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Florida Gulf Coast
The coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico has various attractive places, reached by a convenient railway system. Homosassa is a popular resort about fifty miles southwestward from Ocala.
Northwest Territory
BEYOND the Allegheny ranges, which are gradually broken down into their lower foothills, and then to an almost monotonous level, the expansive prairie lands stretch towards the setting sun.
Old Tippecanoe
Some distance westward is the Tippecanoe River, a stream flowing southwest into the Wabash, and thence into the Ohio.
America - The Great West
Progressing westward, the timbered prairie gradually changes to the grass-covered prairie, spreading everywhere a great ocean of fertility.
Lake Erie
Northward, in Ohio, the region stretches to Lake Erie, the most southern and the smallest of the group of Great Lakes above Niagara.
City Of Cleveland
Thus we come to Cleveland, the second city in Ohio, having four hundred thousand people, and extensive manufacturing industries.
Cleveland To Chicago
Thirty-five miles southwest of Cleveland, and some distance inland from Lake Erie, is Oberlin.
Chicago - The Great City Of The Lakes
The second city in the United States, with a population approximating two millions, Chicago, the metropolis of the prairies, seems destined for unlimited growth.
Chicago's Admirable Location
The position of Chicago at the southwestern extremity of Lake Michigan, with prairies of the greatest fertility stretching hundreds of miles south and west, makes the city the primary food-gatherer and supply-distributor of the great Northwest, and this has been the chief cause of its growth.
Features Of Chicago
Chicago is the world's greatest grain, lumber and cattle market. It attracts immigrants from every-where, and all flourish in native luxuriance, although occasionally they are compelled to bow to the power of the law by the military arm when civil forces are exhausted.
Chicago Business Energy
As the elevators of Chicago represent its traffic in grain, and contain usually a large proportion of what is known as the visible supply, so do the vast lumber-yards along Chicago River often store up an enormous product of the output from the Great North Woods, covering much of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and spreading across the Canadian border.
Pullman And The Bleeping-Car
Another Chicago specialty of wide fame is the railway sleeping-car, brought to its present high stage of development by one of the most prominent Chicagoans, the late George M. Pullman.
Great Lakes
RENE ROBERT CAVELIER, the Sieur de La Salle, was the chief French pilgrim and adventurer in the seventeenth century who explored the Great Lakes and valley of the Mississippi, and secured for his country the vast empire of Louisiana, stretching from Canada to the Gulf.
Detroit And Mackinac
Detroit means the strait, and the original Indian names for the river mean the place of the turned channel.
Lake Superior
To the northward of Mackinac, Lake Superior discharges into Lake Huron through the Sault Sainte Marie Strait, the Leap of St. Mary.
Sault Sainte Marie To Duluth
Around the rapids and canals at the outlet has gradually grown the town of Sault Sainte Marie, familiarly known as the Soo, having ten thousand people, and developing important manufactures from the admirable water-power of the rapids, which is also utilized for electrical purposes.
City Of Milwaukee
Milwaukee has three hundred and fifty thousand people, and is the growth mainly of the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Ascending The Mississippi
Westward from Lake Michigan all the railroads are laid across the prairie land en route to various cities on the Mississippi River, several of them having St. Paul and Minneapolis for their objective points, although some go by quite roundabout ways.
Falls Of St. Anthony
Father Hennepin was the first white man who penetrated the wilds of Minnesota, and in 1680 he discovered the great falls of the Mississippi River, to which he gave the name of his patron saint, Anthony of Padua.
Source Of The Mississippi
From this plateau four rivers flow out in various directions—the one on the Western Minnesota boundary, the Red River of the North, draining the western slope towards Lake Winnipeg and finally to Hudson Bay ; the Rainy River, draining the northern slope also through Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay ; the St. Louis River, flowing eastward to form the head of Lake Superior, and going thence to the Atlantic; and the Mississippi River, flowing southward to seek the Gulf of Mexico.
Ancient Lake Agassiz
It was this rich and level plain of the valley of the Red River that in the glacial epoch formed the bed of a vast lake which scientists have named Lake Agassiz.
Dakota And Montana
Three railways are constructed westward from Red River to the Rockies and Pacific Ocean, the Northern Pacific and Great Northern in the United States and the Canadian Pacific beyond the international boundary.
Yellowstone - The American Wonderland
The Yellowstone National Park has been set apart by Congress as a public reservation and pleasure-ground, and covers a surface of about fifty-five hundred square miles within the Rocky Mountains.
Mammoth Hot Springs
This extraordinary region was first made known in a way in 1807. A hunter named Coulter visited it, and getting safely back to civilization, he told such wonderful stories of the hot springs and geysers that the unbelieving borderers, in derision, called it Coulter's Hell.
Yellowstone - Norris Geyser Basin
The divide is thus crossed between the Gardiner and Gibbon Rivers, the latter flowing into the Madison, and here, twenty-five miles from the Mammoth Hot Springs, is the Norris Geyser Basin.
Yellowstone - The Lower And Middle Basins
Miles ahead, the, steam from the Firehole Geyser Basins can be seen rising in clouds among the distant hills.
Yellowstone - Upper Firehole Basin
Ahead is the largest collection of geysers in the world, with clouds of steam overhanging—the Upper Firehole Basin.
Yellowstone Falls And Canyon
The National Park, besides the extraordinary geyser and hot-spring formations exhibits the grand scenery of the Yellowstone Falls and Canyon.
Wall Street As A Gauge Of Business Prosperity
People decry Wall Street speculation without a correct knowledge of its character. The Street is not a gambler's paradise, but a place where hard, honest work tells.
Study Of The Stock Market
The power of speculative fascination over a large number of people. Bad results of adopting second-hand opinions. The laws of speculation and investment must be studied profoundly. Fact and rumor should be carefully distinguished.
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