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Organizing An Amateur Group
ORGANIZED effort does not mean necessarily affiliation with a large movement. Your dramatics may be purely local. Perhaps in most communities this is best. Then the performances will be sources of local pride.
Choosing The Play
AFTER an organization for the presentation of plays has been perfected, the first question of importance which arises is, - What plays shall it produce.
Some Specimen Programs
IN order to secure enough material from which to make intelligent choice of single plays to include in a program or a season, the direction was given to study the announcements and lists of other organizations, especially the most successful.
Rehearsing The Play
AFTER a play has been chosen for presentation, the next two important steps are to appoint a director or producer, and to select the cast.
Artistic Amateur Settings
IT is perfectly possible—as some amateur enthusiasts assert—to present plays without any scenery. Several years ago almost a dozen directors advertised performances of Shakespeare, emphasizing as a decided feature that the productions were in the Elizabethan manner.
Creating The Stage Picture
FOR setting realistic plays a good general rule is to set them realistically. This does not mean that one should go so far as the limits of inclusiveness exhibited by Mr. Belasco in The Return of Peter Grimm, ever since its run held up as the absolute reductio ad absurdum of fidelity to things as they are.
Costumes And Make-Up
IN discussing the need for economy which nearly every little theater administration must exercise it was stated that by avoiding all costume plays during an entire season the expenditure of a great deal of money should be avoided.
The risks attendant upon manipulation of lighting are omnipresent, but the exultation resulting from a telling stroke o'erweighs all the disappointments.
Yet while we may smile at the ingenuousness of some of the extravagant theorizers we must accord due credit to the ingeniousness of the advancing practical experimentalists.
Educational Dramatics
THE statement made in the first chapter of this book concerning the increased and always increasing interest in affairs dramatic needs no further exemplification than the rapid development of attention to all theatric arts in school and colleges.
Belief in God is the fundamental article of every religious creed, the foundation stone of every theology. Throughout Christendom the people of all churches and sects are unanimous in saying : I believe in God.
The central principle of Christianity, in opposition to some of the older faiths of the East, was the value of the individual. Christ taught that not man alone but men were the objects of the divine love and care.
An old painter of the fifteenth century, Fra Angelico, used to paint the head of Christ on bended knee, and with corresponding reverence of mind the Saviour's life should be studied.
The Creeds
Close together in the Prayer Book stand two venerable Creeds, or short Confessions of Faith, which are used interchangeably in public worship, — the Apostles' and the Nicene.
The Bible
The importance of right views of the Bible can hardly be overstated when we remember the part that Book has played in the history not only of religious beliefs but of Christian civilization.
The Church
Churches or societies for the promotion of religious life and thought have always existed in the world, and it is difficult to see how the growth of mankind in knowledge and culture has made them any less necessary today than they have ever been.
The Sacraments
Religion has always formed for its outward expression rites or symbols to serve as rallying points for faith and worship.
The Liturgy
If we could have gone with Jesus and his disciples into any of the synagogues of Pales-tine at the time of Morning or Evening Prayer, we should have found the people worshipping with a liturgy.
The Future Life
The question of a future life, in its religious or its speculative aspect, is of the greatest interest to every intelligent mind.
Burne Jones - The Humanity Of The Divine
AMONG modern painters no one has achieved a more enduring or splendid fame than Sir Edward Burne-Jones, whose work bids fair to be the glory of England, as that of Raphael is the permanent treasure of Italy.
Raphael - The Sistine Madonna
Mystery is the appropriate garment of divinity. Like Saint Sixtus and Santa Barbara in Raphael's picture, we adore and are silent before the ineffable glory.
Giron - The Grandeur And Glory Of The Mountains
The mountains speak of the greatness of the universe, and therefore of God; they point us heavenward; they help us to realize that the truest visions are for those who are willing to climb—but no word or hint of mercy or salvation is ever suggested by Alp or Himalaya.
Murillo - The Holy Family
The life was the light of men. The Holy Gospels were condensed in the Holy Family.
Munkacsy - Christ On The Cross
The mystery which angels desire to look into, and which will be the endless study of redeemed souls in spheres of light, we, the children of a few years, cannot hope to know very much about; but we may be sure that God is our Father, that Jesus Christ died to save us, that all who trust Him and do their best to follow Him are saved already.
Renouf - The Message And Ministry Of The Sea
AMONG modern artists none that I know have treated the sea more sympathetically and truthfully than Renouf. His Pilot is a noble study of one of the most difficult themes in nature.
Watts - The Coronation Of Life
WATTS has been called the artist of supernatural hope. Principal Forsythe says : We have no man among us so masculine as Mr. Watts ; none so Miltonic, none so conversant with the vast and dignified simplicities of form, the grandness of imagination, and the widest sweep of noble thought.
Holman Hunt - The Light Of The World
Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, in a strangely pathetic poem, in another and very beautiful form, has voiced her interpretation of the truth which shines from Holman Hunt's immortal painting.
Turner - The Mystery And Ministry Of The Sky
AS Turner a really great artist? or was he only a pretentious and bombastic worker in colors who achieved greatness by means of the extravagant adulation of John Ruskin.
Raphael - The Transfiguration
These are some of the lessons which have been impressed upon us as we have studied Raphael's interpretation of the Transfigured Life, and meditated on the words of Him who said — I was dead, but behold I am alive forevermore.
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