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Money And Usury
MONEY and Usury is a subject that has perhaps been more extensively discussed than any other within the sphere of trade and finance, and usury has been the fertile theme of a great amount of both sense and nonsense, as well as of a large number of foolish laws.
Railroad Problem
President Ingalls's views on the evils of railroad management. The present status of railroads and the reforms necessary in their management, together with the legislation requisite to help to bring about these reforms, constitute one of the subjects of most extensive interest in this country at the present day.
Management Of Our Industrial Enterprises
IN considering the great subject of industrial enterprises, the first thing that naturally strikes the prudent man of general business, is the character of the financial management of these institutions.
Concerning Trusts And Corporations
Trusts, as such, are virtually things of the past. Those who are fighting them now are merely battling against the wind, for the so-called trusts have nearly all been reorganized as corporations, and as such are now presumably perfectly legal, if they ever were otherwise.
Art Of Making And Saving Money
It does not require a great genius to make money. The accumulation of wealth is, after all, an easy matter. It does not require education, breeding, or gentle manners, and perhaps even less than people imagine has luck anything to do with it.
Business Education
THE question is frequently put to me: Do you think there are as good chances now for young men to make their way in life and for some of them to become wealthy, as in the past, say from a quarter to half a century ago.
Wall Street - False Men And Methods
ONE of the popular subjects of the day is the theory of degeneration, which has been imbued with new life by that voluminous and somewhat eccentric author, Max Nordau. In all that has been lately written, very little has appeared to modify the earliest opinions on this question.
Wall Street - Panic And Their Indications
The causes which usually give origin to panics described. How these great upheavals in business and finance may be partially avoided and their consequences alleviated when they do occur.
Wall Street And The Government, Washington Domination
The Washington domination, which had such a blighting influence on speculation and business interests generally during the greater portion of the last Democratic regime was so potent and peculiar in its nature and results that I think it is entitled to very serious inquiry with regard to its causes.
Chief Magistrate
When we pass beyond the requirements cited by Chief Justice Story, opinions differ as widely as the poles regarding the requisite qualifications of the man who aspires to be the Chief Magistrate of this country.
Cleveland Administration - First Term
GROVER CLEVELAND made a good beginning as Chief Executive. He was a devoted advocate of Civil Service Reform, and I have no doubt that at first he thought his administration capable of making his theory and practice harmonize.
Harrison Administration
THE Baring failure, though its influence for universal evil was checked (as shown in another chapter) by the able management of Mr. Lidderdale, who was the chief instrument in adroitly using the power and funds of the Bank of England to avert a very extensive panic, was nevertheless followed by an unhappy aftermath, the effects of which were severely felt on this side of the Atlantic.
Mr. Cleveland's Second Administration
IF Mr. Cleveland had prudently followed up during his second term a few of the strokes of wise policy and, in several instances, the good guiding and prudent management which characterized his first administration, he might have gone down to posterity in the odor of political sanctity.
Ex-President Cleveland Personally Considered
IF anybody should happen to draw the inference, from the strictures I have made elsewhere on the errors and shortcomings of ex-President Cleveland, that he was not possessed of several elements of greatness, it would be a grave error in judgment on the part of the reader.
Significance Of The Wilson Tariff Law
THE special purpose of the Wilson Bill was to wipe out every enduring vestige in tariff legislation of the Republican party.
A Batch Of Legacies
THERE never has been another such large batch of legacies left by any retiring political party in the United States since the origin of the Republic as that devised by the Democratic party to its successors in office.
Tariff For Prosperity Only
THE most important measure of a Republican Congress was the Tariff Bill. This, despite the strongest possible free trade opposition, was passed almost on the lines of the former McKinley Bill, which during the brief period of its existence gave such bright promise of permanent prosperity.
Our Foreign Trade And Free Trade
IF anything were wanting to illustrate the great advantages of protective tariff legislation over that for revenue only, which failed sadly in affording sufficient revenue, - the history of the United States commerce for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1898, would amply supply that evidence.
Retrospects And Prospects
On the contrary, I have been optimistic regarding future prosperity. I have, for instance, been of opinion that the country, though seriously handicapped by free-trade theories embodied in law, might yet rise superior to them and grasp prosperity, though of course not to the same extent as under a judicious measure, affording protection to our industries and to the wages of labor.
Trans-Missouri Case
THERE has been no other subject, perhaps, in the industrial world or in finance and economics for a long period, on which there has been a greater variety of opinions than on the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the case of the Trans-Missouri Freight Association, on the 22d of March, 1897.
Laws Relating To Trusts, Corporations, And Railroads
A better administration of these laws needed. Safeguards of corporations, and a comparison of ours with those of foreign countries. The railroad situation and the Supreme Court decision. Views on the subject.
Currency Legislation
BY far the most important and most beneficial act of financial legislation since the resumption of specie payment has been accomplished by the recent passage of the so-called New Currency Bill.
Prophetic Views On Silver
SENATOR STEWART is reputed to be the principal author of the bill which is said to have demonetized silver, by providing for the coinage of the trade dollar which Mr. Stewart imagined would create an immense foreign demand for silver in China, Japan, and India.
President McKinley's Policy And The Nation's Future
ALTHOUGH President McKinley's inaugural address was published long since, it contains much valuable material and profound thought, that, more fully elucidated by the progress of events, will be highly interesting for many years to come.
Wall Street And Social Problems
IT is peculiarly deplorable that class distinctions should exist in this country. The whole idea is semi-barbarous in its character and unworthy of a people professing advanced civilization.
Wall Street - A Question Of Good Citizenship
How do wealthy men compare with others as good citizens? Conditions that antagonize good citizenship.
Labor Unions And Arbitration
THE first part of the following paper on the subject of Labor and Arbitration was written at the request of the late Henry C. Bowen, editor of The Independent, several years ago.
The Physical Force Annihilators
Several species of this genus, including socialists, nihilists, anarchists, and communists.
Annihilators' Methods
For the regeneration of society. A closer examination of the remedies which the various destructive fraternities entitled to this common appellation propose for the inequality complained of, and how they would work in practice.
Wall Street And International Affairs, Peace And Prosperity
TAKE the title of this chapter, Peace and Prosperity, to be the union of two words that in their meaning can scarcely be disunited. The apparent prosperity that war sometimes brings must be dearly paid for, either by the parties themselves or their descendants, as in the case of our own Civil War, the debt of which is not yet paid.
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