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Marriage Customs Of Siam
Marriages in Siam take place at an early age. An English traveller, Sir P. J. Bowring, states that he has seen as many as five generations gathered round the head of a family! As in India and China, go-betweens or match-makers are employed.
Marriage Customs Of Borneo
Among the Sinambau Dyaks of Borneo there are ways of courting not unknown in European countries. For instance, when a young girl has taken the fancy of some man, he shows his preference by helping her in her daily labour in a chivalrous manner only too rare in Eastern countries.
Marriage Customs Of China
THE lives of the Celestials, as the Chinese style themselves, are very much ruled and influenced by certain notions with regard to spirits and the spirit-world.
Marriage Customs Of Japan
IT is with a feeling of relief that we turn from the cruel conventions of a decaying civilisation, such as that of China, to consider the marriage customs of the bright, happy, and intelligent people of Japan.
Marriage Customs Of Persia
IN a country like Persia, where women are strictly veiled, love-matches are somewhat rare ; in spite of all precautions, however, such things do occasionally take place.
Marriage Customs Of Afghanistan
The women of Afghanistan go about unveiled, and a young man may choose a partner for himself without the aid of a match-maker, or even of his parents.
Marriage Customs Of Arabs
Arabs entertain no very high opinion of women. They have a saying as follows : Marriage is joy for a month, and sorrow for a life, and the paying of settlements, and the breaking of one's back (i.e. under the load of misery), and the listening to a woman's tongue.
Marriage Customs Of Turkey
THE ceremonies attending a Turkish wedding are thoroughly Eastern, and it would be easy to point out resemblances to customs which have been already described in our accounts of China, or Japan, Arabia and more especially Persia.
Marriage Customs Of The Armenians
The Armenians do not, as a rule, allow their daughters much freedom, and in consequence marriages are in most cases arranged, the go-between being usually a priest.
Marriage Customs Of The Druses
Among the Druses of Mount Lebanon, when one of their Sheikhs wishes to marry, he sends a messenger to the father of the girl that takes his fancy, and demands his consent.
Marriage Customs Of Syrians
Among the Syrian Christians weddings usually take place on a Sunday. Friday is devoted to the ceremonies of the bath, and on Saturday all the neighbours come in to see the bride-elect, who is painted and gaily dressed, and to offer their congratulations.
Marriage Customs Of North Africans
THE marriage ceremonies of modern Egyptians resemble those of Turkey at the present day, so we need not repeat what has been already said of that country.
Marriage Customs Of Abyssinia
The people of Abyssinia make a broad distinction between civil and religious marriages. The former are hardly considered binding, and so can be dissolved on some very slight pretext, while the latter constitute a solemn tie that cannot be broken.
Marriage Customs Of Tripoli
The following description of a wedding which took place in Fezzan about fifty years ago will serve to show how marriages are celebrated by the Mohammedans of Tripoli.
Marriage Customs Of Morocco
The people of Morocco, both men and women, take a great delight in weddings. Unfortunately, marriage with these people is far from being the sacred tie, or the life-long union of Christian men and women.
Marriage Customs Of Kabyle People
A Kabyle wife leads a much happier and far more rational life than an Arab married woman ; no rival shares her husband's heart—she is his wife in the best sense of the word, treated with affection and respect.
Marriage Customs Of Equitorial Africa
AMONG the Ewe-speaking people of the Slave Coast of West Africa, a girl who is looking out for a husband pays visits to her relations and friends attired in her best garments, and adorned with the family jewelry.
Marriage Customs Of South Africa
WHATEVER virtues may be ascribed to the dark races of Africa, it cannot be said that they possess a sense of chivalry to women ; the gentler sex seem to do all the hard work.
Marriage Customs Of Aborigines Of North And South America
AMONG the Eskimo of Greenland we find marriage by capture in full force.
Marriage Customs Of Autralasia
AMONG the the wild aborigines of South Australia and other parts of the continent there are no marriage rites at all, and a wife is obtained either by purchase from her father or brother, or else carried off by main force.
Marriage Customs Of Melanesia And Polynesia
IN the Solomon Isles (Melanesia), a girl is not sought in marriage until her charms have been enhanced by the tattooer's art. The painful and tedious operation is performed by a medicine man, whose services are handsomely rewarded.
Marriage Customs Of Greece
The unfortunate Greeks having so long been under the yoke of Turkey it is not surprising to find that some of their marriage customs resemble those of the Turks. But the reader who follows this account will very soon perceive other ceremonies similar to those observed in China, India, Russia, and among the gypsies.
Marriage Customs Of Danubian Principalities
AS might be expected, the peasants of Bulgaria retain many very old marriage customs, although the upper classes are gradually assimilating those of the modern Greeks.
Marriage Customs Of Russia
THAT Russians do not esteem women highly is clearly shown by their proverbs. There is only one soul, they say, between ten women. A husband declares, I love thee as my soul, and I beat thee as my cloak.
Marriage Customs Of Scandinavia And Poland
IN Sweden if a youth and maiden eat of the same piece of bread people say they are sure to fall in love with one another. This is not an indispensable preliminary—at least in the province of Bohus and in Finland.
Marriage Customs Of Germany
THE Thuringian youths do their love making on the way home from a village dance, or fair ; and a swain puts the momentous question in its boldest form.
Marriage Customs Of Bohemia, Austria And Hungary
BEFORE a marriage takes place in Bohemia the two families about to become allied together hold a meeting in order to discuss the terms of the bargain.
Marriage Customs Of Tyrol And Switzerland
VARIOUS are the ways in which maidens silently reveal their preference for some particular swain. In the Tyrol, if a girl presents her lover with a bottle of spirits, it is equivalent to saying that he has found favour in her eyes, and henceforth is at liberty to visit her at home.
Marriage Customs Of Italy, Spain And Portugal
THE good old custom of keeping company, as distinct from being formally engaged, obtains among the gondoliers' families at Venice. When a young man finds that a damsel eyes his suit with favour, he informs a friend, and the two don their best clothes and make a ceremonious call upon the girl's father.
Marriage Customs Of France, Holland And Belgium
THERE are many ways of encouraging or discouraging a lover's attentions besides saying in so many words that he is welcome or had better be gone. The Dauphine maiden is past mistress in this art.
Marriage Customs Of England And Wales
WE have reserved our account of the customs of our country to the end, in order that the reader may be in a better position to understand the origin and meaning of those observances which have been handed down from a more or less remote antiquity.
Marriage Customs Of Scotland
THE old Scottish custom of the Penny Wedding has been thus described — When there was a marriage of two poor people who were esteemed by any of the neighbouring gentry, they agreed among themselves to meet and have a dance upon the occasion, the result of which was a handsome donation, in order to assist the new-married couple in their outset in life.
Location And Soil
Therefore let me say to any man who owns or can secure control of a piece of ground, make a garden on it, and do your very best to make it bring forth liberally. You will be amply repaid for your labor in more ways than one.
Preparation Of The Garden
GARDENS in which the soil is heavy can be benefited by fall plowing. If the ground is turned up and left in ridges as it comes from the plow, in October or November, the action of frost on it during the winter will have a decidedly disintegrating effect, and it will be found much more tractable in spring than it would be if freshly plowed.
Planning The Garden
The arrangement of the garden is a matter of more importance than one unfamiliar with garden-work would naturally suppose. The amateur is likely to think that it matters very little how it is arranged, so long as seeds are put into the ground and crops are harvested from it.
Planting The Garden
As has been said in another chapter, it is unwise to begin work in the garden too early in the season. The ground must be given time to get rid of excessive moisture before it is safe to do much with it.
Garden Implements
EVERY person who becomes a gardener on a large or small scale should provide himself with the various implements which simplify and expedite the work to be done.
Weeding And Transplanting
VERY little can be done in the way of weeding until the seedling vegetables are of a size that will make it easy for the amateur to tell which is which readily. As soon as this can be done, weeding should begin.
Hot-Bed And Cold-Frame
ONE of the first things to be done in spring in the line of gardening operations is the making of a hot-bed in which to grow plants for transplanting to the garden as soon as the weather will permit.
Insecticides And Fungicides
The gardener hardly expects, nowadays, to mature a crop of vegetables or small fruits without having to fight insects and diseases of a fungoid character.
What To Grow
If the reader consults the catalogues of the seedsmen in making his selection of seeds for his garden, he will find many kinds described therein of which no mention will be made by me. Many of these are good.
What To Grow - Part 2
This delicious vegetable should be grown in every garden large enough to give it room. Just gathered from the stalk, it has a delicacy of flavor which the corn obtained in the market never has, unless bought fresh from the grower.
What To Grow - Part 3
This vegetable is considered by the house-wife as one of the most important of all garden vegetables, because of its usefulness in seasoning soups and salads, and as a basis for pickles.
Greens And Misc. Plants
MOST persons like greens, especially in spring when the system seems to demand a change from the somewhat heavy and restricted diet of winter.
Asparagus And Rhubarb
ASPARAGUS, one of the most delicious of all vegetables, is doubly prized because it can be had so early in the season. From old, well-established plantings, it can be cut for at least two months, or until other vegetables come in to take its place.
PERHAPS no fruit has been more written about than the strawberry. Its popularity increases constantly, because those who have gardens find on trial that they can grow it very satisfactorily, if not to perfection.
Raspberries And Blackberries
The home garden is not complete unless it contains such small fruits as the raspberry and blackberry.
Currant And The Gooseberry
The currant is one of the best of all small fruits for general cultivation for several reasons : It seldom fails to bear a good crop.
I have advised covering grape-vines in fall. In many sections of the north, this is not necessary. In many localities, however, this must be done, if one would have his vines come through the winter in good condition.
Gardeners Calendar
THERE will not be much doing in strictly gardening operations this month, but one can be getting ready for the actual work of spring.
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