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Old Flower Favorites
I like a garden in which plants have been growing in one spot for a long time, where they have a fixed home and surroundings. In our garden the same flowers shoulder each other comfortably and crowd each other a little, year after year.
Comfort Me With Apples
Often a row of Crabapple trees pressed up into the garden's precincts and shaded the Sweet Peas. Orchard and garden could scarcely be separated, so closely did they grow up together.
Gardens Of The Poets
ALL English poets have ever been ready to sing English flowers until jesters have laughed, and to sing garden flowers as well as wild flowers. Few have really described a garden, though the orderly distribution of flowers might be held to be akin to the restraint of rhyme and rhythm in poetry.
The Charm Of Color
Certainly some alliance of color with a form suited or wonted to it is necessary to produce a gratification of the senses. Thus in the leaves of plants every shade of green is pleasing; then why is there no charm in a green flower.
The Blue Flower Border
But when I reach the Blue Border, then I can speak with decision ; I know whereof I write, I know the variety and beauty of a garden bed of blue flowers. In blue you may have much difference in tint and quality without losing color effect.
Plant Names
The fascination of plant names is founded on two instincts,—love of Nature and curiosity about Language.
There be some flowers make a delicious Tusie-Mussie or Nosegay both for Sight and Smell. - JOHN PARKINSON, A Garden of all Sorts of Pleasant Flowers, 1629.
Joan Silver-Pin
Being of many variable colours, and of great beautie, although of evil smell, our gentlewomen doe call them Jone Silver-pin.
Childhood In A Garden
Winter as well as summer gave us many happy garden hours. Sometimes a sudden thaw of heavy snow and an equally quick frost formed a miniature pond for sheltered skating at the lower end of the garden.
Meetin' Seed And Sabbath Day Posies
MY thought is the association of certain flowers with Sunday; the fact that special flowers and leaves and seeds, Fennel, Dill, and Southernwood, were held to be fitting and meet to carry to the Sunday service.
Sun Dials
In Scotland, and to some extent in England, these sun-dials still are found ; in fine old gardens the most richly carved dials are standing ; but in America they have become so rare that many people have never seen one.
Garden Furnishings
QUAINT old books of garden designers show us that much more was contained in a garden two centuries ago, than now ; it had many more adjuncts, more furnishings ; a very full list of them has been given by Batty Langley in his New Principles of Gardening, etc., 1728.
Garden Boundaries
ONE who reads what I have written in these pages of a garden enclosed, will scarcely doubt that to me every garden must have boundaries, definite and high.
A Moonlight Garden
On every side were old terraced walls covered with Roses and flowering vines, banked with shrubs, and standing in beds of old-time flowers running over with bloom ; but behind the house, stretching up the lovely hillside, was The Garden, and when we entered it, lo.
Flowers Of Mystery
BOGIES and fairies, a sense of eeriness, came to every garden-bred child of any imagination in connection with certain flowers. These flowers seemed to be regarded thus through no special rule or reason.
Roses Of Yesterday
THE answer can be given the Persian poet that the Rose of Yesterday leaves again in the heart. The subtle fragrance of a Rose can readily conjure in our minds a dream of summers past, and happy summers to come.
A Fatal Vanity
ANNIE McLEAN, a young woman of remarkable beauty, twenty-two years of age, lived in the city of Paterson, N. J. Her picture was sent to Buffalo to represent America in a design for the Pan-American exhibition.
Pride That Went Before A Fall
AS Xerxes was undertaking an expedition into Greece for revenge and conquest, he asked the advice of some of his leaders as to the wisdom and possible result of his expedition, thinking, of course, that they would agree with him in his intention, and in his contemptuous estimate of the Greeks.
Benjamin Franklin's Religion
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, who in his writings and life emphasized the gospel of obedience, has given us the following valuable account of his religious experience and faith.
Taming The Brazen Bull
THE Grecian heroes landed at Colchis, where the Golden Fleece, which they sought, hung on a tree.
A South American Statesman On The Bible
Such a testimonial from such a source is one of the most remarkable tributes to the value of the Bible in national development and happiness, which has ever come under our eye.
Lincoln And The Bible
The Bible, Aesop's Fables, and Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress were the three books Lincoln's mother gave him, and they composed his library in his cabin home.
It Is Finished
THE Venerable Bede, the Father of English history, lay dying in his monastery at Jarrow, in the year 735.
Big Hearted General Lee
A man of such mental ability, such military genius, such religious devotion, such kindness of spirit, such magnanimity of soul, will have a permanent place in the respect and affection of all true Americans.
Benjamin Harrison As A Lawyer
BENJAMIN HARRISON, like so many of our Presidents was born in Ohio. His great grandfather was thrice Governor of Virginia, and voted for and signed the Declaration of Independence.
Wang Cheng Pei's Beautiful Death
REV. F. G. GAMEWELL, as he was hurrying to the important work to which he had been assigned in the siege of Pekin, saw men carrying a native Chinese on a stretcher.
The Prince And The Children
FREDERICK III. of Germany, was passionately fond of his children. He mingled in their sports, and romped with them through the palace.
Meeting After Thirty Years Of Absence
I WAS invited to speak, one Sunday afternoon, at the Young Men's Institute in the Bowery, New York City. The room was full of young men.
Pagans And Christians Pray For Each Other
MRS. McKINLEY, who accompanied her husband and the members of his Cabinet on a tour of the West, became dangerously sick in California. Her life was in the balance, and earnest prayers were offered for her restoration.
An Old Man Scatters Flowers Over Soldiers' Graves
For seventy-five years I have been traveling on the Christian road and I am not tired of the journey. I regret my mistakes and sins, but rejoice in Christ's love which has been so constant, and whose arm to hold me up has been so strong.
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