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Hinduism - The Vedic Age
Who are the gods to whom these priests offer their prayers and psalms? They are many, and of various kinds. Most of them are taken from the religion of the people, and dressed in new garb according to the imagination of the priest ; and a few are priestly inventions altogether.
Hinduism - The Age Of Brahmanas And Upanishads
The beginnings of the religion of Krishna are thus very uncertain. But as we travel down the ages we find it growing and spreading.
Hinduism - The Epics, And Later
WE now enter upon an ago in which the old gods, Indra and Brahma, retire to the background, while Vishnu and Siva stand in the forefront of the stage.
Hinduism - Rama
Rama is the hero of the Ramayana, the great epic ascribed to Valmiki, a poet who in course of time has passed from the realm of history into that of myth, like many other Hindus.
Hinduism - Some Later Preachers
With all its attractions and success, the new Krishnaism did not everywhere overgrow the older stock upon which it had been engrafted. There were many places in which the early worship of Vishnu and Vasudeva remained almost unchanged.
Hinduism - Brahma And The Trimurti
Brahma, the Creator, a masculine noun, must be carefully distinguished from the neuter Brahma, the abstract First Being.
Hinduism - Two Modern Instances
In Northern India, and especially in Bengal, you will often find Hindus worshipping a god whom they call Satya-narayana and believe to be an embodiment of Vishnu himself.
Hinduism - Conclusion
What does all this mean ? It means that the history of a god is mainly moulded by two great factors, the growth of the people's spiritual experience and the character of its religious teachers.
Religion And Medicine - Introduction
If a temporary digression may be pardoned, our Class for the Treatment of Nervous Disorders is not the first effort we have made for the relief of the sick. Nearly three years ago the Emmanuel Church Tuberculosis Class began its beneficent mission under the medical direction of Dr. Joseph H. Pratt.
The Subconscious Mind
To this obscure domain of the soul a great variety of names unfortunately has been given the unconscious mind, the subconscious, the subliminal, the subjective, etc.
The Mind And Suggestion
THE most important fact which has yet been discovered in regard to the subconscious mind is that it is suggestible, i.e., it is subject to moral influence and direction.
The Mind And Auto-Suggestion
WE have seen how powerfully suggestion operates when administered in the waking state or in a hypnotic sleep. Let us now consider a third form of suggestion in which the idea presented to the mind takes its origin, not, as in the other two forms, from without, but from within, is produced by the activity of one's own brain.
The Functional Neuroses
As we hope that this book will be of some service to nervous sufferers, we are loath to introduce into it any descriptions of disease.
The Causes Of Nervousness (Heredity)
As the phenomena of nervousness are so general in character we may well suspect its causes to be likewise general. In fact in so far as nervousness is an affection of personality we may look for its causes in all the influences which affect our personality.
The Cuases Of Nervousness (Environment)
NERVOUSNESS in its manifold forms is often called a disease of civilization. Without civilization there can be no nervousness; there is no race, no climate, no environment that can make nervousness and nervous disease possible and common, save when reinforced by man's work and worry and indoor life.
The Nervous System In Health And Disease
THE cellular theory has been one of the most stimulating movements in modern science. This theory considers all living organisms, whether animals or plants, as composed of an immense number of independent, yet interacting, units, called cells.
Diseases Of The Subconscious
AROUND the problem of the subconscious is grouped the greater part of the researches and revelations of modern abnormal psychology. The term has been used rather loosely, however, and possesses many meanings for layman and scientist alike.
The Nature Of Hypnotism
THE words hypnotism and hypnosis were first suggested by Braid of Manchester in 1843, although many of the phenomena had been recognized from remote antiquity.
The Therapeutic Value Of Hypnotism
WE have now reached the most important part of our subject, and that is, the therapeutic use of hypnotic suggestion. Janet says (Lowell Lectures) that - there is no physiological function which is exempt from modification by hypnotic influence, if not complete control by it.
Psychic And Motor Re-Education
THERE is one aspect of psychotherapeutics which has received but a limited degree of attention, and yet when this phase of the problem is more clearly understood, we can hope for further advances along these lines.
General Principles Of Psychotherapy
THE chief object of this volume is to present to the reader an epitome of one of the most important tendencies in modem medicine namely, the treatment of certain functional nervous disorders by means of suggestion.
Fear And Worry
FEAR is one of our most elemental and primitive emotions. Indeed the biologist assures us that along with Surprise it was the first to be developed, as the feeling of the Ludicrous was the last. Fear is common to all forms of animal existence, even the lowest.
Abnormal Fears
WE now pass on to speak of abnormal fears. These are evidences or symptoms of an unhealthy psychical state. They are especially associated with neurasthenia and psychasthenia. Neurasthenic differ from psychasthenic fears in being milder, not so deeply rooted in the mental organism and more amenable, therefore, to psychical treatment.
Faith And Its Therapeutic Power
THERE is perhaps no subject connected with religion about which there is so much confusion of thought as the question of faith. This confusion arises from a variety of causes. The word is used so vaguely that the mind loses itself in the attempt to grasp its real significance.
Prayer And Its Therapeutic Value
ONE of our most natural human instincts is prayer. The moral life of man began with prayer, and if the Son of Man find faith upon the earth, it will end in prayer.
Suicide And Its Prevention
Everyday observation appears to confirm the depressing figures of the statisticians. Not a day passes but the newspapers report successful or unsuccessful attempts at self-destruction.
Healing Wonders Of Christ
IN the history of the Founder of Christianity as re-corded in the Gospels, we find attributed to Him certain wonderful or miraculous deeds. From the second century to the present time these achievements have excited in some grave scepticism, whereas in the case of others they have met with enthusiastic acceptance.
The Outlook Of The Church
THE religious world today is confronted by a very curious condition. We discern a general quickening of faith and a renewal of interest in religion on the one side, and a diminution of the influence of the Church on the other.
Physical Disorders Having Mental Origin
THE mind is the capital city where the consumers dwell, those law-makers and manufacturers of thought and nervous impulses. The body is the outlying country.
An Artist's Experiments In Auto-Suggestion
My work, as you know, brings me constantly before the public, and consequently my most essential need is self-possession and self-confidence. These qualities I lacked to such a degree that I was never able to do my-self justice.
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