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From Bombay To Agra
I had no time to see any sights in Bombay, as I was shopping, etc., the whole time. The crowds in the city were tremendous, the natives for hundreds of miles round flocking in.
The Durbar
Just a line in hopes of catching the mail before I go to bed. One of the last places I visited in Agra was the old Roman Catholic cemetery. There were a lot of Christians there in Akbar's time, mainly Portuguese ; but the oldest tomb with a legible date is, curiously, an Englishman's, who came to Agra in 1605 and talked with Akbar.
The Rajput Cities And Ahmedabad
JAIPUR.-I enclose a sketch-map with my proposed itinerary marked in ink ; it is a great deal of ground to cover. The first tour, which I am doing now, and which lasts till I get back to Bombay on January 8th, means over two thousand miles of railway travelling.
Palitana, Mount Abu
MOUNT ABU.—Before coming here, I had a most interesting trip to Palitana. As the map shows, it is away down in a corner of Kathiawar, where travellers scarcely ever go in fact, the railway was only opened in November, and is not marked on the map.
From Abu To Karli
Even in British India the civilians are hard put to it to make the administration efficient, because they can get absolutely no co-operation from the people. I heard some more about the difficulties of famine relief from one of the Gujerat men only yesterday.
A Deccani Mission
January 18, 1912, MIRI, AHMEDNAGAR DISTRICT. I have been constantly on the move since last mail. I joined Jim soon after I last wrote, and we dined in Poona. On Saturday morning we passed Ahmednagar, but did not get out till we reached a small station called Lakh, about twenty miles north.
The South Mahratta Country
I started off from Ahmednagar on Thursday, the 25th, at i a.m., and after twelve hours of beastly trains arrived at Bijapur about one o'clock. Bijapur is now nearly deserted, but for two hundred years it was one of the most important towns in India.
Southern India
I left Panjim (New Goa) on Thursday morning by the seven o'clock boat. The sunrise over the creek was lovely. We arrived off Mormumgao about a quarter-past eight, but the Republican Government had played us a little joke, and forbidden the boat to land us there on or after February 1st, which it was, on plea of plague.
South Indian Topics
MADRAS. -The Nationalist leaders here are extremely nice to talk to, and I think perfectly sincere. They admit the necessity of British rule for a long time to come yet, but they think a much larger percentage of Civil Service appointments should be given to them.
The Moghulai
I left Bombay on Wednesday night by a train which contrived to take eleven hours over the hundred and sixty miles to Manmad, which we reached at nine o'clock in the morning. It is the point on the main Bombay-Calcutta line where the Hyderabad railway branches off.
Calcutta And Darjeeling
CALCUTTA. -I left Aurangabad on Monday at two o'clock. Knowing the train would be hot, I shut up all the Venetian shutters on both sides and thus kept it down to 92, which was not at all uncomfortable.
From Calcutta To Khyber
AGRA.-I left Calcutta on Wednesday and got to Benares on Thursday morning, two days later than I had intended (owing to my indisposition), and so had only two days there instead of four.
KOHALA DAK BUNGALOW. This is where I am stopping the first night en route for Kashmir.
Russia - Finland To Moscow
Before the revolution the train service from Helsingfors to Petrograd and Moscow and then on across Russia was the most efficient in that part of the world. Today, with neither coal nor oil available, and with wood only for use on the locomotives, the service is anything but efficient.
Russia - Lenin And Other Leaders
Lenin celebrated his fiftieth birthday this year, on the 10th April—the 23rd by our calendar. Ire was born in Simbirsk in the Volga region. His father was by origin a peasant. His mother came of the same stock.
Russia - Lenin, Bolshevism And Religion
LENIN is one of the most realistic men have ever met : he speaks straight out, quite indifferent to the effect his views may have on his hearers.
Russia - Co-Operation, Trade And Business
Nowhere in the whole wide world is there such an abundance of natural wealth as in Russia, and nowhere is there, in my opinion, a people more capable of being organised and led along the road leading to the Communist State than in that great country.
Russia - Trade Unions And Labor Organization
The Trade Union. Movement has not been abolished in Russia and is not likely to be. The Headquarters of the Federation of Russian workers is to be found in the Nobles' Club at Moscow.
Russia - Childeren And Education
There is one outstanding thought in connection with my short stay in Russia which never leaves me, and that is the conditions under which found children living.
Russia - Law And Order
THE Russian revolution in its inception was the least terrorist in its methods of all modern upheavals ; in fact, it was a triumph for pacifism.
Russia - Prisoners And Captives
My claim for the Russian Government is that, within the limits of their means, and these limits were imposed from the outside by the infamous blockade and war, the Bolshevik Government has set the world an example as to the methods of dealing with prisoners.
Russia - About People
THERE is much talk about Russia being a lifeless nation ; that all industry is at a standstill and that the nation is dying. This may be so; I shall here write just what I have seen of people in the streets, in railway trains, theatres, factories, churches and public places.
Russia - Public Health
In spite of living in the midst of war, pestilence and famine, these Russian Bolshevists, theorists and dreamers as they are called, are proving they know how to organise and that with idealisms they also carry a complete knowledge of all that is needed not merely to govern but to administer the social life of a great nation by the co-operative of the whole body of citizens.
Russia - Moscow To London
I LEFT MOSCOW on Saturday, February 28th, at midday. Accompanying mewere two British soldiers who were being released owing to ill-health. They had been placed in my charge by the Soviet, Government.
Eve of Departure
The sky above was the deepest blue, the sea beyond the reef was the colour of a pansy, while upon the reef itself the surf broke in a line of white. The sea within the reef was a wondrous green, and so clear was the water and so white the sand that in swimming one's shadow could be seen on the weedless bottom.
Journey To Barbados
A journey to Barbados in a mail steamer of 6000 tons provides little to comment upon unless it be the grumbling of the passengers. There are always many to find fault. Some will complain that the ship goes too fast, or not fast enough.
The climate of Barbados in the winter is healthy and agreeable. The little island lies far out to sea in the very heart of the trade wind. That genial breeze blows steadily from November to May. To sit in a draught in scant attire so that a strong east wind may play upon the sitter like a douche is one of the chief objects of life in Barbados.
The Inland Cliff and the Sea Beaches
Barbados is a coral island. A coral reef encircles the greater part of its homely girth, its roads are made of coral of the whitest, while much of the stone of its houses has been fashioned by the coral polyp.
George Washington at Barbados
George Washington visited Barbados in 1751, when he was a lad of nineteen. He came over from Virginia with his brother Lawrence, who had developed a lung trouble, for which he was advised to try the West Indies. The journey across the Gulf of Mexico and along the Caribbean Sea occupied them a little more than a month.
The Islanders
When slavery was abolished, Parliament voted a sum of money to be paid to owners as compensation for setting their slaves at liberty. The total sum thus expended in the salvation of men was nearly nineteen millions sterling. The number of slaves set free was no less than 770,280.
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