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Character Building - Humor
PARENTS should cultivate the love of humor in their children. Encourage them in their attempts at wit and harmless nonsense. The attempt may be a very poor one from your standpoint, but still you should show hearty appreciation and encouragement.
Character Building - Imagination
IMAGINATION is that power in the mind by which we are able to realize facts and comprehend ideas: it is creative thinking, or ideality.
Character Building - Imitation And Emulation
PROBABLY the first act of the infant not wholly instinctive is imitative. At first it seems involuntary, like our disposition to yawn when we see another yawning.
Character Building - Independence
BY taking the word independence apart and rebuilding it the mother will get a vision of duty. Pendent is from the latin word pendere, to hang, and means hanging.
Character Building - Kindness
BOYS and girls-or rather girls and boys-don't read this chapter on kindness until you have thought about the word and its meaning for at least four minutes, and read the definition of it in a dictionary.
Character Building - Loyalty
LOYALTY must be regarded as one of the most pleasing as well as most essential attributes of a fine character, and it is as endearing in the youth as in the person of maturer years and greater trusts.
Character Building - Loyalty To Principles And Ideals
LOYALTY has been defined as devoted allegiance. The average child is naturally devoted to those whom it loves, to those who minister to its physical wants, to those who are kind to it.
Character Building - Manliness
IT is related that once when Goethe was looking over some engravings he said: We have before us the works of men of very fair talents who have acquired no little taste and wit, but there is something wanted in each picture-the manly.
Character Building - Manners
If he habitually says please, and thank you, if he refrains from interrupting, if he does not squabble and contradict, if he is unselfish, it is easy to see that he comes from a family where good breeding reigns.
Memory Training
IT was one of my small nephews-by adoption-who first set me to thinking deeply on the subject of memory-training. I came upon the small chap crying bitterly in an out-of-the-way corner of his father's boat-house.
Character Building - Mischief
INFANTS have no sense of the value of things, or that form and structure are necessary to their purpose. A baby will pick a rose to pieces or smash a toy simply for the sake of doing something, following that impulse for muscular activity which is nature's primary education.
Music In The Home
MUSIC is not a mere accomplishment, like dancing. It is a general educative force, like painting or drawing, and probably has more influence in character-building than either.
Character Building - Nature Study
NATURE-STUDY seems often thought of as a somewhat sentimental interest in birds and flowers and summer sunsets; but it is as broad as the whole range of the physical sciences, and must therefore include a study of the history and constitution of the earth, the atmosphere that surrounds it, the universe of which they are a part, and the laws that control the whole.
Character Building - Obedience
OBEDIENCE is the first principle of training in social life; and it must be insisted upon in children by parents, not because they are their parents, or have any inborn authority over them personally-for there is no such thing-but because it is for the child's good and for the safety of society.
Observation And Love Of Nature
THE phrase love of nature has become of late somewhat of a catchword, implying great poetic enthusiasm for birds and flowers, and a special fondness for stories in which animals figure in a somewhat theatrical way.
Character Building - Patience
IN this busy, bustling world is patience really desirable and necessary ? Is it not a disadvantage to the vigorous man or woman who is determined to succeed? Let us ask our-selves a few questions. What is patience.
Character Building - Patriotism
This section justly follows that in which the principles of heroism have been inculcated by a variety of noble examples. Some of the most notable of these examples have been of men who have risked, or even deliberately sacrificed, their lives for their country.
Character Building - Perseverance
Some unheard-of interest suddenly attracts his attention, and he takes it up eagerly; but before he has half learned the facts connected with it, or acquired the skill necessary to make use of it, something else has presented itself, and his mind leaps off to that. This age is none too early, then, to preach Perseverance.
Building - Planning Life Work
EVERY child should be taught from infancy that he or she has a work to do in the world. As soon as the little ones are old enough to help in trifles about the house, give them little things to do.
Character Building - Play
IT is doubtless true, as has been pointed out recently by Calvin Dill Wilson, that there is no form of discipline that can take the place of that gained in play by children who join with comrades in various sports.
Character Building - Pluck
AS self-confidence is the basis of courage, so pluck may be thought its pinnacle, for in one view it is the finest expression of self-confidence and courage combined.
Character Building - Precision In Execution
PRECISION is a word that comes from two Latin words -prae, before, and caedere, to cut. Something that is measured and cut off until it is exact.
Character Building - Punctuality
ONE of the hardest lessons a parent has to teach is that of punctuality. Perhaps one reason for this is that the mother herself is not always punctual. Many women, as well as many men, often fail to keep engagements exactly on time.
Character Building - Reading
IT is impossible to impress too strongly upon parents the importance of inculcating in their children the habit of reading. This means something more than the habit of reading newspapers and current periodicals or current novels.
Character Building - Reasonableness
REASONABLENESS is a degree of intelligence which lifts the little child into a world above that occupied by a full-grown animal. The animal is guided by instinct, the child by intelligence. Reason opens a door for the child into a new world.
Character Building - Refinement
PERHAPS there is no characteristic more dependent upon early habit of thought and early environment than refinement. With some persons it seems to be innate, and it may be, but environment is stronger in this matter than is heredity, and the man or woman whose thoughts and deeds are pure was probably surrounded in early childhood by persons of cultured manners and speech.
Reserve About Private And Personal Matters
THE pretty prattle of little children is winsome and attractive, but it is sometimes inconvenient and perplexing.
Character Building - Respect
BY respect we understand that careful behavior, based on the feeling of consideration for others, which should be plainly enjoined, and even wisely enforced, upon the child mind. Riches and rank have no necessary connection with genuine gentlemanly qualities. The poor man may be a true gentleman.
Character Building - Reverance
SOME one has said that reverence is dying out, and that our young people revere nothing in heaven above or the earth beneath. While one may not agree with this sweeping statement, it is certain that many of our young people are lacking in the respect in which children of a half-century ago were trained.
Character Building - Self Amusement
THE word amusement had a childhood and a growth. The childhood of the word will naturally be better suited for the childhood of boys and girls. Full-grown amusements are too old for a child.
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