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Personal Habits In Relation To Marriage
WHILE there is a growing willingness in this country to accept the conclusions of science to the harmfulness of alcoholic stimulation, there seems to be growing also a complete unwilingness to accept the same judgment in regard to th euse of tobacco.
Why Think About Marriage
Girls must be willing to consider thoughtfully the subject of marriage from all points of view, if they would protect themselves from lifelong regrets.
Marriage And Its Alternatives
WE have already considered the meaning of sex. We know that it is the principle which divides humanity into two halves in order that each may specialize along a certain line. Marriage, therefore, is the means whereby these two halves are conjoined for perfect functioning.
When To Marry
EARLY marriages are generally considered very advantageous for the young man. It might be well for us to consider whether the same holds true as regards the young woman.
Should A Girl Marry From A Sense Of Duty?
For the sake of the man whom she is to marry, and the children who may be born of the union, no woman should enter the marriage state save where her own heart points out the way.
Love Making And Its Dangers
WE have already considered the danger that threatens the girl who allows her men friends certain little liberties when they have no serious intentions toward marriage. But there are perils, too, in another sort of relation.
Girl Who Has Made A Mistake
WHATEVER may have been the attitude of society in the past toward the woman who had made a moral misstep, today we no longer look upon her as totally different from all other human beings. Her error was a grievous one, but it has not necessarily ended her life as an individual.
True Love And Its Expression
The highest expressions of true love are not found upon the physical plane. The sacrifice of one's own desire for the sake of the welfare of the beloved is the true expression of real and abiding love.
Dancing And Dress
The young wife would do well to pay a little heed to her husband's hints in regard to clothing, not so much as to style and so on, but rather as to the impression made upon men by women's dress.
Essentials Of A Happy Marriage
THE first great essential of a happy marriage is a deep, intense, reciprocal love. So strong is the desire for marriage that many individuals make the experiment of trying to find happiness in marriage without this first great essential.
Wedding Preparations
AS the engagement draws near an end, the young woman begins to turn her attention more definitely to the subjects of a trousseau, the wedding and the wedding journey.
Physical Relationship Of Marriage
IN the days when marriages were arranged for I girls by their parents, they were supposed to be handed over to their lords and masters in what was considered to be a beautiful state of innocence—which meant that they were completely ignorant of the real meaning of marriage.
Snare Of The Boarding House
Moreover it is never possible, in even the best of boarding houses, to get food which is as healthful, or as daintily prepared, as it may be in one's own little home. Probably the reason why so many Americans suffer from indigestion is because so many of them live in hotels and boarding houses.
Question Of Friends
IT is the natural impulse for two young people who feel that in each other they have found the whole universe, to be so satisfied with their new relationship of marriage that they both quite thoroughly neglect everybody else.
Marriage And The In Laws
His family are her in-laws, and her family are his in-laws, and it is quite a question whether or not they are all going to be able to get along harmoniously together.
Quarreling And Making Up
Love is too precious a thing ever to be treated in any other way than the most reverential. While humor is a great essential to success in life; and especially in married life, it must be humor of the right sort.
Jealousy - The Green Eyed Guardian Of Honor
In its rightful place, therefore, when properly controlled and directed, jealousy may well be considered as the guardian of family honor.
When The Other Woman Appears
IT sometimes becomes necessary for the wife to consider the question of the other woman. Of course, it is quite possible for an apprehensive woman to think she perceives a rival upon the horizon when there is nothing more there than the product of her own fancy.
Erring Husband
The question as to what should be done when unfaithfulness has been discovered, therefore, is one which can be answered only by those who are involved, and the right solution can be found only by considering the welfare of all concerned.
When Love Seems Dead
THE wife who has determined to overlook her husband's unfaithfulness has a greater task to perform than she may at first realize. Not only must she be willing to forgive and forget, but she must make the effort to revive a love that apparently has died.
Divorce Problem
BY many, divorce is considered an unmitigated evil. The experience of the human race, however, seems to prove that there may be a right and a wrong use of it, as of everything else.
Unsatifactory Husband
IT sometimes happens that a wife will discover after marriage that she has a husband who is physically unable to enter into the marriage relation. Probably the majority of women are not aware that it is necessary for the sex organs of a man to respond actively to a nerve stimulation, in order that he may be able to perform his part in the marriage relation.
Frigid Wife
AS unfortunate as the impotent husband is the wife who feels no response within her own being to the relationship of marriage. She then becomes a martyr to what she feels to be her husband's demands, although what he asks of her may not, from the normal standpoint, be excessive.
Marriage And Masturbation
Sometimes the very best way to meet this temptation to wrong thinking is to put yourself at once in the company of refined and agreeable people. The very impulse of the victim of this habit, to get off by herself or himself, would seem to indicate that the best possible treatment would be just the opposite of that impulse.
Marriage And Sterility
Conception and childbearing are normal functions of woman, and just as other bodily functions are dependent upon good health, so the occurrence and satisfactory termination of the reproductive crisis is dependent upon this condition.
Menstrual Disorders
NORMAL menstruation in a healthy woman should not occasion any symptoms of illness whatever, except perhaps a slight malaise and a sense of fullness in the pelvic region due to the congestion.
Special Diseases Of Women
PLEASE note that we do not maintain that the suggestions found herein for the treatment of disease will take the place of a competent doctor.
Displacements And Their Correction
BECAUSE of the elasticity of the supporting structures, the female pelvic organs are quite mobile, and therefore very subject to displacement. This is true not only of the uterus, but of the ovaries as well, and very often there is an accompanying displacement of the abdominal viscera also.
MANY women, if asked to name the disease they fear most, would at once mention cancer, and, indeed, not only cancer, but all forms of tumor are the dread of every woman.
Womanly Periodicity
IN order to take proper care of herself it is necessary for every woman to have a more or less complete understanding of the special functions of her reproductive system. This is of especial importance for the young wife, and we will, therefore, turn to a consideration of the part played by the reproductive organs in the life of the woman.
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