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His Holiness Pope Pius X Passing Through The Vatican
We now see a picturesque procession passing along the loggia; the Pope in his garments of snowy white, his pectoral cross with golden chain, his cincture or sash of white silk embroidered and fringed with gold. At the left is Monsignore Bisleti. Usually the Popes have made such little journeys in a state chair. Pius X prefers to walk, dispensing with the old etiquette in this as in other instances. (Read More...)
Pope Pius X Bestowing His Benediction as Supreme Pontiff
The costume of the Pope on this occasion is different from usual. The zuchetto and robe are white as a matter of course, but the cape and stole are of red. So is the upholstery of the throne. Red is a symbolic color, signifying the power of the Holy Ghost, readiness for martyrdom, and royal power. Upon the shoe or slipper worn by the Pope on the right foot a raised golden cross is embroidered. (Read More...)
Some of the Pope's Faithful Gendarmes
The dashing officers standing before us have the usual military smartness in their handsome costumes, with all the chic of the Italian or Roman officer. It would appear that their duty is a light one, but as a matter of fact it is far more severe, because more delicate, than the duty of the ordinary civic police. (Read More...)
His Eminence Cardinal Azevedo, in the Smaller Court of the Belvedere
Cardinal Azevedo stands in the foreground. Until recently he was the Majordomo of the Vatican, a position of importance to which Monsignore Bisleti was promoted when Monsignore Azevedo was made Cardinal. In his present office His Eminence has the care of the papal palaces and buildings, a position of great importance and responsibility. (Read More...)
The Beloved Pius X Taking a Walk in the Gardens of the Vatican
The public in general are not allowed to wander freely through this part of the palace grounds, the intention being to reserve here an opportunity for the Head of the Church to find perfect rest and quiet, out-of-door recreation. It is by reason of special, exceptional privilege that we are permitted now to meet His Holiness, face to face, while he is taking a morning walk. (Read More...)
The Grotto of Lourdes, Reproduced in the Papal Gardens
What we see before us is a fine reproduction of an actual scene in the village of Lourdes, southwestern France, where there is a shrine of the Blessed Virgin known to the world as the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. The story is that a little girl named Bernadette Soubirous some sixty years ago saw a vision of the Blessed 'Virgin in a rocky cave not far from the village of Lourdes. (Read More...)
The Villa in the Vatican Gardens
Leo built this casino (or little cottage), in this bit of forest. Pope Leo in his old age got tired of the imprisonment of the Vatican. He could not very well break the law and tradition laid down by Pius IX and his advisers, that the Pope should not go forth into Rome and Italy until his rights were restored. (Read More...)
His Holiness Pope Pius X in the Vatican Garden
Although Pius X appears so modest and benevolently unassuming, we must remember that his training and association have been royal. He has sat for twenty years at the table of kings and dealt with the keenest statesmen of Italy; he enjoyed the confidence of Leo XIII in most delicate matters, and had relations with the Italian King. (Read More...)
Northwest Corner of the Vatican From the Garden
We are almost directly opposite to the northwest end of the palace. The wall which rises above the foliage, its gray sides pierced by windows, is a part of the palace devoted to the library. The famous corridor, one-fifth of a mile long, is in the story below the one which is now in sight. (Read More...)
The Beloved Pope Pius X Returning to the Vatican
We see the Pope just returning from his walk in the garden. He has given his red cloak to an attendant and his face is turned full upon us. As we get a still nearer view we mark the shrewdness, force and determination expressed alongside the benevolence which has always been his characteristic. (Read More...)
Good Pius X
The Pope is the keystone of the Catholic arch, the very pivot of the wheel, and he must hold office until the end. The weariness of earth is on the face of Pius X at this moment. It is not an expression peculiar to him alone, since the humblest suffer from it as well as the greatest. It is interesting to see it, because it teaches us that no matter how high and enviable the position held by man, he may not escape the physical limitations of nature. (Read More...)
Pope Pius X With Magnificent Papal Crown and Robes of State
The Pope, according to Catholic teaching, rules the Church at every moment ; he is the supreme legislator and teacher. At certain times he is called upon to settle the terms of a doctrine over which there may have been centuries of discussion. At other times he presides at the grave councils of the whole Church, or at splendid ceremonies which represent the entire Church. For these grave moments there is a symbolic and traditional costume, handed down from the past. (Read More...)
Religion - Refreshment
Thus religion cleanses individuals and communities. Along part of the river's course mills are built, and the stream supplies them with power. Religion has always been found an incalculable reinforcement. Sometimes the power in the stream is transmuted into electricity and carried to light the streets and homes of towns. (Read More...)
Religion - Cleansing
The river is a means of cleanliness and health. So men find that their contacts with God wash mind and conscience, and wherever the Christian ideal goes throughout our world, the social life is purified. (Read More...)
Religion - Power
The commonest of all religious experiences is the discovery that power results from faith in God. (Read More...)
Religion - Illumination
God's wisdom flows as a river in the experiences of the godly of all the ages, in the many-times-tested experiences preserved in the Bible, most fully in the experience of Jesus. (Read More...)
Religion - Fertility
The symbol of a tree planted by a stream, bearing fruit every month and full of sap and green in old age, is a fascinating symbol of the religious ideal for life. (Read More...)
Religion - Buoyancy
For is it true that religion with its message of relaxation and dependence keeps men childish. Surely the men and women we have instanced are not puerile. The buoyancy of the river does not relieve tugs and steamers from the necessity of using their own power, if they would transport cargoes and passengers. (Read More...)
Religion - Serenity And Adventure
God, as Jesus revealed Him, is always losing Himself, hazarding Himself in ventures of love, outpouring His thought and heart and energy for the enrichment of His creatures and His children, and finding His life in them, as the Atlantic sends its tides up the Hudson twice every twenty-four hours. (Read More...)
Religion - Beauty
To believers Christ is the successful expression of God. Following Him they find sunshine added to day-light, all things enhanced with beauty. There are ugly blemishes still upon the world—corporate relations and many men, women and little children, untouched by the Spirit of the Son of man. (Read More...)
Religion - Division And Unity
The man was united within himself by the inflowing river of God, and all the dissevered miscellaneous elements of his nature bound in one divine purpose, as the towns and villages along a navigable stream form a single business community. (Read More...)
Religion - Change And Permanence
The Christian religion has flowed in the river-bed available for it in each generation. Now the faith has been embodied in small groups of humble folk awaiting a speedy return of the Lord to set up His kingdom. (Read More...)
Five Factors Which Guarantee Success
OH, don't talk to me about how to succeed! I've read success advice and books and articles. They're all... (Read More...)
Vivid Thinking Makes Success Certain
SOME principles are so simple that we often overlook their significance. For instance, success is lack of failure; each failure is due to some mistake; each mistake in action originates in some mistake in thinking. (Read More...)
The Doing Process Which Always Succeeds
THERE is a process of success. It is a dual process. In the preceding chapter, I presented the mental process which prevents mistakes. In this chapter, I present the doing process which always leads to success. (Read More...)
Success - The Only Three Means Which You Can Use
SINCE efforts to succeed are related to others, your success depends largely on the means which you use in dealing with others. To succeed, you must persuade and convince others to buy the things you make or create, to desire your work, to respond to your leadership, or to accept your presentation of principles, plans, propositions, policies, and ideals. (Read More...)
Tones You Can Use To Persuade And Command
The feeling-tone is the brotherhood tone, the comradeship-tone, the I-want-to-do-you-a-good-turn-tone. To be effective, it must be without any hint of fawning or pleading. In the mind of the listener, it awakens willingness to be persuaded. (Read More...)
How To Use Action Instead Of Words To Impress Others
It is the old principle; actions speak louder than words—yes, a thousand times louder. (Read More...)
Phenomenal Selling By Means Of The Senses
To quadruple your sales, cut down your sales talk 97 per cent, and devise means which make it necessary for the prospect to use his special senses. (Read More...)
How To Overcome Circumstances Which Hinder You
First, do not deny the existence of things that seem to hinder and oppose you—for, of course, there are circumstances which hinder your success and conditions which oppose your advancement. Second, do not attempt to plow through circumstances and conditions. (Read More...)
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