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Representation - Junior Grade
Pupils in Form I, under the guidance of the teacher, should be able to make creditable pictures of the flowers mentioned in the General Introduction.
Colour - Junior Grade
Coloured chalks will be found preferable to crayons for the use of young pupils, where shapes that are rather large are to be made.
Design - Junior Grade
Wherever possible, the patterns made by young pupils should be applied to some article constructed by them. Some little practice, however, is necessary, before they can make units that are nearly of a size or can space them at all regularly.
Illustrative Drawing - Senior Grade
The best drawings may be collected and put up at the front. A good exercise in judgment would be to have the pupils choose the picture they consider best, giving their reasons for this decision.
Representation - Senior Grade
The lessons given in Form I, Junior Grade, on the drawing of grasses and flowers are equally suitable for Form I, Senior Grade. As in Illustrative Drawing, better work is to be expected from the senior pupils.
The Poplar Tree In Charcoal
To teach the class to observe and represent the growth and general shape of the poplar tree as seen in Summer.
Poplar Tree In Colour
Experiments with the crayons should be made, to see how best to get the proper colour and how and where to begin to represent the foliage.
Landscape Drawing
In this, as in all other drawing lessons, the teacher should guard against cultivating an imitation Of his own work.
Animal Study
A day or two afterwards, the same bird or animal should be drawn again without the model; a story for illustration which would require the drawing of it might be given advantageously.
Object Drawing
After the Christmas holidays, young pupils are always anxious to show what Santa Claus brought them and, as toys make most interesting models, each may be allowed to bring his favourite toy.
Enjoying The Six Colours In The Spectrum
Junior Grade, learned to classify colours as belonging to one or other of six families—the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or violet family.
Learning To Recognize Red In Any Of Its Tones
Let us see how many times we can find red in the school-room. Choose first the reddest red we can find here, the one most nearly like the red in the rainbow.
Light Red And Dark Red
The other five colours should be taken up in a manner similar to that suggested for red.
Making Orange From Red And Yellow
None of the type lessons in colour should occupy more than twenty minutes, and they may be given as a change and relaxation between two heavier school subjects.
Design - Senior Grades
When the class is laying borders with small squares, oblongs, or triangles of paper, or with seeds, some members are sure to discover that one square may lap or be laid on top of another in such a way as to produce a pleasing unit.
Danger Of A Careless Expression
A careless expression is a dangerous thing. It often works incalculable damage, especially as the gossip and scandalmonger are so ready to misinterpret, misjudge the motive or misrepresent.
Christ Will Fight Our Battles For Us
THERE is an old legend of the Rhine which relates that a gallant and pious knight was riding to a tournament where, for the first time, he was to meet in the lists champions whose strength and courage he had never tried.
Lincoln Nominates Himself For The Presidency
THE late David Davis, one of the greatest men Illinois ever produced, lived at Bloomington, in the central part of the State, in the finest home in the city. The mansion was large and of comely architecture and the grounds ample and beautiful.
An Afternoon In A Free Library
ONE Saturday afternoon, I visited the Cooper Union Library and Reading Room in New York. After having read for an hour or two, I sat thinking about the value of such an institution, and of the wisdom and love of the man who founded it.
He Sets The Prisoner Free
WHEN noble John Howard became interested in the alleviation of the distress which he saw everywhere prevailing in the prisons of England, he undertook to appreciate the situation by placing himself in the position of the inmates of these places of punishment.
Taking Aim
GOING from the little village of Lawrenceburg, to the capital city, Indianapolis, young Henry Ward Beecher found the intellectual demands upon him greatly increased, and he set himself studiously to work to meet them.
Emperor William's Message To The Y.M.C.A.
JUNE 13, 1901, was a memorable day in the history of the Young Men's Christian Association. It was the Jubilee Day of the International Jubilee Convention of the Y. M. C. A., held in Boston.
All other hypocrisies pale into insignificance before that of professing a love for the King Eternal which is not possessed. It is bad enough when these false declarations come from a careless lip or a shallow heart, but infinitely worse when they have a selfish motive behind them.
A Noble And Ignoble Courtship
THE constrast between the dutiful and undutiful daughter in King Lear is not more marked than that between the true and false lovers of Cordelia.
The Spirit That Disarmed The Boxers
America's God did preside over his imprisoned children and disarm the satanic power of the Boxers.
Woman From Grimesville
The plain, old woman with the old-fashioned flowers, is a fair expression of the universal sympathy of the common people of this country, and of the civilized world for Mrs. McKinley, as well as for her husband, and the afflicted nation of which he was the head.
Love For Animals
The people who, in search for a king, selected a man whom the lower animals loved because they thought he would be merciful to them, had more than a grain of truth in their calculation.
Benjamin Harrison's Industry
GENERAL HARRISON'S evenly balanced and well-trained mind was driven to usefulness and eminence by the most tireless industry.
Scattering And Increasing
THE husbandman would starve who did not reserve some seed for sowing. He must throw it away in order to get more. The seed-corn must be the best, and there must be an abundance of it. Poverty will come in at the front door unless the granary at the back provides bountifully for the fields.
A Commander Lost, Saving His Men
FIRE was discovered on board the United States Steamship Petrel, in the harbor of Manila, March 31, 1901.
They Sang And Prayed In The Storm
I ASKED a gentleman who rode with me in the car from Baltimore to Philadelphia, and who had told me of the struggle of a mother to save her babe and herself from the Galveston storm, to relate to me another incident connected with the great disaster.
Lost His All In A Lottery
PETER COOPER, when he was in his teens, invented a toy wagon, for which he received six dollars. He saved four more, which made ten dollars—his first capital stock. He was persuaded by a friend to invest the whole amount in lottery tickets, every one of which drew a blank, leaving him penniless.
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