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William Penn
William Penn, who had become a member of the Society of Friends, was bequeathed by his father, Admiral Sir William Penn, an estate of £1500 a year and large claims against the British Government.
Philadelphia - The Quaker City
The great city thus founded by William Penn is built chiefly upon a broad plain between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, about one hundred miles from the sea, and upon the undulating surface to the north and west.
Philadelphia - Independence Hall
Upon the south side of Chestnut Street, occupying the block between Fifth and Sixth Streets, is Independence Square, an open space of about four acres, tastefully laid out in flowers and lawns, with spacious and well-shaded walks.
Philadelphia - Girard College
The name of Girard is familiar in Philadelphia, being repeated in streets, buildings, and financial and charitable institutions.
Notable Philadelphia Buildings
There are many notable structures in Philadelphia. The United States Mint, opposite the City Hall, and fronting on Chestnut Street, has executed nearly all the coinage of the country since its establishment in 1792, the present building having been completed in 1833.
Philadelphia - Fairmount Park And Suburbs
Philadelphia, excepting to the southward, is sur-rounded by a broad belt of attractive suburban residences, the semi-rural region for miles being filled with ornamental villas and the tree-embowered and comfortable homes of the well-to-do and middle classes.
Schuylkill River
This cottage tradition may be a myth, but the poet when here composed an ode to the cottage and to the Schuylkill, which is as attractive as the bewitching river scene itself.
Reading And Pottsville
Reading, with seventy thousand population, a seat of iron-making and extensive rail-way shops, having a fertile agricultural region in the adjacent valleys.
New Jersey Coast Resorts
The New Jersey seacoast also is a succession of watering-places where the population goes to cool off in the summer.
Schackamaxon To Bristol
Petty on the old maps is called Shackamaxon Island, a derivation of the original Indian name of Cackamensi.
Old Burlington
The descendants of these good people have established St. Mary's Hall and Burlington College, noted educational institutions. Probably the most famous son of Burlington was the distinguished novelist, James Fenimore Cooper, born in 1789, but taken in his infancy by his parents to his future home at Cooperstown, in Central New York.
Bordentown And Its Memories
To Bordentown, in 1816, Joseph Bonaparte, the ex-King of Naples and of Spain, and eldest brother of Napoleon, came to live, as the Count de Survilliers, and bought the estate known since as Bonaparte Park.
Story Of Camden And Amboy
The great memory of Bordentown, however, is of the famous railroad, originally begun there, whose managers for nearly a half-century so successfully ruled New Jersey that it came to be generally known throughout the country as the State of Camden and Amboy.
Trenton Gravel
In journeying up the Delaware and approaching Trenton, we have passed through a region of most interesting geological development.
Trenton And Its Battle Monument
Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, is thirty miles from Philadelphia, a prosperous city with seventy thousand people.
Princeton Battle And College
Leaving his camp-fires brightly burning near the creek at night to deceive the enemy, he quietly withdrew, and made a forced march ten miles northeast to Princeton, and fell upon three British regiments there, who were hastening to join Cornwallis, defeating them, and storming Nassau Hall, in which some of the fugitives had taken refuge.
Marshall's Walk
The Delaware River above Trenton is for miles a stream of alternating pools and rapids, with canals on either side, passing frequent villages and displaying pleasant scenery as it breaks through the successive ridges in its approach to the mountains.
Tohickon Creek - The Narrows And The Forks
The Tohickon Creek, the chief stream of Bucks County, flows into the Delaware at Point Pleasant, its Indian name of Tohick-hanne meaning - the stream crossed by a drift-wood bridge.
Bethlehem And The Moravians
At this bend the Saucon Creek comes in from the south and the Monocacy Creek from the north, and here, twelve miles from Easton, is Bethlehem.
Mauch Chunk And Coal Mining
The Lehigh above Bethlehem comes through the clear-cut Lehigh Gap in the Blue Ridge, which stretches off to the northeast, where are two other notches, one cut partly down and the other deeply cutóthe first being the Wind Gap and the other the Delaware Water Gap.
Vale Of Wyoming
The railroads cross the height of land between the sources of the Lehigh and the affluents of the Susquehanna, through the Sugar Notch, at about eighteen hundred feet elevation.
Terminal Moraine
The Delaware River above the Forks, at the mouth of the Lehigh, breaks through a narrow notch in the Chestnut Hill ridge known as the Little Water Gap, while farther to the northeast the ridge continues through New Jersey as the Jenny Jump Mountain.
Delaware Water Gap
The Water Gap is a popular summer resort, there being numerous hotels and boarding-houses in eligible locations all about it, and the romantic scenery has been opened up by roads and paths leading to all the points of view.
Delaware - The Minisink
In this region of the Minisink is the pleasant town of Stroudsburg, the county-seat of Monroe, its beautiful valley being well described y a local authority as full of dimpling hills and fine orchards, among which stalwart men live to a ripe old age upon the purest apple whisky.
Bushkill To Port Jervis
Bushkill village is in a picturesque location, opening pleasantly towards the Delaware.
Catskill Flags
The remarkable change seen in the surrounding topography indicates the presence of a different rock formation from that passed below, and the river runs out of the Catskill rocks over the Saw-mill rift.
Battle Of Lackawaxen
Here is Shohola Township, on the Pennsylvania shore, a wild and rocky region fronting on the river for about ten miles, and Shohola Creek rushes down a rocky bed through a deep gorge to seek the Delaware.
Sylvania Society
It was in this beautiful region, just south of the river, that Horace Greeley, in 1842, started what he called the Sylvania Society, founded to demon-strate the wisdom of - the common ownership of property and the equal division of labor.
Ascending The Lackawaxen
For most of the distance its course is deep and sluggish, but approaching the edge of the terrace, within a couple of miles of the Lackawaxen, it tumbles over cataracts and down rapids through a magnificent gorge.
Headwaters Of The Delaware
The Delaware, above the Lackawaxen, flows between massive cliffs in a deeply-cut gorge through the flagstones.
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