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Italian Colonists
When the Italian gets money ahead he puts it in a bank and gets a small interest on it, say 3 per cent. He wears better clothes, his children are educated in good Argentine schools, he rides in a better vehicle, and is in most ways measuring up to a higher standard of living.
Buenos Aires In May
May 3: The people at the hotel (the Chacabuco Mansions in Buenos Aires) seem glad to see me again, and it seems quite like home, only there is no fire here. A hotel with fire in Buenos Aires costs some incredible sum, $8 per day in gold, so I will worry along.
At Choele-Choele
May 10: Here we are in the desert. We got in last night in time for dinner, after dark, and found the landlord on the outlook for us. The kind Spanish gentleman who had given us a letter of introduction to the manager of his estancia had telegraphed ahead that we were coming. The hotel is kept by French folk; two pretty French girls came to our room, set our table for us and brought in our dinner.
Traces Of Welsh Colonists
Galense is the term used by the Argentines to denote the Welsh. We stopped, and going inside, it was our delight to see a fine fire in a real fireplace that did not smoke. That, also, was the work of the Welshmen, who, it seems, had made the irrigating canals and afterward sold them and gone away to Chubut.
Terrible Relics Of Drouth
There was not a tree nor a shrub within miles of here at that time. I suppose the camp fires (prairie fires you call them in North America), made the pampas treeless; you see that trees grow well when they are planted.
A Day Among The Basques
Argentina as a rule is level; in truth the great part of the eastern regions are doubtless old sea bottoms, and the wonderful fertile soil is no doubt a deposit from ancient rivers. At Tandil, however, are hills or real mountains of granite, standing up out of the level plain.
Lincoln Sheep Prices
The ewes were great, a lot of them, with splendid. Lincoln wool. A capitaz, cook and three men care for the sheep, one man devoting all his time to the pure-bred sheep at the galpon.
An Argentine School Teacher
In Ayacucho on Sarmiento day the little plaza was finely decorated with flags and streamers; the old church was decorated. After the midday break-fast I strolled out into the town, which is common-place and poor in most of its features, but I stumbled on to a double file of children, perhaps a hundred of them, ready to march somewhere, and their teacher, a fine, stalwart seņorita in black velvet and a big picture hat.
The Gibson Estancia
These Gibsons are men of independent thought and character. They breed a sort of Lincoln that is distinctly different from any that I have seen elsewhere. The origin of these sheep was of course Lincolnshire, where they were bred by Kirkham.
Over Alfalfa Fields
Soon after breakfast we set out to explore, with a pair of native criollo horses and an American buckboard. We drove miles and miles over alfalfa fields most of the way, among fat cattle and among some that were not fat, seeing the great Australian tanks of galvanized corrugated iron, round tanks sometimes sixty feet in diameter and eight feet deep.
Cattle And Prices At La Anita
They were simply nice, tidy, practically pure-bred Short-horns, with great lusty calves, wonderful to see. They were grazing the short alfalfa. It gave a fair bite and was green and, possibly, growing a wee bit.
Glimpses Of Montevideo
Montevideo is on the river, but at its very mouth, so one side of the city fronts the sea. One approaches through a big and sheltered harbor basin of hundreds of acres, protected by a gigantic seawall.
Impressions Of Trinidad
Trinidad is a large town with a fine plaza, all aflood with sunshine. From our hotel windows I could see a fine old church and a large and rather artistic castle or fort filled with soldiers.
Over Uruguayan Pastures
It was with real regret that we left the hospitable Tidemann estancia with its teeming pastures. Our host sped us on our way in an American two-wheeled sulky, very comfortable indeed, with all our baggage. Two hours ahead of us were sent two spare horses to await our arrival along the road.
Memories Of Santa Ana
I left Mr. Gepp and his household at Santa Ana with sincerest regret, for it was a place where one could happily spend weeks or months.
Market Stock Values In Uruguay
What, the practical American stockman will ask, in a nutshell is there in owning and operating these great estancias in Uruguay? To those men who bought their land cheap many years ago there is the largest profit in operating estancias today, and the profit increases year by year, as prices for meats advance.
A Heart Broken By The Hammer Of Affliction
I WAS once called upon to attend the funeral of a woman, whose husband had a prosperous business in New York. She had a comfortable home, happy children, and the gratification of every earthly hope; she was a true Christian, and after a lingering illness she passed to her reward.
Snags And Success
On chemical lines decidedly. It is in this direction that a man should work to anticipate the future. The great discoveries of the past have been in the line of chemistry. Chemistry is closely related to electricity, but it is sadly neglected because of the difficulties encountered.
Cleveland Believes In The Religion Of His Mother
In these days of doubt about some of the doctrines of the Bible, it was rather gratifying to hear Mr. Cleveland, in his tribute to Mr. McKinley, express such positive faith in the resurrection of the body.
Charity Of Frederick III
THE sensibilities of Frederick III., not only went out in daily acts of kindness, but they poured through great channels of benevolence, making him one of the great philanthropists, as well as generals and scholars of his country.
Whalers Who Missed A Valuable Prize
The fishing schooner, Squantum, Captain William Parslow, had come in from the Grand Bank of Newfoundland with cod.
Prayer Saved The Besieged In Pekin
Christian people throughout the civilized world and many who do not publicly profess Christ, firmly believe that God came in answer to prayer and saved the besieged ones in Pekin.
Washington's Love For The Poor
The poor we have always with us, and there are perpetual opportunities and reasons for practical benevolence.
The Boy Officer William McKinley
A firm, religious faith better equips a public officer for his grave responsibility, and a consistent Christian life has a tendency to bring to him increased public favor.
Lincoln's Letter To A Bereaved Mother
PRESIDENT LINCOLN, hearing that a mother had given five sons to the Union army, and that all of them had been killed on the battlefield, wrote her the following letter of sympathy.
The Boy Who Could See Nothing But Flowers
A POOR clergyman at Rashhalt, Sweden, found himself possessed of a son who was the cause of much grief and great mortification to the worthy man, from his inability and unwillingness to pursue the learned studies then in vogue.
Definitions of Wealth and its Associated Concepts
Economists have sometimes been divided on the question how far anything not material could be considered wealth, and also whether the term should be confined to objects the use of which could be transferred from one person to another.
Other Definitions of Wealth
In all societies advanced beyond the barbarous state exchange is affected by the use of a metal to which the term money is applied. The exchange of a commodity for money is called sale in relation to the one party and purchase in relation to the other.
Requisites of Production
To see what we mean by the requisites of production, let us return to our starting-point. We see in man a being moved to action by innumerable wants. The satisfaction of these wants constitutes his well-being, and the exertions which he makes to attain this well-being are called his labor.
Natural Agents as Requisites of Production
We have seen that raw material and natural productions are the first and most necessary requisites of production. Were these requisites obtainable by all the world in unlimited quantities, the state of society would be entirely different from what it is.
The Mechanism of Production of Capital
The use and importance of capital arise from the fact that men cannot, by the direct application of their labor to the materials furnished by nature, produce those articles which they desire. For example, they cannot with their own hands make cotton into a shirt.
The Mechanism of Production of Labor
In the sense of the definition of labor given in as it will be seen that nearly all men are laborers, because they are nearly all engaged in doing something for a living. The exceptions would be capitalists who live entirely from the interest upon their investments, and owners of real estate who live entirely upon their rents.
The Mechanism of Production - Increase of Population
This conclusion that different classes of men tend to increase at different rates gives rise to one of the most important questions affecting the future of our race. Enlightened men now recognize the fact that the qualities of the children born into the world are determined by natural causes.
Fluctuations in Economic Processes
It is sometimes assumed that there is no power of adaptation among men, and that they are as incapable of turning to new employments as the machinery in the factory is of being turned to new uses. Of course this is a subject on which we can lay down no universal propositions, because the case differs with different men and with different employments.
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