children. We are like one big family with God for our Father. We love one another. God loves us all. We love God above all things. (Read More...)
God Is The Creator Of The Earth
God made the earth as a place for us to live. He made the plants and the trees. He made the animals and the fishes of the sea. All these things He made for our benefit. He is a loving Father preparing a house for His family. (Read More...)
God Is The Creator Of The Heavens
God made the sun, the moon, and the stars. The planets show forth God's love and power. The beauty of the heavens makes us happy. The planets move together in peace and harmony. (Read More...)
The Greatness Of God
God is eternal. He is unchangeable, all-wise, all-just, all-merciful, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. (Read More...)
Divine Revelation
God told us many things about Himself, about heaven,, and about the angels. He told us about the Blessed Trinity. God sent the patriarchs and the prophets to tell us many things. Then our Lord Himself came. He told us more than all the others. Then our Lord sent the Apostles to tell us many more things. (Read More...)
The Blessed Trinity
God has told us about the three divine persons. The three divine persons are equal. The three divine persons can do all things. The three divine persons know all things. The three divine persons love us. The three divine persons are called the Blessed Trinity. We pray to the Blessed Trinity. We shall see the three divine persons in heaven. (Read More...)
God And The Angels
God made the angels pure and holy. The angels are spirits; they are more perfect beings than men. The angels love God; they dwell in joy and peace with God. Our guardian angels watch over us. They love us very much; they speak to our hearts without words; they want to lead us to God. We love and honor our guardian angels. (Read More...)
God And The Devils
Lucifer and many of the angels rebelled against God. They thought they could live without God. Then they were cast into hell. There they will suffer forever. The devils hate God. They try to lead people away from Him. They put bad thoughts into people's minds. They tempt them to sin. But God helps to save us from the devil. (Read More...)
God And Heaven
The world is like a beautiful house which God made for us. We are His children. But we live here only until we die. Heaven is our true home. When we die, we go to our true home. There our Heavenly Father is waiting for us with love. There we will be happy forever. We use the things of this world to help us to get to heaven. (Read More...)
The Happiness Of Heaven
God made us to be happy with Him forever in heaven. Heaven is our true home. In heaven we shall be with our loved ones. We shall see God face to face. There can be no sorrow or suffering in heaven. (Read More...)
God And Hell
When the angels disobeyed God they were turned into devils. Then they were sent to hell forever. Adam and Eve also disobeyed God. But our Lord came to save us from hell. In hell the bad people will burn forever. They will be in real fire. They will be separated from God forever. All in hell will hate one another forever. (Read More...)
God And The Commandments
God gave us the Ten Commandments to help us to get to heaven. He gave them to us because He loves us. When we keep the Commandments, we show that we love God. God sent the Catholic Church to teach us to keep the Commandments. Our Lord put the Ten Commandments into two Commandments. One is to love God. The other is to love all the people in the world. (Read More...)
God And The First Commandment
God made all things. God gives us life. God rules the world and all things in it. God is the Lord of heaven and earth. God said : I am the Lord thy God. We must serve God all our lives. We must pray to God. We must believe in Him and hope in Him. We must love Him. (Read More...)
God And The Second Commandment
God is our Father who loves us. We honor and love His holy name because we love Him. The name of God has a great meaning in our lives. Jesus is the most sacred of all names. It means Saviour. (Read More...)
God And The Third Commandment
Six days of the week we devote to our worldly cares. One day of the week we consecrate to God. God said : Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath day. By divine inspiration the Apostles made Sunday the Lord's day. We are bound, under pain of mortal sin, to hear Mass on Sun-days and Holy Days. (Read More...)
God And The Fourth Commandment
The home is built upon the Sacrament of Matrimony. The father is the head of the family; the mother is his help-mate. God gives children to husband and wife. They are to care for them, train them in virtue, and prepare them for their true home in heaven. The home should be a place of peace and love. Obedient children bring happiness into the home. (Read More...)
God And The Fifth Commandment
God gave us our life ; we must use it according to His will. We live here on earth to serve God; we are preparing for heaven. Hence we must take proper care of our own life and health. We respect all human life ; for God is the Lord of life. (Read More...)
God And The Sixth And Ninth Commandments
God decides how we are to use all things created. It is thus with our soul and body. God wants us to use them for His service here on earth. Both our body and our soul are destined for eternal life with God. So we must keep them pure and holy on earth. It is this that God tells us in the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. (Read More...)
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