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The Division Of The Roman Empire
But a brief check was made on Christian advance and its pitiless attempt to suppress Judaism in the coming to the throne of Julian in 361. For this emperor did not endorse the new religion, but accepted the old Roman cult of the Pantheon, though in its most idealized form, preferring to purify instead of abolishing it. (Read More...)
The Talmud
Like the Bible, the Talmud produced a literature still vaster than itself. While the Gemara is a commentary, it needed later commentaries to explain it to the student —for although so diffuse in treatment, its language is terse. Frequently a letter stands for a word and a word for a sentence. Therefore in editions of the Talmud today, Mishna and Gemara together form the text and are printed in the centre of each page, while commentaries in smaller type are grouped around it. (Read More...)
Sayings And Stories Of The Sages Of The Talmud
The writing of parables of which some of the rabbis were masters, is almost a lost art ; it seems to have died out in literature. But no moral is pointed so aptly as through a tale and no teaching impressed so lastingly as through a story. (Read More...)
Sayings And Stories Of The Sages
Work dignifies the worker. He enjoys life who lives by the work of his hands. Work is more pleasing in God's sight than ancestral merit. Whoever showeth compassion is as the seed of Abraham. Remove from the highway what might endanger the property of others. (Read More...)
Beginning Of The Jewish Middle Ages
To turn again to the history proper. The production of the Talmud is part of the story of Babylonian Israel. Except that fanatic outbreak about the year 500 little occurred to disturb the even tenor of their way. They were happy because they had no history. (Read More...)
In The Spanish Peninsula
The wanderings of the Jews have begun. The drift of the migration is westward. They are gradually leaving the Orient and finding homes in European lands. In Gaul, the land that is largely France today, Jewish merchants from Asia Minor had found their way long before the Christian era. After the fall of Judea, many Jewish prisoners and slaves were brought thither. (Read More...)
It was in the year 570 that a man was born whose name, Mohammed, was to ring through all Asia, and whom all broad minds now recognize as one of the great religious teachers of mankind. Closely was his fate linked to Israel's, for again was Judaism to inspire a prophet and give birth to another world-religion. (Read More...)
Mohammed, to name him by the title that he afterwards acquired, was born in Mecca, five years after the Byzantine emperor Justinian, and belonged to a branch of the powerful Koreish tribe. He began life as a shepherd. At twenty-five he married Kedija, who had employed him as camel-driver. (Read More...)
Islam And The Jews
Mohammed never forgave the Jews for their refusal to accept him as The Prophet of God, superseding all others. He had accepted so much from them—the fundamental idea of monotheism, the chief points of the Calendar, the Sabbath, the Day of Atonement, much of the Scripture and Midrashic narrative, and many details of the ceremonial law. (Read More...)
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