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Character Building - Self Control
AT the very beginning we would like to ask parents and children a few questions. What is self-control? Is it an important quality in character-building? Should it-can it-be cultivated ? Is it of value in the home, in the school, and in every-day life.
Character Building - Self Direction
WHILE the mother should insist upon obedience to her commands, she should, nevertheless, be careful not to give commands in matters where the child will come to no harm in making his own decision.
Sense Of Responsibility Toward Humanity
SUCH subjects as social service, love of humanity, and universal brotherhood should not be thrust upon children until they have learned to be kind and loving to those around them-their brothers and sisters and the servants of the household.
Character Building - Society
WHILE children are still very young they show a desire for the company of others. They want mother within call; they want other children to play with them; they want attention, and an interest in their games.
Character Building - Story Telling
THE art of story-telling is almost as old as the race itself.
Character Building - Submission
TO the average mother there may seem to be but little difference between submission and obedience; but submission is the forerunner of that obedience which must be the result of development and training.
Character Building - Sympathy
A SYMPATHETIC nature is the inheritance of every normal child, and its cultivation is one of the cardinal virtues of the home. Beneath the mother's smile and the father's appreciative words regard for the parents ripens into a love which demands recognition and love in return.
Character Building - About Thinking
IT has been wisely said that a man is educated when he has learned to think. Abraham Lincoln had no knowledge of Latin or Greek or rhetoric or logic, as they are taught in the schools. Horace Greeley never studied algebra or grammar or geometry.
Character Building - Throughness
THERE is one quality which ought peculiarly to be impressed upon the young people of this day, when so many different kinds of things are put before them in bewildering rapidity, and that is thoroughness.
Character Building - Tidiness
THE natural child is an untidy little being. One is not conscious of this fact while he is a mere baby, for, until he is several years of age, he has had some one to keep him clean and to put his belongings in order, and has, therefore, had little opportunity to show his tendencies toward or against tidiness.
Character Building - Trustworthiness
THE best way to make a child trustworthy is to trust him. Have the son know that you depend upon him for certain things, and that as he proves himself worthy of that confidence you will confide more things to his care.
Character Building - Truthfulness
Truthfulness is closely akin to Honesty so we refer the reader to references given under that head.
Character Building - Womanliness
WOMANLINESS is a long word, but not a difficult word to understand. It means the character of being womanly, not girlish.
Character Building - Work
OH, mamma! Don't you just hate to do that?" said the dainty, small daughter, as she watched her mother washing up the baking-dishes.
First National Congress Of Mothers
THE originator of the project of a Congress of Mothers, Mrs. T. W. Birney, believing in the necessity for organized and earnest effort on the part of the mothers of the land concerning questions most vital to the welfare of their children and the manifold interests of the home, presented the subject at some of the Mothers' Meetings at Chautauqua in the summer of 1895.
Wife And Mother - President Roosevelt's Address
To the Delegates to the First International Congress in America on the Welfare of the Child, at the White House, March 10, 1908.
Reproduction And Natural Law
IN the past it has been the generally accepted theory that parents were merely the unconscious instruments of the Divine Spirit, for the working out of his will, and that the mental and moral attributes of their children, their temperament, health, character, and sex were direct decrees of the Infinite, which it was useless for the finite mind to try to comprehend or explain.
THE study of dietetics as applied to the nursery and the period of childhood is constantly brought to our notice as an important phase of domestic education.
Character Building In Education
I am sorry to say the social recognition of the teacher in America and the remunerative recognition are not what they should be when we consider the noble and imperative work to be done.
Sympathetic Parenthood
So we tell you, we are working, not only for the children of today, but for the untold numbers who are even now journeying earthward, and who will rise up and bless you for what you and every other organization in the world are doing to give us the ideal civilization.
Training Our Daughters
IS there a woman here who feels that when she assumed the duties and responsibilities of wife and mother she knew all she needed to know in order to fulfill those duties properly.
Needs Of Feeble Minded Children
WE enter upon a new century of work showing greater possibilities and demanding a yet greater advance, and it is here that mothers can help us.
Humane Education In Early Training
THERE is much one-sided education in our country today. There is much training of the intellect and but little education of the heart.
How And When Shall We Teach Speech To The Deaf?
Our deaf children have been more or less sharers of the improved opportunities, but the proportion of those who have had the chance for the best development of which they are capable has been distressingly small.
Alcohol And The Child
A young man just entering college, had promised his mother years ago not to smoke or take the social glass until he left home. Then he thought he would be old enough to decide for himself.
Abuse Of Drugs
Certainly health cannot be purchased at the drug store, nor does it exist in any bottle of liquid or box of pills, nor will these restore health when lost. Nature alone has power to heal. Proper food, exercise, fresh air, and plenty of sleep are nature's restoratives.
Importance Of Great Literature
NO greater good fortune can befall a child than to be born into a home where the best books are read, the best music interpreted, and the best talk enjoyed. For in these privileges the richest educational opportunities are supplied.
The Child's Physical Start In Life
ONE of the great facts of our time is the raising of the physical standard for the entire generation by the prevention and cure of disease. We no longer regard poor digestions and weak nerves as disciplinary arrangements of Providence, to be accepted uncomplainingly, but if we find ourselves handicapped by them we discover their cause and correct it.
Food Of The Growing Child
IT may be taken for granted that every mother intends conscientiously to give her children wholesome food, but unluckily, we are not all of us certain today just what wholesome food is. The discussions on food questions fill our daily papers, and books are written on vegetarianism, Fletcherism, and all the other isms till often we are bewildered.
The Child's Dress
AMERICAN extravagance nowhere so runs riot as in the way our children are clothed. Not even on the boulevards of Paris does one see such beautifully dressed, and such extravagantly overdressed, little ones, as are met everywhere in the streets and parks of our cities.
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