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Self Sacrifice Is Life
AN apple is an arrested branch. Each apple in the orchard hangs at the end of the twig to which it is attached. A terminal bud, which otherwise might have formed woody fibre and added to the size of the tree, is, by a regular law of nature, turned aside from this course and developed into blossom and fruit instead. (Read More...)
The Cracking Of St. Paul's Cathedral
THE magnificent cathedral of St. Paul's, in London, has been seriously damaged. Walls have been cracked, arches broken, windows shattered, and parts of the building that used to inspire the observer with admiration and awe, excites feelings of pity and regret. (Read More...)
Gladstone's Letter To Mrs. Spurgeon
What a wonderful kinship of love to God and fellow men between these two great men ! It is a fortunate nation that could have such men in the pulpit and the forum, as Spurgeon and Gladstone, who have contributed so much to the recognition of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. (Read More...)
Damage Done By A Fast Young Man
Most of the misfortune and woes of life are caused by the mistakes and sins of others. There is sometimes the greatest material prosperity attended by the most marked spiritual declension. It often happens that honor stands se-cure and magnificent above the wreck of earthly fortune. (Read More...)
Richest Treasure In The Most Beautiful Casket
The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the highest expression of God's written law, should have a receptacle in the human soul, which is the most precious casket in this world. (Read More...)
Died At A Wedding
JOSEPH S. FARMER, of Jersey City, and Miss Margaret Masterson, were announced to be married in the St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church of Brooklyn. The time for the ceremony had arrived; the church was crowded with people. (Read More...)
The Phonograph Came From A Prick On The Finger
The little things of life contain important principles, and lead to great results. In the spiritual realm the simple pricking of a finger often leads to unveiling mysteries, and opening the halls of melody. (Read More...)
Outlived Her Usefulness
You told me the last time I saw you that your work was done. Now I always supposed that when our work was all done the Master would send for us. So I supposed you had gone to your reward. (Read More...)
The Hope Of The Disconsolate
WHEN gathering clouds around I view, And days are dark and friends are few, On him I lean who, not in vain, Experienced every human pain ; He sees my wants, allays my fears, And counts and treasures up my tears. (Read More...)
Nearer Home
Feel as I would when my feet - Are slipping over the brink ; For it may be I'm nearer home, — Nearer now than I think. (Read More...)
Beyond The Sunset
At evening time it shall be light. —Zech. xiv. 7. - Thy sun shall no more go down. --Isa. Ix. 20. (Read More...)
The Unchanged Friend
THE evening was calm and pleasant, enlivened by a gentle breeze and the rays of the declining sun. At the door of a ow cottage sat an old man. His hair was white, his form was bent, and his dim eyes were fixed on the richly-tinted clouds. (Read More...)
The Sympathy Of Jesus
I REST upon the ground - Of Jesus and his bood, For 'tis through him that I have found - The true Eternal good. (Read More...)
The Friend Unseen
O HOLY SAVIOUR, Friend unseen, The faint, the weak on thee may lean ; Help me, throughout life's varying scene, By faith to cling to thee! (Read More...)
Youth Renewed In Age
CHRISTIAN confidence and hope in God give freshness, strength and joy, even in the period of old age. (Read More...)
Sojourning As At An Inn
I Look abroad upon the verdant fields, The song of birds is on the summer air ; Within, how many a treasure something yields - To bless my life and round the edge of care ; And yet the earth and air, All that seems good and fair, That still is mine or for a time hath been, Now teach me I am but a pilgrim here, Without a home, and dwelling at an inn. (Read More...)
To An Old Disciple
MY heart is drawn towards you. I too am going down the hill of life, and the onger I live the more sympathy do I feel with the aged. I have no longer the sprightliness of youth. In common with you I know the sorrow caused by the failure of hopes. (Read More...)
Only Waiting
A very aged Christian, who was so poor as to be in an almshouse, was asked what he was doing now. He replied, - Only waiting. (Read More...)
Friend After Friend Departs
Friend after friend departs; Who hath not ost a friend? There is no union here of hearts - That finds not here an end: Were this frail world our only rest, Living or dying, none were blest. (Read More...)
Words In Season
When you shall be admitted into your heavenly Father's presence, and shall share in those which are at his right hand for evermore! (Read More...)
Christians Hope
DEAR Saviour, when I here am blest - With prospect of that future rest - Thy people shall inherit, And there, by faith, see my abode ;— How light my cares! (Read More...)
The Verge Of Life
Yet, with these prospects full in sight, I'll wait thy signal for my flight; For, while thy service I pursue, I find my heaven begun below. (Read More...)
None wanting, yonder! Bought by the Lamb! All gathered under - The evergreen palm ; Loud as night's thunder - Ascends the glad psalm. (Read More...)
Too Old To Be Useful
WELL, it is a pleasant sight to see young people actively engaged in doing good ! - said an old lady, as she watched from her parlour window some of her grand-children setting forth on their weekly errands of mercy to the poor and afflicted. (Read More...)
Old Age
Stronger by weakness, wiser men become - As they draw near to their eternal home ; Leaving the Old, at once both worlds they view - That stand upon the threshold of the New. (Read More...)
Fully Ripe
Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. —Job v. (Read More...)
The Hour Of Departure
The hour of my departure's come, I hear the voice that calls me home ; Now, 0 my God, let trouble cease, Now let thy servant die in peace. (Read More...)
How To Die Safely
I would advise you to meditate much on death. Collect and have in memory a number of precious promises for the occasion. Put up many prayers for grace and strength for a dying hour. Beg an interest in the intercessions of your Christian friends. (Read More...)
General Harrison As A Christian
The repeated contention that the intellect of the world is turning away from the Bible and the Church does not seem to be sustained by the facts. (Read More...)
Robert Fulton's Neglected Grave
When the selected group of prominent Americans voted as to which American inventor's name should be enrolled at the Hall of Fame, Robert Fulton, the man who invented the steamboat, received the largest number of votes. (Read More...)
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