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Alabaster Cave, El Dorado County
Bright coral-like stalactites hang down in irregular rows, and in almost every variety of shape and shade, from milk-white to cream-color; standing in inviting relief to the dark arches above, and the frowning buttresses on either hand; while low-browed ridges, some almost black, others of a reddish-brown, stretch from either side.
At The World's End
The extensive and uninhabited plain which stretches south of Newera Ellia to the very rim of the great central plateau of the island of Ceylon, and of which the isolated station of Hackgalla marks the northern limit, is called Horton's Plain, in honor of its discoverer, Lord Horton.
The Taj Mahal
In regard to color and design, the interior of the Taj Mahal may rank first in the world for purely decorative workmanship; while the perfect symmetry of its exterior, once seen can never be forgotten, nor the aerial grace of its domes, rising like marble bubbles into the clear sky.
Sunrise on the Parthenon
I have enjoyed every hour in Athens. Last Tuesday I climbed Mount Pentelicus, and from its summit looked right down on the famous battlefield of Marathon. It is as smooth as a race-course, and so small that Miltiades with his ten thousand Athenians could cover the whole front against ten times as many Persians.
A Visit to Karnak
Soon, breathless with surprise, we stood in the great hall of Karnak. We could not look; we could only feel. So unaccustomed were we to such grandeur that we did not essay to take in the proportions of the temple, but sat amid this wreck of the Titans, and dreamily looked on and on, past many a fallen, many a standing, column, till our eye rested upon the sunshine of another temple-gate.
Marriage Among the Clovers
In the clovers, on the other hand, we have a much more complicated arrangement, and one much less like the ordinary cases with which we are familiar in the animal world. Here the flowers are collected in heads or clusters, and each flower is in itself at once both male and female.
A Plant that Melts Ice
If you have ever visited the Alps in early spring, you will know well by sight the dainty little nodding bells of the Alpine soldanella, twin flowers on one stalk, like fairy tocsins, which push their heads boldly through the ice of the névé, and form a border of blue blossoms on the edge of the snow sheet.
Records of Plants and Animals
It is chiefly by the aggregation of their own remains into more or less extensive deposits that plants and animals leave their most prominent and enduring memorials. As examples of the way in which this is done by plants, reference may be made to peat-bogs, mangrove-swamps, infusorial earth, and calcareous sea-weeds.
Beginnings of Plant Life
Although the origin of life is practically a sealed book to us, the processes of life are fairly well understood. Living organisms may be roughly classified as plants and animals. Plants are storers of the sun's energy, and animals reconvert this stored energy into other forms.
Some Wonders of Plant Life
In the largest of the museums in Kew Gardens the curator is well aware of the love of liberty inherent in the box-nut. One bottleful of specimens is preserved in a solution, thus preventing the drying and contracting process. Close by is a glass jar containing dried specimens.
How Plants Travel
Rambling over the South Downs, in England, in late summer or autumn you may often see the short, smooth turf veiled with a soft, moving mist. It is the down loosened from the ripened heads of the little dwarf plume thistle floating about in the breeze.
The North American Forest
Each of the three main subdivisions of the North American forest has peculiarities distinguishing them from the others. Let us first look at the great Atlantic region. This immense territory was, when white men first came to our shores, almost uninterruptedly covered with forest.
The Value of Our Forests
The great industries of agriculture, transportation, mining, grazing, and, of course, lumbering, are each one of them vitally and immediately dependent upon wood, water, or grass from the forest. The manufacturing industries, whether or not wood enters directly into their finished products, are scarcely, if at all, less dependent upon the forest than those whose connection with it is obvious and direct.
Strange Truths About Big Trees
We are often reminded of the great antiquity of the pyramid of Cheops. Yet when the great army of 100,000 men began work on that edifice, 2,000 years before Christ, the great sequoias were already older than the pyramid is today; they had battled with the elements for probably at least 4,000 years.
The Mammoth Trees of Mariposa and Fresno
When on the summit of the mountain they saw the broad and towering tops of the mammoth trees—since known as the Mariposa Grove—and shortly afterward were walking among their immense trunks. A partial examination revealed the fact, that a second grove of trees had been found, that was far more extensive than that of Calaveras, and many of the trees fully as large as those belonging to that world-renowned group.
Wonders of Plant-Breeding
The fundamental principles of plant-breeding are simple, and may be stated in few words; the practical application of these principles demands the highest and most refined efforts of which the mind of man is capable, and no line of mental effort promises more for the elevation, advancement, prosperity, and happiness of the whole human race.
Wonders of Animal Development
If we had had the opportunity of studying the early mammals of the Rocky Mountain region with a full appreciation of the possibilities of evolution, we should have perceived that they were essentially of the same stock and ancestral to our modern types.
Wonders of Atoms
Trees grow and so do men and horses, and here we have new power incessantly introduced upon the earth. But its source is the sun. For he it is who separates the carbon from the oxygen of the carbonic acid and thus enables them to recombine.
Wonders of Earth's Vast Ocean
Minor oceans do exist, certainly. We have the Atlantic, North and South; the Pacific, North and South; the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the Indian. Yet for us there is but one great world-wide OCEAN, encircling the Earth, every part being in connection with every other part.
Rivers in the Sea
Chief perhaps in importance is the Gulf Stream, that vast flood which pours out of the Gulf of Mexico, and acts as a winter heating apparatus for the west of Europe. Though by no means the largest of ocean streams, it is one of the most useful to man.
Scattered through the vast Chalk-beds of Great Britain and the Continent of Europe are thousands of layers of flint, such layers as any of us may have seen intersecting the smooth white face of Chalk Cliffs. And as with Chalk, so with Flint—we at once find ourselves upon the track of Life.
The Oldest Picture-Book of All
We stand out under the stars on some clear moonless night, and looking upward, though no forms are visible, though it is only here and there that the natural grouping can by the utmost legitimate effort of fancy be made to fit some preconceived shape, yet we still seem to see the whole vast dome covered with mysterious frescoes.
Wonders of the Aurora
The brilliant streamers of colored light which wave at certain seasons over the heavens have long since been recognized as among the most singular and impressive of all the phenomena which the skies present to our view. There is something surpassingly beautiful in the appearance of the true auroral curtain.
Clouds, Rains, and Rivers
The drier the air, and the hotter the air, the greater is the amount of cloud which can be thus dissolved in it. When the cloud first forms, its quantity is far greater than the air is able to maintain in an invisible state. But as the cloud mixes gradually with a larger mass of air it is more and more dissolved, and finally passes altogether from the condition of a finely divided liquid into that of transparent vapor or gas.
Our Planet and its Relation to the Universe
Whether man was given a beginning in a Mesopotamian Eden, or awoke to intelligence in some cradling valley of Central Asia, his first impression of external things no doubt concerned itself with conjectures regarding the sun, moon, and stars.
School Administration
As music is not a matter of strings or keys or instruments, and as true oratory does not depend upon the language or color of the orator, so administration is not a matter of forms or method.
Education And Schooling
We are now engaged in the most stupendous educational, social, and economic experiment the world has ever undertaken — the experiment of universal education ; and whether in the end universal education shall prove a blessing or a curse to us will depend entirely upon our skill in handling the issues it has raised for our solution.
The State And Education
The State is the organic body of society; without it society would be hardly more than a mere abstraction. If the name had not been restricted to a single, narrow, extreme, and radically mistaken class of thinkers, we ought all to regard our-selves and to act as Socialists, believers in the wholesomeness and beneficence of the body politic.
Education Review
In view of the growing dependence-of modern states upon science and the arts for the attainment of their political ends, it has been suggested of late that the institutions of education, with the university at their head, may fairly be regarded as a fourth branch of government, coordinate with the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches.
Education In The United States
Education in the United States is not so much disorganized as it is unorganized. It is not so much unorganized as it is the subject of cross and various organizations.
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