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Lincoln's Kindness To A Young Physician
Doctor, there is no wonder that Democrats like you, as well as Republicans, vie with each other in their appreciation of Lincoln's tenderness of heart and generosity of life.
Earthly Immortality
By the manifestation of his grace in human hearts, by his spiritual dominion over the civilization of the age, Jesus is every-where. It is the perpetual miracle of history.
Earned Freedom Through Bravery
THE Governor of Virginia, with a number of members of the State Penitentiary Board, paid a visit recently to the farm where the convicts are kept at work.
A Sister's Love
True meaning is added to a sister's love in the thought that the affection is not only during the earthly pilgrimage, but is to bind kindred spirits forever.
Mirror In The Window
The Bible and the Cross ought to be in the windows of every home, bringing to human vision the unseen beauty and glories of God.
Lowering The Flag To Get In A Saloon
Christianity not only saves the individual from sin, but it promotes political liberty by checking the base and low in man and encouraging the high and holy.
Good Deeds Delayed Too Long
NAPOLEON, as was his custom, passed over the field after the battle of Wagram. For a distance of almost nine miles there lay men dead and dying in every direction, as twenty-four thousand Austrians and eighteen thousand Frenchmen had fallen in the fight.
Death In Delay
How many there are who permit the treasures and affairs of time and sense to delay them in taking to the lifeboat which is to save the soul.
Macedonian Student Goes Through Yale By Running A Trolley Car
AT Yale University some little time ago, the degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon Constantine Demeter Stephanove, a native of Bausko, Macedonia.
German Emperor's Sermon
AT the time of the siege of Pekin, the versatile German Emperor, who was spending the Sabbath on his royal yacht, preached a sermon on prayer for the army and navy, selecting as his text the 11th verse of the 7th chapter of Exodus.
A Great Orator
GENERAL HARRISON was a great orator as well as a great lawyer. He was an exception to the rule that the best judges are not the ablest speakers.
Flowers That Bloom In The Night
There are flowers of virtue and piety which bloom only in the night. They begin to unfold at dusk, as the light is chased away by the shadows of the night, and they come into the perfect beauty of full-bloom at midnight.
President McKinley's Advice To Young Christians
PRESIDENT McKINLEY, with most of the members of his Cabinet, started upon a tour of the South and the West, which was one continuous ovation, with flowers, and receptions, and banquets, and speeches.
Atheist And Chief Justice Marshall
HOW fortunate our Government was, at the beginning, in its judicial as well as executive and legislative departments. What a providence there was in the appointment of John Marshall as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
A King Devotes Himself And His Nation To Religion
AFTER the death of Romulus, the first King of Rome, the government was administered by the Senate, but as it was more despotic than under the former rule, the people demanded a king. There was great difficulty in making a selection.
Value Of A Soul
REV. GEORGE P. ECKMAN, D.D., pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church of New York City, preached a sermon in which he thus spoke of the value of a soul, irrespective of circumstances.
Remarks Of Peter Cooper At The Opening Of Cooper Union
At an anniversary service held in the same hall, Mr. Cooper, an old man of ninety years, made another speech, expressing gratitude to God for having been permitted to witness the success of his cherished scheme.
Disregard Of The Christian Sabbath
It would be well for the world if the people generally were to entertain the views and adopt the habits of Queen Victoria and Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt on the question of Sabbath observance.
Franklin's Faith In Immortality
The Body of Benjamin Franklin, Printer, Like the Cover of an Old Book, Its Contents Torn Out, And Stripped of Its Lettering and Gilding, Lies Here, Food for Worms.
A Boy Runs Away From Home
THERE was an old retired minister who belonged to our church in a Western city. His name was Samuel Longden.
Birds Of Paradise
THE irrational creatures have an instinct which prompts them to take particular care of their clothing; this is especially true of birds.
Last Message of Alfred The Great To His Son
THERE were ten centuries between Victoria and Alfred. The death of the Queen was mourned and the thousandth anniversary of the great king was celebrated the same year.
Lincoln And His Pet Pig
In the monument of virtues, brotherly kindness comes near to the top, and above it is the capstone of charity, which lifts the structure to such a height that it touches the white throne.
A Prince Carries An Old Woman Across A River
THERE was a young prince who was defrauded of his father's throne by another king. After a most careful education, he resolved to take the kingdom which belonged to him, and started upon his journey.
Henry Ward Beecher's Fondness For Nature
The New York and Brooklyn Association of Congregational Ministers was for many years the annual guest of Capt. Tremper, both on his boats to Rondout and at his hotel at Phoenicia.
A Mother's Influence
Next to her mother, her governess, the Baroness Lehzen, had the largest influence in preparing the Princess Victoria for her throne.
Almost all of the really great characters of the world have been simple, unpretending, modest men, who remind us of the words of Scripture : He that humbleth himself shall be exalted, and Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
A Beautiful Child Of The New Century
THE twentieth century ushered in the birth of a glorious commonwealth. Australia is so far away that people do not realize that it has an area almost as large as the whole of Europe, and that the commonwealth which has just been formed is likely to play so important a part in shaping the civilization of the world.
Recent Interment Of The Bones Of A King Killed A Thousand Years Ago
The remains of King Edmund the Martyr, the last king of the East Angles, who reigned from 855 to 870, have been returned to England, after being in charge of France more than seven hundred years.
General Lee's Simple Faith In Christ
GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE, during the Civil War, on being informed that the chaplains were praying especially for him, was greatly overcome by the fact.
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