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Snow Bridges
THE crevasses of high mountains are often spanned by bridges, made by the falling snow. The wise tourist and guide always passes over these bridges with extreme caution. Every now and then some venturesome person or party falls through them and is lost.
Young Converts On The Battleship Maine
It is especially important for men whose lives are full of unusual peril, to attend promptly to the matter of personal salvation ; but the uncertainty of life in all ordinary occupations is so great that it is the safest thing to give the heart to God without a moment of delay.
Napoleon's Religion
Loved ones are taken to heaven, to bring it closer and make it more real. In a hundred ways God chops down the earthly supports that hold us up, that we may fall into the arms of the Everlasting.
Professor Huxley And The Bible
The Bible, with the human element so beautifully emphasized by the professor and the divine authority which he denied, is at the basis of all best culture and learning, and is indispensable to the education and salvation of child-hood.
Peter Cooper The Inventor
PETER COOPER was of such an inquisitive turn of mind that he made some new discovery in about every field of employment which he tried in his earlier years.
Converted In His Cell
CHAPLAIN MUNRO, of the New York Tombs Prison, tells this story of the conversion of one of the prisoners.
General Lee At Prayer Meeting During A Battle
REV. J. WILLIAM JONES, of Lexington, Virginia, makes the following reference to the religion of General Robert E. Lee.
The Man Who Saved The Day At Pekin
There were many heroes in Pekin during the siege, but Americans, and Christians throughout the world, will be glad to know that there was no one among them greater than Francis D. Gamewell, the humble missionary of the Cross.
Theodore Roosevelt's Moral Heroism
In many cities, small and large, there is the same insolence of vice, and same sale of law ; people of moral courage are required to stand up and rebuke and resist crime, and maintain law and order in the community.
What Norway Has Done For The World
For us it is almost as strikingly true as for a pure-blooded Norwegian, that every day of our lives we are drawing on legacies from Norway. The very existence of American civilization is the result of forces in which Norse energies directly or indirectly played a large part.
Rulers Of Norway
The home politics of Norway previous to the middle of the ninth century are so interwoven with fanciful and semi-mythical legends, that they can hardly be stated now with accuracy.
Norway - The Land And The Sky
The Scandinavian peninsula, of which Norway is the outer or western half, consists largely of granite, gneiss and other very ancient rocks, comparatively little changed since they were first formed by the cooling of the earth's molten stuff aeons ago.
Norwegian People
From a linguistic standpoint, the Norwegians, like the other Scandinavians, belong to the Aryan group.
Norway - The Lapps
The Lapps are racially different from the Norsemen. They come not from Aryan, but from a Ugro-Finnic or Turanian branch of the Mongoloid stock.
Norway And Education
In respect to the education of her people, Norway stands with the foremost nations of the world.
Norway And Religion
The Norwegian Bible Society is constantly distributing copies of the Scriptures. In 1898 alone its agents disposed of 54,868 Bibles.
Norway - Transportation And Communication
Of course, the figures given above include mail sent or received by foreigners traveling in Norway, but, even so, the figures are a very striking indication of the high average of intelligence in a country with only about two and a quarter million peopleŚchildren and all.
Norway - Government And Defense
Norway is a constitutional monarchy. The present Constitution dates from May 17, 1814, though it has several times been modified in certain details since that time.
Norway - Occupations And Income
Altogether, therefore, 652,397 persons, or nearly 30% of the whole population get their living direct from Norway's few fertile acres.
Amusements In Norway
A wise man of the Orient once said Ś Tell me your amusements, and I will tell you what you are. Norway's self-record in this line is particularly interesting and significant.
Language Of Norway
The language spoken in Norway in the days of the Vikings, a growth from old Teutonic roots, is still spoken in Iceland by the descendants of Norse emigrants to that island; in Norway it gradually changed into the various dialects still spoken by the peasants.
Norweigian Literature
The world's literature has been magnificently enriched by Norse genius. This genius for poetry and history was early displayed.
Three Sides To Art Education
ART, EVEN in its relation to elementary education, is a subject so comprehensive that it is impossible to treat it exhaustively in a School Manual. The ways of teaching it are many, and the lessons outlined in the following pages are intended to be largely suggestive.
Illustrative Drawing
Later on in the pupil's school life, as his power over language develops, Illustrative Drawing becomes less and less a necessary means of self-expression.
The principles of Composition, although here illustrated more particularly in connection with Representation, are equally applicable to Illustration and Design, as will be seen in the lessons on these subjects.
Picture Study
The study of pictures that are applicable to any of the drawing lessons that are being taken at the time will stimulate the observation of the pupils and strengthen their powers of expression.
It is through the study of these properties of colour that the pupil is led to understand what is meant by colour harmonies and to endeavour to produce them in the different colour schemes he chooses for use in Design.
Design in the broad sense of the term may he said to be the expression of a thought or plan by drawing or in some tangible material.
It is of more importance that the pupil in the elementary schools should learn to letter one simple alphabet well and acquire the power to adjust the spaces between the letters in such a way that a consistent uniformity is apparent.
Illustrative Drawing - Junior Grade
IN FORM I, Junior Grade, the new pupils may be allowed certain periods in the seats during the day in which to make pictures telling stories.
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