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France - Characteristics
Serviceable, sincere, perennial, French friendship reminds me of that beautiful element recently discovered by two native scientists. Proof against time, vicissitude, and extraneous influences, what French friendship has once been it remains throughout life, like radium, immutable among mutable things, shining with undiminished ray till the end.
France - Fiction And Firesides
As I have already averred, French home life is unsuitable for romance. Domestic existence flows evenly as the streams beautifying native landscape, all kinds of sweet and pleasant objects reflected in their waves, but one mile very much resembling another, from source to outflow little in the way of diversity or surprise.
France - The Code Civil And Family Life
BALZAC'S familiarity with the Code Civil is conspicuous in many of his works. Since the great psychologist wrote, however, domestic legislation in France has been considerably modified.
France - New Year's Etiquette
In France, it is otherwise. New Year's etiquette is surely the heaviest untaxed burden ever laid upon the shoulders of a civilized people. From the Elysée down to the mansarde, from the President of the Republic down to the dustman, every successive First of January is memorialized with almost religious ceremonial.
France - The Entente Cordiale
I TAKE it that the entente cordiale will resemble a prosy, middle-aged French marriage, not a scintilla of romance existing on either side, material interests being guaranteed, no loophole left for nagging, much less litigation.
Child Training
The natural impulse of every creature is to do whatever comes into his head, that is-to do as he likes. The first lesson in behavior that a human creature has to learn is that he must always do, not just what he likes, but what is best for him.
Character Building - Ambition
TO the small boy it is as simple to be ambitious for his future as it is to breathe. Of course he will grow up to be President; why not? Or if not President, at least he will be rich or famous in some way. It all looks so easy.
Character Building - Animal Study
THE study of animals should be promoted, not only as a part of general knowledge of the world about us (which has been made of value to man mainly through their agency), but because it is necessary to our proper treatment of them and also to our understanding fully our own place in nature.
Character Building - Application
APPLICATION may be called putting Attention to practical use. It means not only the ability to concentrate your mind on the task at hand, but the will to keep it there, and to exert all your powers toward completing it.
Character Building - Appreciation Of Art
THE term art is generally used in connection with painting, music, architecture, and sculpture; in the broader sense it means any embodiment of the sense or the love of the beautiful.
Character Building - Atheletics And Health
BOYS and girls should be taught that the ideal condition of life at which they should constantly aim is expressed in the old phrase: A sound mind in a sound body.
Character Building - Attention Span
IT would be difficult to exaggerate the value of ability to pay attention-to fix and hold the mind on a subject of thought, whether the matter of it reaches the brain through eye or ear.
Character Building - Cheerfulness
CHEERFULNESS has been delightfully called "the bright weather of the heart." Let the mother smile down upon the babe that gazes tearfully up into her eyes, and often out of a peevish humor a happy spirit is at once evoked, for an infant is most sensitive to look and tone.
Character Building - Chivalry
MAY not the twentieth-century mother bring her lad or maiden, a lesson from the brave days of old? The maxim of the knight of medieval chivalry was devotion to arms, compassion for the oppressed, and regard for women.
Character Building - Civic Responsibility
EVERY lad, as he approaches manhood, should be imbued with the idea that fitting himself for citizenship is a patriotic duty.
Character Building - Cleanliness
UNDER this title we wish to say a few words to boys and girls, but especially to boys, about cleanliness of body and mind.
Character Building - Contentment
IN the present-day world perhaps one of the rarest things to be met with is the spirit of contentment. Everybody is striving to get more than they have, of money, or position, luxury, or power.
Character Building - Conversation
Good conversation is an art that all young persons are anxious to acquire, but they will never excel in it unless they are accustomed to well-expressed and high-toned talk at home.
Character Building - Courage
ALL parents want their boys to be courageous, and would like to see them heroes, yet often train them away from these ideals, or allow others to do so.
Character Building - Curiosity
CURIOSITY, in the definition of a French writer on the mental life of children, is the mind in quest of knowledge.
Character Building - Democratic Responsibility
MOST unspoiled children are little democrats. What people wear, what they know, what they possess, affect the small child very slightly.
Character Building - Firmness
FIRMNESS is as necessary to character as is stability to a house. The biographies of eminent men, such as those outlined in Volume IX, show that they possessed it in a high degree, or they would not have accomplished the deeds for which they are honored.
Character Building - Friendship
EVERY mother realizes what supreme objects of interest children are to children; and this is well, for they should not live only with older people, but should have happy relations with those of their own age.
Character Building - Generosity
THE little child comes into the world with a generous and loving heart. He will divide with any one his toys or his candy; it is only when life opens more before him that he becomes selfish and wants everything for himself.
Character Building - The Gentlemen
We suggest that the young reader consult the definition of the word gentleman in any good dictionary, and try to acquire a fondness for frequently consulting a dictionary or encyclopedia.
Character Building - Gentleness
SAID a well-known man to his daughter: My dear, I sometimes think that one of the most beautiful attributes one can possess is gentleness.
Character Building - Habits
MEN and women of middle age know how difficult it is to break a bad habit, and how easy it is to form a new one. A large part of the training and education of children consists in helping them to acquire right habits of thinking and doing.
Character Building - Heroism
HEROISM is so great and splendid a quality that it has not been thought too much to devote to it almost the whole of Volume VII in our Library.
Character Building - Home Study
BOYS and girls-and their parents-should never forget that if they would live a full, useful, happy and successful life, they must do serious reading and actual study after their school days are over.
Character Building - Honor
First think of the word HONOR. Have you a clear idea of the meaning of the word? Enlarge that idea by reading and re-reading the definition in a good dictionary.
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