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Wall Street - The Baring Failure
The true story of the cause of that astounding collapse told for the first time. The great Baring boom, and what the scaling down of the interest on British consoles had to do with it.
Wall Street - Venezuela Message Panic
This panic one of the most far-reaching and most disastrous in its consequences. It was a surprise, and hence its great power for mischief, especially at a time when prosperity was just under way.
Our Nation's Credit
REGARDING the credit of our nation there seems to have been a great deal of misconception and loose thinking in the past. I here reproduce a few points which I published some time ago on this and kindred subjects, viewing them from that common-sense point of view which everybody — the ordinary business man, the farmer, and the mechanic can understand as easily as the professional financier.
Our Nation's New Departure
New Year's Day, 1898, it would have been difficult to imagine that this country in so short a time could have exercised such an immense influence on the financial and political concerns of the world at large as it does today.
Brother Against Brother
IN the story of the Seven Chiefs Against Thebes there is an account of the terrible struggle between the two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices.
Contemplated Suicide - Found Life
There is no sin so foul that Christ's blood cannot cleanse; no sorrow, however distressing, that the Holy Spirit cannot cure.
No Hope Sight For The Blind Chaplain
WHEN Dr. W. H. Milburn, the blind Chaplain of the United States Senate, was in London, he consulted the leading oculists as to the possibility of regaining his sight.
Life Saving Service
Mr. Newell was honored as having been in Congress and Governor of the State, but most because he was in thought and in execution, the founder of the Life Saving Service of the United States.
Stories Of A Modern Novelist Suggested By The Bible
MR. HALL CAINE, the novelist, has surprised the reading public by telling how extensively he has drawn upon the Bible for his literary material.
A Drummer Boy Beats A Rally
AT Kernstown, when the Confederate forces were beaten back and it seemed as though the day were lost, Stonewall Jackson stood alone, amidst the flying bullets of the enemy, and, seeing his soldiers disorganized and beating a hasty retreat, called a drummer boy to him, and, placing his hand on his shoulder, commanded him to beat the rally.
Fatal Bar Of Gold
The only real impression he makes on the world is that of a half-covered skeleton in the sand, hugging a bar of gold.
A Conqueror Not Stopped By The Sea
Mountains are no bars and floods no hindrance to the progress of Christian truth. The mountains subside, the seas are dried up, the mouths of lions are stopped, flames are quenched, and Christianity goes bravely on to conquer an entire globe.
President Estrada Palma And His Mother
Every true son has the highest respect and love for his mother, but I have a special cause for gratitude, as my mother was one of the truest and best of women. What little I am, and what little I have done for my country, I owe to her.
Estimate Of Dr. Talmage By An Intimate Friend
No man ever believed more firmly what he preached than did Dr. Talmage, and none could have a greater reverence for sacred things. Never did I hear him make light even in jest of those things which good and noble men and women the world over hold most dear.
Twin Graves Of The Mountain
Amid all the circumstances and habits of life, for rugged miner or beautiful maiden of the mountain, there is but one means of moral purification and one hope of a blessed future, and that is simple faith in the crucified Redeemer.
President Grant And The Bible
It is likely that this message of President Grant will be read to the school children and Sunday School children of the United States a thousand years from now, as one of the most terse and comprehensive expressions of the relation of the Bible to child life and national destiny.
Washington Irving On Spirit Communication
Washington Irving has come back to earth. The Headless Horseman has found his head or sought another churchyard; he is no longer the terror of Sleepy Hollow, the spirit of Irving is now its charm.
Eagle Frozen To The Ground
I once had the very great privilege of listening to a conversation between two American authors—the late E. P. Roe and Julian Hawthorne. They spoke, among other things, of the unjust and harsh criticism to which portions of their work had been subjected.
Lover's Locket
Jeanette's locket with its lovely motto, might be profitably worn by every girl, by every follower of Christ.
Cruelty To Living Things
Cruelty has in it the seeds of death. Love is life, is life eternal. The dead mariners that lie on the decks of the ship of Zion can be brought to life by love.
Wu-Ting-Fang On Lincoln
THE ninety-second anniversary of Lincoln's birthday was celebrated by the Union League Club, of Brooklyn, by a dinner, at which Wu-Ting-Fang, the Chinese Minister to the United States, was the principal guest.
Saved 3,000 Children - Lost His Own Life
WHEN the Boxer uprising in Pekin became so intense that the destruction of every foreigner and native convert seemed a question of but a few hours, Professor James, of the Imperial University, and Dr. Morrison, the Pekin Correspondent of the London Times, started out to find a place of safety for the native Christians, especially the children of the schools and orphanages.
President McKinley And Divine Providence
THE ceremonies at the inauguration of President McKinley and Vice-President Roosevelt were the most magnificent of any ever held in this country.
Fell To Death In The Alps
What a view! As she said this, she slipped, dragging the party down the treacherous surface-ice. The rope broke, and Dr. Black and Miss Bell were hurled headlong 1,500 feet to instant death.
Colonial Garden Making
But when that winter of gloom to our country and darkness to the garden was ended, the flowers bloomed still more brightly, and to the cheerful seedlings of the old garden is now given perpetual youth and beauty.
Front Yard Gardens
There are few of us who cannot remember a front yard garden which seemed to us a very paradise in childhood.
Varied Gardens Fair
ANY simple forms of gardens were common besides the enclosed front yard ; and as wealth poured in on the colonies, the beautiful gardens so much thought of in England were copied here, especially by wealthy merchants.
Box Edgings
TO many of us, besides Dr. Holmes, the unique aroma of the Box, cleanly bitter in scent as in taste, is redolent of the eternal past ; it is almost hypnotic in its effect.
The Herb Garden
To have nothing here but Sweet Herbs, and those only choice ones too, and every kind its bed by itself.
In Lilac Tide
Ever in earliest spring are there days when there is no green in grass, tree, or shrub ; but when the garden lover is conscious that winter is gone and spring is waiting.
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