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Positive Contribution Of Hinduism To Ethical Thought
THE criticism which has been offered in this work has necessarily been largely of a negative and destructive kind. We have found reason for believing that Hindu philosophical thought furnishes no satisfactory basis for an ethic, while the system of dharma rests on no sure intellectual supports.
The Hindu And The Christian Ehtic
IN the course of the foregoing discussion comparison has frequently been made of the Hindu and the Western points of view in regard to the ethical problem. It may be helpful if we try, even at the risk of repetition, to bring together some of the features in which the Hindu ethic differs from the distinctively Christian ethic.
Slyvanus Cobb, Jr. - The Gunmaker Of Moscow
This is the author's most famous story and it has spread his fame over many lands, having been translated into many foreign languages.
Henry Cockton - Valentine Vox, The Ventriloquist
VENTRILOQUISM was so little known in England in the earlier half of the last century that when Valentine Vox, a decent Suffolk youth, acquired the art for the sole purpose of amusing himself, he caused many mysterious disturbances in his native town.
William Wilkie Collins - Antonina
Antonina was the first novel that Wilkie Collins wrote. Its success was so pronounced as to give him at once a recognized place among the English writers of fiction of that time, a group that included Dickens, Thackeray, and Bulwer.
William Wilkie Collins - The Woman In White
The Woman in White came next to The Moonstone in establishing the fame of William Wilkie Collins. In it as in his other novels he worked on a principle quite different from that of Gaboriau and Poe and the school practically founded by them.
William Wilkie Collins - Armadale
A curious coincidence with respect to this story is that after thirteen monthly instalments of it had been published in a magazine three men one after another died of carbon-dioxide suffocation on a ship at Liverpool, precisely as Miss Gwilt died in the novel, and as Miss Gwilt had planned that Armadale should die.
William Wilkie Collins - Man And Wife
Wilkie Collins's success as a novelist rested mainly upon his extraordinary power of complex construction; but in nearly all his novels he had an ear-nest purpose to serve, a thesis to maintain, a sermon to preach.
William Wilkie Collins - No Name
Except The Woman in White, none of Wilkie Collins's novels was more widely popular at the time of its publication than No Name, though the great success of Man and Wife in its dramatized and acted form has since given that story a greater reputation and a firmer hold upon the popular mind.
William Wilkie Collins - The Moonstone
This story was the most popular of all the author's tales of mystery, and has gone through numerous editions.
Ralph Connor - The Sky Pilot: A Tale Of The Foothills
Ralph Connor is the pen-name of a Canadian clergyman whose novels came into great vogue just at the end of the nineteenth century. His tales are, with one exception, set in the wild regions of Canada, usually in what is loosely called the Northwest.
Hugh Conway - Called Back
Although this is not the only novel by this writer, it is the only one that achieved any renown. It had so extraordinary a success for a time that it outsold every other book of its year, and went through many editions, later being dramatized and successfully presented on the stage.
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