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W.J. Bryan's Tribute To McKinley
AT the death of President McKinley, Mr. Bryan said : " As monuments reared to the memory of heroes testify to the virtues of the living as well as to the services of the dead, so the sorrow that has overwhelmed our nation, obliterating distinctions of party, race, and religion, is complimentary to the patriotism of our people. (Read More...)
Bismarck's Religion
IT has been seldom in ancient or modern times that Providence has allowed any one man to be so potential in founding a nation as Bismarck, in the creation of the German Empire. His colossal brain, his political sagacity, his peerless diplomacy, his real genius, his irresistible will have been emphasized as elements of his greatness and success. (Read More...)
Abe Lincoln And The Lost Ox
AS I approached the Lincoln farm in Spencer County, Indiana, where Abe spent most of his time between six and twenty-one years of age, I said to a lawyer sitting near, whom I knew: Is there any one on this train who lives in this neighborhood? I should like to get some absolutely new stories of Lincoln. (Read More...)
The Little Flower That Saved The Man's Life
MUNGO PARK, wearied with a long journey, and having lost the path in the desert, laid down to die. Gaining a little strength and casting his eye about him, he discovered a forget-me-not, the emblem of his country. (Read More...)
The Lineman Who Neglected To Use His Gloves
How many there are, who go into spiritual danger without taking any precaution. They have the means of protection just at hand in an open Bible, a bleeding Saviour, and a present Holy Spirit, and yet they will not look at the good book, nor reach out the hand of faith and touch the Cross, nor open the doorway of their hearts to the Divine Spirit. (Read More...)
Jackson Declines An Invitation To Dinner
Real greatness is in plain living and high thinking. Great generals share the hardships of the camp with their men. Everything that lives feeds, the body on bread, the mind on truth, the heart on the Bible and on God. (Read More...)
The Vision Of Mirza
Scarcely anywhere in literature do we find a more graphic description of the mystery of time; the uncertainty of life; the agonies which, like vultures, feed upon the human heart, and the beauties of the realm the good possess beyond the gates of Death, than in Addison's Bridge of Mirza. (Read More...)
Miss Helen Gould On The Stewardship Of Wealth
Many of our rich, educated, cultivated people have come to recognize this stewardship of which Miss Gould speaks, and are trying their very best to make this money-getting age the greatest money-giving age in the history of the world. (Read More...)
Sowing the Dragon's Teeth
Vice has in it the element of self-destruction. The wrathful and the vicious take delight in preying upon one another ; in betraying, stealing from, and murdering each other. (Read More...)
The Teaching Of Geography
As all the natural sciences are founded upon observation of the ordinary phenomena, a careful study of home geography opens the door of these studies ; thus geography may be regarded as the key to all the elementary sciences. (Read More...)
Principles In Teaching Geography
ONE OF the first principles in the teaching of geography, as also in the teaching of all other subjects, is that it should be based upon the knowledge and experience which have already been acquired by the learner. (Read More...)
Geographic Aids
HOME geography is a matter of direct observation, but when a distant region is to be studied, realistic word pictures, globes, maps, models, pictures, sample products, and descriptive reading must be used to enable the pupil to form a clear conception of its geographic features. (Read More...)
Geography - Senior Grade
Observations of the sun as the source of light and heat, its progress from sunrise to sunset, its absence during the night, its shifting shadows, relative lengths of day and night. (Read More...)
Geography - Local Lessons
THE COUNTRY, if not too rough or rocky, is made up of farms or homesteads. On the farm are the farmhouse in which the farmer lives, barns and stables for his live stock and produce, fields, orchard, bush, etc. Neighbours live farther apart than in towns and villages. Why? (Read More...)
Geography - Reccomendations To Teachers
To COMPLETE the Course in Geography for Form II will require from one year to one and one-half years, depending upon the ability of the class. (Read More...)
Geography - Suggestions For Lessons
WHAT is a mountain? (Show a picture.) It is a very high hill. Very few hills in Ontario are high enough to be called mountains. How high must a hill be before it may be called a mountain? There is no fixed rule for using the term mountain. (Read More...)
Geography - Junior Grade
IN DEALING with the geography of a continent (or other large unit), impress upon the class that they are, at the same time, dealing with the larger features pertaining to the individual countries (or smaller units) comprising the continent (or large unit). (Read More...)
Geography - The Earth As A Whole Its Axis
THE earth is continuously turning around. Illustrate this by means of an apple or an orange, and a hat-pin or a knitting-needle. When the orange turns on the needle, the latter may be called its axis. Why is it so called? (Read More...)
Geography - Sun, Moon, Stars, Etc.
The Sun - One of the stars; distance from earth; source of heat, light, and energy; attraction force; influence on life. (Read More...)
Geography - The Solar System
THE solar system, of which our earth forms a part, consists of (a) the sun, which is the centre of the system, (b) the planets, which revolve around the sun at various distances from it, (c) the moons of the planets, which revolve around them, and (d) the comets, which also. revolve around the sun, but in a more irregular way than the planets do. (Read More...)
Geography - The Earth As A Planet Form
Inclination of the earth's axis; distribution of light; variation in length of day and nightóconsult the almanac; cause of seasons; equinoxes. (Read More...)
Geography - The Earth As A Planet
IN ADDITION to the daily rotation of the earth on its axis, the earth has another motion. What is it? It has this motion round the sun in common with the other planets of the solar system. (Read More...)
Geography - More Suggestions On Lessons
THERE are great rivers of water in the ocean called ocean currents, such as the Equatorial Current, Gulf Stream, and Japan Current, that are continuously moving in fairly definite courses. So, too, in the atmosphere, there are great rivers of air called wind currents or winds that also move in more or less definite courses. (Read More...)
Brooks And Brook Basins
Like a happy child at play, the brooklet hides its dimpled cheek behind the green bank, and then 'comes skipping lightly forth again. Now it glides into the meadow, where graceful willows bend above it, and snow-white clouds beneath its surface seem to float in fairyland. (Read More...)
At Work In The Dark Soil
A merry ripple went up and down the brook. The little wild-flower would have smiled too, but it was afraid that the gray squirrel would come and snip off its head. So it only nodded its pretty blossom, as the brooklet went on with its story. (Read More...)
On The Water Parting
The little wild-flower nodded its round head, and the squirrels shook their bushy tails. That is the way they said good morning to Bunny and Redbreast. (Read More...)
In The Brook Bed
Down to the brookside. We shall find Chip and Redbreast there before us, this morning. I saw them pass by some time ago. There they are now. And hark ! that is the brooklet singing-Let us sit here on this pretty knoll and listen. (Read More...)
Brook Basins And Systems
THUS sang the cheerful robin, while he flew down to join his friends by the brookside, next morning, as Bunny asked the silvery drops to tell how they found their way out of the cold ground. (Read More...)
How Soil Is Made And Carried
0 tell us, please, where all this muddy water comes from," were the first words of the chipmonk. What will you ever do with it ? You are not nearly so pretty as you were yesterday. (Read More...)
Forms Of Water
When dew is on the grass, the sunbeams help it to float away. There is vapor everywhere about us in the air, but we cannot see it till it becomes a cloud or water-dust. (Read More...)
The Atmosphere In Motion
Was it not the north wind that chilled the vapor-wings last April, and sent our early showers from the clouds as they came flying northward ? But listen ! what is the brooklet singing this morning? (Read More...)
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