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Early State Systems Of Secondary Education
WE have come to the time when French thought is to exercise an appreciable influence on American education. The philosophical and revolutionary literature of France in the eighteenth century was full of educational theories, and the tendency of these theories was strongly secular.
Character Of The Academies
This brief survey can give only a hint of the part which the old academies have played in our national life. For a better understanding of the springs of their influence we must get some glimpses of the personal touch and tone of academy teaching, which was after all the most vital thing in the whole academy history.
Teachers And Teaching
There were other reasons for the strong hold those academies gained upon the affection of their students. And among these must be mentioned the fact that, through some fortunate combination of circumstances, a goodly number of very able teachers were at one time and another employed in them.
Schools - The Movement Toward Public Control
So the movement toward the public control of institutions of learning was mixed in with the various other movements which were making in this country a prosperous and aggressive democracy; and new institutions not a few were coming out of it all.
First High Schools
The making of these schools represents a high development of the spirit of co-operation. The earlier academy movement was a missionary enterprise a bringing to the people of something for the people's good.
Schools - Special Movements
THE two leading types of American secondary school are now before us. Their rivalry and interplay have lent much of interest to our education of this grade during the past two generations.
Schools - Later State Systems
HOWEVER important other educational systems and educational movements may have been, the general trend of the nineteenth century set strongly in the direction of an education under the control of public corporations.
Schools - Recent Tendencies
THE study of the more recent tendencies in our secondary education, leads us, almost before we are aware, into a consideration of our present educational status.
Schools - Recent Tendencies - Continued
THE endeavor to adjust our secondary schools to the changing needs of American life, has had its influence upon curriculums, but has appeared most conspicuously in the differentiation of schools.
Notes On School Life And Studies
In this school, as in many others, the athletic interest is found to serve good ends. At the same time that this fact is recognized, there is much regret expressed that debating clubs and other literary societies do not flourish as in former years.
Schools - The Outlook
It takes wisdom and patience and poise and unbounded good-will to discharge the responsibilities of an intermediary position such as is occupied by our middle schools. But if such graces shall abound in the teachers and managers of the schools, these will deserve well of their country ; and even though we are a democracy, we shall not be wholly ungrateful.
Womanhood And Marriage
In these times of deep trouble woman is being revealed to herself. Now, as never before, the obligation rests upon her to arouse herself, and in the full consciousness of her strength and of the responsibilities which are hers, to rise to heights of world service such as she has never known before.
Marriage - The Meaning Of Sex
SEX is a subject women have been very reluctant to discuss or even to read about. For generations they have been made to feel that sex was something of which they should know nothing.
Mental And Spiritual Significance Of Sex
MEN have always taken pride in their virile powers. To be virile means to be strongly sexed, and that does not mean simply to have well-developed sex organs. It means that every particle of the body feels strongly the impulse of masculinity.
Am I A Complete Woman?
IT is well for every young woman to sit down and frankly face the question, - Am I a complete woman? We are too apt to take ourselves for granted. We are not quite willing to admit the unpleasant truth of our own shortcomings.
The Old Maid
The bachelor girl is an unmarried woman, of almost any age, who has gone out into the world of business and is leading her own independent, and generally very efficient, life.
Choosing A Husband
A HUSBAND should not be an accidental acquisition; he should be the result of a deliberate choice.
Judging A Man's Fitness
THE question of personal purity in the man whom she marries is of supreme importance, not only to the young woman herself but even more to her possible children.
Marriage And The Drink Question
THE personal habits of the man whom she is to marry are a matter of vital importance to every young woman. Some people think it an evidence of unnecessary meddlesomeness on the part of the girl to presume to pass judgment upon the young man's use of alcohol or tobacco.
Basis Of Marital Happiness
EVERY girl should realize, when she promises to marry a man, that she not only has accepted him as a lifelong companion, but that she has definitely agreed to enter into the closest physical relationship.
Regulating The Relation Of Husband And Wife
TWO young people starting out on life's journey together have a great work of adjustment to perform. Heretofore they have lived a more or less self-centered existence.
Making Love Lifelong
THE great problem of all young married people is keeping alive the love which has drawn them together. It is easy enough to fall in love; the difficult thing is to stay in love.
Mistakes And Excesses That Destroy Love
WHEN two young people first enter into the close relationship of marriage, they are so carried away by the beauty and wonder of the love that binds them together that they are in danger of attempting too frequently to give the fullest expression to it.
Crime Of Abortion
ABORTION may be looked upon as an evidence of human degeneracy which has come to us from perverted methods of education associated with a desire to enjoy life's pleasures without assuming the responsibilities allied therewith.
Pros And Cons Of Birth Control
IT is natural to consider the subject of birth control in connection with that of abortion, because it is one of the chief arguments of the advocates of the former plan that it would reduce the amount of what has been termed the American crime, because it is so common among American women.
Heredity And Prenatal Influence
The most important thing for every human being, however, is to be born into the world with a healthy, vigorous body and a well-poised, harmonious mind, and this, particularly, all parents.
Requirements Of Pregnancy
THE young wife who finds herself pregnant for the first time is very apt to allow her-self, first of all, to entertain a feeling of fear. She knows little of the experience which is before her, and doubtless looks upon it as a form of illness.
Why Children Are Necessary To Happiness
HUMAN beings are seeking always for self-expression. As children, they express themselves in their play. When they reach maturity they find self-expression in both play and work ; but in these ways alone they do not find complete manifestation of the inner self.
Question Of Money
THE second big reef upon which the matrimonial bark is in danger of being ship-wrecked is the question of money.
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