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England - English Railway Travel
English railway seats are dreadfully uncomfortable things in which to sit; the backs are straight and there is nothing against which to put one's feet. Finally the crowd thinned out; there remained only a young man, a young woman with her baby and myself.
England - A British Stock Farm
The Shropshire, by the way, is not at all a common sheep in Scotland. Nor is it in England, for that matter. It is the fancier's sheep, the sheep of export to the United States and to some extent to other regions.
Scotland - Crops On A Scotch Farm
We drove back to Lawton, Mr. Henderson's farm. Every farm of any note in Scotland and England has its name, well known and recognized. Law-ton lies close to the mountains, only one or two farms lying between; a great sheep pasture on one of the mountains is rented by Mr. Henderson.
Scotland - Over Heathery Slopes
The next morning Mr. Henderson and I rode be-fore breakfast up the mountain to get the view and see the hill sheep. Early though it was, we met small cartloads of hay drawn by big, sleek, fat Clydesdales ; we saw men in the fields beginning their harvest; the air was like wine or finer, and the sun bright.
Scotland - Macbeth's Castle
Well, Macbeth's castle stood on that hill; the ramparts are there today, and across the valley is Birnam Wood. Do you not see it on the farther slopes? You may recall that it was said that Macbeth's castle would stand until Birnam Wood should march across the valley.
Scotland - The Gardens At Lawton
Lawton is a well managed, orderly, fertile place. Two acres or more are given to lawn and garden; the old gardener is also the hostler, a common enough arrangement in that land, and a very capable gardener indeed.
Scotland - Cross-Bred Sheep In Scotland
Scotland is the land of cross-bred sheep. The Black-face ewes come down to the lowland pastures and are put to Border-Leicester rams or to Oxford rams. Sometimes the half-bred ewe lambs are saved and bred again to similar types of pure-bred rams, the result being a fine, strong lamb that is easily fattened, and its wool is much more desirable than that of the pure Black-face breed.
England - In The County Of York
Yorkshire has more acres of land than there are letters in the Bible. I tell this to take away some-thing of the arrogance of my countrymen who imagine America to be all the world and other countries mere outlying fringes.
England - The Returns From A Farm Flock
To resume the account of the farm practices, the lambing is late in March and the ewes are shorn in May. As the sheep are on the wolds, in hurdles, during the winter their wool becomes so muddy it must be washed, or else suffer a dock of a shilling to the fleece.
England - An Historic Farm
Mr. Abrams, the genial young factor, met me and we spent the day walking over the place, watching the sheep and cattle and the hay-making and the shepherds. There are about. 700 acres in Riby Grove. It keeps 1,000 ewes and fattens each year about 200 cattle. There are some 140 Short-horns also.
France - In Sunny France
Sunny France proved sunny indeed. Some-thing had gone wrong with the weather ; all Europe was burning with fierce heat and drouth.
France - A Few Days In Paris
Paris was a veritable furnace. London had been terrible. In no American city have I ever suffered such exhaustion from heat as I did in Paris in August, 1911. For some reason, heat in Europe is more depressing in its effect than it is in America.
France - In La Perche
I had been for weeks traveling alone through Europe. For days I was in France, where I wandered about mostly by myself, unable to speak with the people because of not understanding their language.
France - Driving In Rural France
It was pleasant, this swift skimming along through the delightful green world. We passed by picturesque houses and farms and the old villages all too swiftly. One would like to linger at a thousand spots that we espied that day.
France - Through A French Forest
Afterward we rode through more green and lovely country, and picturesque villages, and over great cool uplands, with too poor a soil to produce the greatest horses, for horses grow best from pastures rich in lime.
France - Glimpses Of A French Farm
It was in 1903 that I first secured a letter to M. E. Delacour of Gouzangrez. I recall with keen pleasure all the circumstances of that first visit. M. Delacour came himself to Paris to fetch me to his place.
France - Revisiting A French Farmer
M. Delacour was more than an acquaintance. In after years he wrote me letters telling of the practices and operations of the farm, and once, when he heard that I was in Paris, he came down to ask me again to visit Gouzangrez, but that day time for-bade. Now again in France, I resolved to see the Delacours first of all.
France - A Beautiful French Garden
French people are almost cruelly practical, yet they have an innate love of beauty, too. There is always the walled garden. What a happy lot to be a child within the sheltering walls of an old French garden. There will be found there paths, beds of vegetables, borders of blooming things, and on the walls trained pear trees, grapes, figs, cherries, and apples.
France - Farming In La Beauce
The Beauce is a wheat, oat and barley growing region, with much alfalfa as well. It had been M. Thirouin's practice to lime his land with the soft, unburned limestone or chalk, once in twenty years, using perhaps twenty tons to the acre.
France - A Farm Credit Society
The Credit Agricole was started fifteen years ago for the purpose of helping the poorer farmers, but they at first neglected to use its opportunities.
France - The Use Of Chalk
I am certain that the Beauce has not what would in the United States be considered a very fertile soil. The small stones in it are of flint. Chalk underlies it, but sometimes it is deep down.
Germany - A Visit To Germany
In Paris I could get no definite information as to where in Germany to go to find what I was seeking, so, trusting to luck, I set out for the Rhine, where I knew Bolton Smith, a loyal American interested in all firms of agriculture.
Germany - The River Rhine
We walked along the Rhine and up a little side valley on a public footpath that led us under trees, and gradually climbed higher until at last it came out into the vineyards.
Germany - A Farmyard In Saxony
A farmyard (in Saxony) consists of a court of 250 feet in diameter; the yard is faced on each side by great buildings, the residence at the top, the stables at the sides.
Germany - The German Character
Obedience is the keynote of German character. It is begun in the little children. It is maintained by the family life at home; it is furthered by the compulsory military training that every boy must have.
Germany - A German Farm
One day my interpreter and I took a train for the province of Pommern, to visit Herr Ernest Schlange, Rittergut, who has a great farm at Schonningen, near Colbitzow.
Germany - A German Crop Rotation
Herr Schlange told us that his land was so fertile that he could disregard a regular rotation, but more or less he would have about the following crops : two fields in clover or alfalfa, two in peas, four in winter wheat, as many in beets or potatoes, and four in oats and barley.
Homeward Bound
In the morning we were in Holland, coming through quaint and picturesque villages and fields. At Vlissingen we took ship and crossed to Queensboro on the Thames. I remember that it was a happy ride across the channel; the water was like glass.
Bound For South America
Foreign travel ought no doubt to be undertaken deliberately, after due thought and much preparation. I had no such opportunity. I was an employe of our Uncle Samuel, engaged in studying the production of sheep and wool.
Crossing The Equator
There is always a great time when the ship crosses the line, as they call the Equator, and all who have not before crossed it must pay tribute to Father Neptune. The ship's stewards worked hard getting ready for this; there was a great tank rigged on the after deck and filled about four feet deep with salt water.
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