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Lincoln's Magnanimity
How few in life will forget an injury, or fail to punish an enemy if the opportunity shall offer. A man must be pretty close to the heart of the Christ to reward an enemy.
Heroic Care For Insane Relatives
Can there be any earthly thing more beautiful than the constant, heroic love for companion, child, parent, brother, or sister? This love, however un-selfish or undying, is but a hint of the love of the Infinite Father, for His afflicted children.
Ants Turned Into Men
Many of the fortunes of life come out of its misfortunes. By Divine power in answer to prayer, sorrow may be turned into joy and defeat into victory. Out of the smallest beginnings God usually brings the most far-searching consequences.
Cut The Rope - Saved His Own Life
It is terrible to have to choose between two courses, either of which leads to sorrow and despair. It is wise to choose while there is yet time, between the course that leads to honor and the course that leads to destruction.
Capital Punishment Among Birds
It may be that in this incident we have the hint of the great fact of account-ability which runs through all human endeavor, which Carlyle calls the shadow of the Judgment Day, and of the penalties of vice which threaten this life and the one which is to come.
Printing On The Cotton Pocket Handkerchief
WHEN Daniel Webster was only eight years of age, he entered a country store, near his father's farm, to look at the pretty things, with a view of spending a few pennies that he had saved.
Bombarded The Heavens In Vain For Rain
THE heat was so terrific, and the rains were so scarce in some of the Western States, one summer, that the crops were parched as though they had been in an oven ; the thermometer ranging from 100 to 108 degrees.
Governor Odell's Industry
Governor Odell has a strong mind, a liberal education, a good character, is a keen judge of men and has a splendid power of organization, but much of his success can be attributed to his enormous capacity for, and intense love of hard work.
His Wife's Face In The Case Of His Watch
Our love for the Saviour should prompt us to keep His picture where the eye will see it most, or better, to keep the original in the locket of the heart.
Grant And The Colt
ULYSSES GRANT, when a boy, took a fancy to a colt in the neighborhood, and begged his father to let him buy him. His father hesitated, but the boy was so anxious about it that he gave his consent.
Dressed For The King's Palace
If the Boxers had only possessed keener eyesight, when they cut out the heart of Hsieh, to find the secret of his courage, they would have discovered Christ in its centre. The secret of every Christian's courage, service, and victory is the presence of Christ in the centre of his soul.
Mimicry Of Life
The ignoble nobleman may practise the arts of politeness without being a gentleman ; the un-Christian may go through his religious observances without having any religion.
Narrow Escape Of A Miner
Almost every minister, man and woman of faith, has had experiences similar to those related by Dr. Cadman.
What A Hindoo Girl Suffered For Christ
At ten years of age she was married. The priests refused to let her read the Bible, but insisted that she should keep her eyes and heart upon the twenty-five pictures and fifty images of the gods she had in her room.
The King And The Ant Hill
He is most like his Master, who has the badge of the only real royalty, whose heart is in sympathy with God's dumb creatures and with his poor.
A Hero With His Face To The Foe
In the Christian warfare, there are more men of the corporal's bravery needed—men who will stand up with their faces to the enemy, every time.
THE motion-picture, as such, does not exist, but owing to a certain deficiency in our optical organs an illusion of pictures in motion is easily made possible. This deficiency results in a peculiar physiological reaction known as Persistence of Vision.
Amateur Motion Picture Cameras
There are, undoubtedly, many excellent cameras which I have not described and of which I have never heard in the foreign field. I know that there are American cameras I have omitted solely because I have not had the opportunity to examine them nor the opportunity to obtain authoritative information concerning them.
News And Topical Cameras
For the man who proposes to engage seriously in the news field, I cannot too strongly recommend that the best camera possible be purchased.
Professional Cameras
IT is not advisable for the amateur to invest in a professional type of camera, no matter how well he can afford to do so, unless he expects to engage in some branch of motion picture work which will prove profitable.
Motion Picture Camera In Use
The professional cinematographer seems to watch everything else around him but his crank, and so he does! He has cranked so many thousand turns that it is second nature to him to crank steadily and uniformly at proper speed.
Motion Pictures - Direction And Rehearsal
Any person being photographed by a motion picture camera is essentially an actor. Any action worth photographing, no matter how simple, has dramatic elements. Likewise, the man who manipulates the crank of a motion picture camera is a cinematographer.
Motion Pictures - Acting And Makeup
ACTING for the camera is essentially an art and is just about as amenable to law as the more common forms of art.
Motion Pictures - Titles
THE popularity of the autographic Kodak has proved that the photographer is prone to forget. All pictures should have a title and a date. These are valuable in later years.
Motion Pictures - Developing And Printing
FIRST, if you wish my earnest advice—let some commercial laboratory do this for you. Did I not know the amateur so well, I should close this chapter here.
Motion Pictures - Editing
These paragraphs treat of direction, acting, titles and editing. I hope I have succeeded in placing them in a somewhat appropriate position in this volume.
Hints For The News Cameramen
In foreign fields, especially, be sure that there are no official objections to the use of the camera. Prior application will many times obtain official permission to photograph where unauthorized photography would result in prohibition or even confiscation of your camera and film.
Motion Pictures - Trick Work
ALTHOUGH the highly complex multiple exposure effects used in the large studios are hardly suitable for the amateur, there is a considerable amount of trick work which can be easily done by the average amateur and which will be a source of amusement to all your spectators.
Stop Motion Work
Many variations of this work will occur to the amateur, and if an exceptionally good or unusually interesting strip of stop-motion film is obtained, if standard gauge, it can be sold at a price considerably higher than that paid for ordinary news work.
Projectors And Projecting
In professional work the projector is a man who has specialized in this branch of the work and rarely, indeed, does the cinematographer project his own film, but the amateur must add to his dual role of director-cinematographer, the third part of the work, projecting.
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